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VSAT Field Engineering Training Interviews on Video

Practical VSAT Training is the focus of the premier African VSAT Telecom Event - " Practical VSAT Training for Prospects and Opportunities in Africa". Interviews were conducted with participants to hear what they had to say about the program.

This practical, hands-on, no-nonsense program is organized by Jidaw in conjunction with a leading African VSAT company and with instructors and engineers who have worked on VSATs in over 22 African countries.

Nature of VSAT training is being implemented

It is practical, Hands-ON training program that comprises of Foundational and Skill building exercises in VSAT Field Engineering. The emphasis is on how to install, test and deploy VSAT in a live environment. Through the learning assignments, participants will learn how to operate test equipment and acquire satellite fundamental knowledge and practical installation skills.

African participants no longer need to reinvent the wheel. Participants benefit from easy-to-follow steps and professional guidance that work to help them succeed with VSAT expertise. Areas covered include: Satellite Fundamentals, VSAT Network Design, Link Budgets, VSAT Service, Site Survey, Site Commissioning.

To ensure participants derive excellent quality and value from the learning exercise, the expert facilitators are Experienced Satellite Communications Engineers with over 18 years experience in the global VSAT and wireless RF connectivity industry.  They have expertise in most satellite equipment: Radyne Comstream, Paradise Datacom, Gilat - Skystar, HNS - GW , ViaSat - Linkstar and iDirect.  The VSAT company has setup installations in over 22 African countries.


Interviews with Participants on Video

To learn more about the VSAT training program interviews were conducted with several participants and the videos have been posted online.

VSAT Training Interview with Enefiok Akpan & Obans Ahmed  


Practical VSAT Field Engineering Training organized by Jidaw Systems


VSAT Field Engineering Training



VSAT Training Interview with Odigwe Franklin Nkem and Adebowale Mathew



VSAT Training Interview organized by Jidaw with Promise Ohaeri



Practical VSAT Training interview organized by Jidaw with Jideofo Akaraiwe and Njeze Chidubem


Click this link for the full interview - ICT Foundation with CCNA and VSAT with Mbosowo Akpan.


Organized by Jidaw

The program is organized by Jidaw Systems Ltd, African ICT human resources and consulting firm, based in Lagos, Nigeria and other reputable ICT professionals and organizations. Jidaw Systems, developed and runs the globally recognized ICT web initiative, Jidaw.com .

Instructors and consultants are experienced satellite communications engineers with vast experience deploying VSAT solutions in Africa. The program is organized throughout the year.

Participants have attended from all over the Africa from countries that include: Chad, Kenya, Guinea, DR Congo, Liberia, Mozambique, Ghana, Eritrea, Benin republic and all over Nigeria.

Jidaw Systems Limited (MASTERCOMPUTERS) was awarded a Certificate of Excellence at the ICT Achievers Award 2005 in the Category "Top ICT SMME in Africa".  Click to learn about the Certificate of Excellence Award


Interested students, IT professionals, career changers, managers, CIOs and other individuals who wish to learn more about VSAT Field Engineering should click the following link http://www.jidaw.com/vsattrain/index.html

According to Jidaw, "We don't just teach Technology, We've been empowering Technology professionals worldwide since 1995. Jidaw has no Training strategy. Training is Jidaw's strategy".

Jidaw is a member of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) and CompTIA - the global Computing Technology Industry Association.


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January 20, 2009


Fred Achu in Makurdi, Benue state says:



Now I know it's real. Kudos to Jidaw!



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