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Making your Tech Support Training and Certification Effective

What is Tech Support / Who are Technical Support?
Who are these people? They are the people you call when you're having problems with your computer. They keep the computers running smoothly in the background in different working environments.

Training and certification in tech support or in any other area can be used properly or improperly. Wrong decisions can lead to waste of precious money and time, resulting in disappointment.

You must know how to take advantage of the certification once you have received it. You need to know how to differentiate between what training and certification can and cannot do for you, which mistakes to avoid and how to get the most out of it once you’ve earned it


IT certification is not a “cure-all”.

In taking certification decisions, many make mistakes that often lead to frustration. To benefit from certification you need to avoid the 5 Top Mistakes many make with respect to Certification:

1.                   Choosing a certification because it is hot

2.                   Underestimating the real cost of certification.

3.                   Lack of Self development after getting certified

4.                   Poor preparations

5.                   Unrealistic expectations


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Your training or certification will have no value if you can’t perform on the job. After getting certified, your certification will have little value unless it is used to launch your career to new heights.

Are you able to demonstrate command over the body of knowledge in basic tech support and apply that knowledge productively? A+ certification should not be approached as a “paper certification” that only demonstrates your ability to cram and pass the tests.

A+ is a certification that means something. It is about demonstrating that you are a knowledgeable professional in Tech Support and a reputable organization is willing to attest to that.


It’s not just about Tech Skills

Work in Tech support isn’t just about hard technical skills.  

Here are some important soft skills you need to make your certification effective:

  • Communication skills are essential. You need to be able to get and use information from clients to do your job well. You need to like working and interacting with people.
  • You must have good problem solving skills. Have a positive attitude towards diagnosing and troubleshooting of faults. You must like solving problems. This will require you to be resourceful. You may not have all the answers but you are expected to know where to find all the answers.
  • Are you learning and growing? Some people start on wrong foot by cramming for exams. You can’t get anywhere in IT if you can’t learn. You learn from training, books, self-development, the Internet and on the job. You must ensure you’re learning and growing, otherwise you will become a dinosaur. As Aldous Huxley put it: "Experience is not what happens to you, but what you make of what happens to you."
  • Can you make the effort? For some professionals or technical specialists, evening or weekend work may be necessary to meet deadlines or solve problems. Can you make the effort to learn? It is one thing to have the skills, it is another thing to be able to make the effort.
  • Ethics. You will make your mark as a true IT professional when you practice in a positive and ethical manner. Honesty, justice and trust.


To succeed in IT, Professional skills are becoming even more important because of these major factors:

  1. The growing power of the IT professional
  2. The lightning speed of change in IT
  3. Ever-increasing Competition within the IT industry.
  4. The need to ensure career success. Many are failing in IT.


Tech Support & your Career Focus

1.       Are you already in IT? Or are you a newcomer? If you’re a newcomer make sure you’re coming into IT for the right reasons. IT is a challenging and fast growing field. Some love IT because of its diverse opportunities; others love the nature of work and love being on the cutting edge. If you want to get rich overnight, IT is not for you. Make sure you have the interest, get information on what you need to succeed and be prepared to make the effort. There is no mystery or magic in it.

2.       Tech support is often the place to start for the beginner. It is the most obvious career choice for the A+ certified professional. If tech support meets your career needs, go for it, as a permanent career in tech support can be both financially and professionally rewarding.

  1. But you could also use Tech support as a stepping-stone to work in other areas of IT. Many expert network administrators started off in tech support. The great thing about an IT career is your ability explore diverse fields of interest. It's common place to see someone starting off in Tech support ending up or combing this with Web development or other fields of IT. All fields of IT require diagnosing and troubleshooting and Tech support is certainly the best place to get a proper grounding in it. But this is usually only if you have solid experience and a good foundation in Tech Support, which you can’t get just from the possession of certificates, degrees or diplomas.

Your career focus depends on your long-term career goals. “Make things happen. Don’t wait for things to happen to you.” Whatever your career focus, it is important to make sure that you are continually learning and developing yourself in line with your career goals. Tech support training and career advancement programs are not simply academic, but are for people who are serious about succeeding and advancing their careers


A+ certification, the major certification for tech support, is a powerful tool for Career advancement. But it is not a “cure-all”. Success in IT requires more than Technical Skills and Knowledge. Attitude will determine your altitude.

Tech support certifications are tools you can use to obtain skills, knowledge and advancement, if you know how to manage your career growth.

Focus on using Tech support knowledge, skills and certification to establish and build a successful IT Career.



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