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Develop Practical VSAT Field Engineering Skills.. ICT Empowerment ...affordable.. it works

27 Aug 2010 - PRACTICAL core VSAT Field Engineering installation will be treated practically ON THE FIELD. The training will be held in Lagos, Nigeria - Sept 23 and 24, 2010. Rather than hope for the best you can now Expand you career and business opportunities with the exceptional and mind-opening VSAT Field Engineering program. Limited Time Offer for this unique ICT Empowerment program.

Equip yourself for the global knowledge economy and develop practical VSAT Field Engineering skills to seize opportunities in the amazing and growing VSAT opportunities in Africa - handle challenges and seize Telecom and ICT career and business opportunities. Call 07052509148 OR 08035007778 OR send e-mail to training@jidaw.com. Click here for more details.

Now you can learn about ...

- Practical, real-life VSAT Field Engineering 
- REAL Telecom infrastructure opportunities through VSAT service provision for the knowledge economy
- The importance of VSAT in meeting the Telecom needs in Africa
- Differentiating from the crowd with capability in VSAT without complexity.
- Critical success factors in VSAT Field Installation and Support

"How is the VSAT training practical? ... You LEARN BY DOING ....Guided by experienced field experts, you will use the concepts, site survey, test Equipment, precision instruments to install and commission your own VSAT site... and browse from your site".

Who drives change? Where do you want to be? Will you wait for things to happen to you? Or do you want to make things happen?

VSAT Opportunities in Africa: 80% of Africa's Internet / international voice and data traffic is carried via satellites/VSAT. 80% of Africans live in rural areas with no land-based telecoms infrastructure.

Date: February 17 and 18, 2011 in Lagos, Nigeria

NGN 80, 000 per person. 
NGN 70 000 per person for two per company.
NGN 60 000 per person for three to nine people per company.

BUT SEIZE THE SPECIAL OFFER: Jidaw is offering significant VSAT training SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNTS of up to 50% to a limited number of candidates from Nigeria. Call on 08035007778 to claim your discount NOW. LIMITED TIME OFFER.

PAY BY October 31, 2010 and PAY ONLY N40,000 per person
PAY BY November 30, 2010 and PAY ONLY N45,000 per person
PAY BY December 31, 2010 and PAY ONLY N50,000 per person
PAY BY January 31, 2011 and PAY ONLY N60,000 per person


Fee is inclusive of Tuition, Materials, Lunch, Refreshment, Certificate, Course Handbook and CD, etc.

Success Starts with Action - Contact Jidaw >>
12 Eric Moore Street, Wemabod Estate, Off Adeniyi Jones Ave, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 234-1-8958064, 08052647395, 07052509148, 01-7940562, 08035007778
e-mail: training@jidaw.com

Through this program you will learn:

- How to install VSAT from scratch practically

- How to setup and install your own VSAT site
- How to conduct site survey for your VSAT installation
- How to design your VSAT network
- How to commission your VSAT site

- How to use VSAT to meet the telecom VSAT demands in Africa
- How to build your VSAT backbone for ICT Career and Business empowerment

Space is limited. Places are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. This is a Limited Offer - Refuse to remain a consumer - Refuse to be a victim - Empower yourself for opportunity - Make a wise investment - ACT NOW!

Get better prepared to tap into the opportunities and address the challenges, mistakes and risks that are always part of the life JOURNEY TO SUCCESS.

Success Starts with Action - Contact Jidaw >>
12 Eric Moore Street, Wemabod Estate, Off Adeniyi Jones Ave, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 234-1-8958064, 08052647395, 07052509148, 01-7940562, 08035007778
e-mail: training@jidaw.com

Visit Practical VSAT Field Engineering Skills resource or send e-mail to training@jidaw.com for more on Practical VSAT Training - affordable,  insightful and effective learning...... for the fundamentals, for the African market, for VSAT opportunity.


Prepare to learn from talented, field proven experts who have over 20 years experience in the global VSAT and wireless RF connectivity industry. No other programs gives direct access to the real-life ideas and experience of such proficient and seasoned field experts. It is shockingly REAL, unbelievable and mind-opening! IT IS IN A CLASS BY ITSELF. THERE IS NO COMPARISON.

Your Future is in Your Hands. Build Your ICT Empowerment skills with the Practical VSAT Field Engineering Skills Development program


Register for Practical VSAT Field Engineering Training

Registration is on now on a first come, first served basis. Please note that space is limited.
Make Payment through any one of these means:

1. Tel: 08052647395, 07052509148, 01-8958064, 08035007778, 01-7940562

2. Pay through any Ecobank branch in Nigeria to:
Account Name: Jidaw Systems Limited Second Account
Account Number: 0040010100430002
Ecobank Nigeria PLC
Ikeja Branch

Jidaw is a partner of the Network of Aspiring & Startup IT Entrepreneurs in Africa (NASITEA) as well as the African Information Security Association (AISA)

At Jidaw, We don't just teach Technology, We've been empowering Technology professionals worldwide since 1995. Jidaw has no Training strategy. Training is Jidaw's strategy.
They don't Call us Mastercomputers for nothing.

Jidaw is a member of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) and CompTIA - the global Computing Technology Industry Association.

Jidaw is well known in Africa for the high quality and standard of its training programs. Our students are our best advertisement - Over 80% of our students come from referrals of our present and former students.

Jidaw's Mission - "More Power, Better Lives and Sustainable Growth through Knowledge, Technology and quality Values"  

Invest in Critical IT training that is Affordable and High Quality - DO SOMETHING NOW

PLEASE NOTE: JIDAW DOES NOT PROMOTE OR SUPPORT GET RICH QUICK OR INSTANT RESULT PROGRAMS. Excellent performance in IT Training and Certification requires HARD WORK, Applying and Understanding the principles involved and DELIBERATE PRACTICE. Contact Jidaw now.

Register for Practical VSAT Field Engineering Training

Jidaw....Promoting Knowledge and Enterprise Growth and Excellence in Nigeria.
Jidaw....More Knowledge! More Power!



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March 10, 2009


Emeka Ajukwu of Anambra state, Nigeria says:





I too want the Jidaw experience. I can now see why they keep on talking about Mastercomputers.  



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