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They don’t Call you Mastercomputers for Nothing


Ogun Hakeem Abayomi & Jongbo Joshua Gbenga, former students of Jidaw Systems Limited (Jidaw) recently had a discussion with Doyin Asaju, Customer services officer of Jidaw on their time with “Mastercomputers”.

When Hakeem and Joshua made up their minds to enroll for the A+ Computer & Network Engineering Diploma, little did they know that they were treading on the path to building successful careers in Information and Communications Technology. A life changing experience!.


Newcomers to IT

To start with, Ogun Hakeem Abayomi and Jongbo Gbenga Joshua from Ogun and Ekiti state respectively and holders of National Diploma from respectable Nigerian Institutions had no previous knowledge in Computing.

Come to think of it, why Jidaw? They had a desire to improve themselves. Hakeem and Joshua were tired of status quo. It was their burning desire for change that led them to Jidaw Systems Limited, the result-oriented and no-nonsense ICT Training Centre that shapes the growth of IT training and certification. They desired the Jidaw advantage. And they knew "interest has no power without action". What did they do?

They both chose to enroll for the A+ Computer & Network Engineering Diploma program. It was necessary to wake up the Giants in them with Jidaw -the originators of the acclaimed A+ certification Diploma and fast track courses.

Come along as they tell you about their experiences at Jidaw and the incredible impact the course has had on their lives. It was a major breakthrough. Meet Joshua and Hakeem.

The Jidaw Experience

"Fantastic and Fascinating" were the feelings Joshua popularly called "JayJay" used in describing his experience at Jidaw. In particular he stressed the fact that the course sharpened and equipped him with outstanding, professional IT skills, particularly in the area of Engineering and Networking. According to Hakeem, the relevance and value of the program is apparent in how it enhances his value and productivity in the work place. In his words he said, "The knowledge I gained at Jidaw is of great importance to me. In fact it has put me ahead of my contemporaries".


So, what else is unique about the program?

In their discussions with Doyin, Hakeem and Joshua highlighted some distinctive issues relating to the course. They noted that these real-life matters affected not them alone but also people around them.

- Confidence
“The knowledge gained has inspired boldness and confidence that allows us to hold our head up high any where we are; knowing fully well that ICT gurus rule their world. We are comfortable with uncertainty and we are determined to break the status quo“.

- Exposure
“The course has equipped and exposed us in different technical areas and aspects of ICT such that we are able to take charge of difficult or unexpected situations. We don't fidget when we meet unfamiliar situations on the field because we understand the basics to solving the problem”.

- Professionalism
“The Professional ethics program seriously built up our level of professionalism. We are able handle tech and non tech issues in a professional manner. We use our discretion to solve problems, avoid conflicts, manage people and resources and use our IT substance to contribute to the growth of society”.

- Networking
Networking is another aspect of the course that we love so much. Based on our networking knowledge, we were able to successfully pass the job interview. And on the field even when our main focus is VSAT installation, we are able to provide solutions to clients promptly because no third party is involved – we install and troubleshoot networks ourselves.”

- Technical Support/Engineering
The Tech Support/ Engineering knowledge and skills we gained through the diploma program were immense! They were outstanding and incredibly helpful to us. For instance, it is common for us to utilize this expertise to make our work faster and easier, while reducing our client's cost of fixing the problem.


"They don’t call Jidaw Mastercomputers for nothing."

To cap it up, we are very excited and really pleased with the work we do on the field. The course has brought us out of the darkness. Our eyes have been opened to the fertile land of ICT which we hope to explore and exploit fully. Best of all, we got results – we are making a difference. Overall it was a positive experience both personally and professionally. A rewarding, hard-to-find experience you can only get from Jidaw. "They don’t call Jidaw Mastercomputers for nothing."


“ICT in Nigeria is growing bigger and wider by the day. Think of it: there is no need searching for jobs as there are lots of potential areas in ICT that have not been discovered. People need to discover this mind blowing and rewarding areas. The educated and non educated should equip themselves with ICT knowledge because lots of beautiful opportunities exist. To the young People like us all over the world, please learn to do the right thing at the right time like we did. Be bold and start your career where you are now. Your certificate is just a back up. Make hay while the sun is still shining”.


“Big thanks to Jidaw Systems Limited who has taught us how to disrespect the Status Quo of mediocrity. Magic or mystery? No way! If you are in need of a training and certification outfit Jidaw is the perfect place for you. We got the best from Jidaw - we now know where the honey is. So don’t forget: It’s not about name or flashy gimmicks but the quality content that Jidaw pours out to willing individuals. It is rare to find training of such unbeatable value at affordable pricing.
Originality is the right word to describe Jidaw. Jidaw is truly one of a kind. Jidaw is where the fruit is, come and eat”.

Presently Hakeem and Joshua work on Networking, VSAT installation and Support with G-Space Networks, a VSAT installation and networking company and also with the Galaxy Backbone (a Federal Government Project). We thank them for finding the time for this contribution.

Jidaw Systems is a member of the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) and the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS). Jidaw is a partner of the Network of Aspiring & Startup IT Entrepreneurs in Africa (NASITEA) as well as the African Information Security Association (AISA).

  • Jidaw is the originator of the IT Entrepreneurship Guide series - Success in IT Business programs and a Foremost Authority on IT Career development
  • Jidaw had the foresight to develop the most critical and fundamental tech support and networking programs required by the IT industry
  • Jidaw had the vision to develop the most comprehensive website with information on IT training, certification, careers and ICT for development
  • Jidaw rewrote the rules of IT Education and Career development and shaped the growth of IT training and certification
  • “We are no jack of all trades. But in our areas of focus nobody else comes close”.


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March 10, 2009


Emeka Ajukwu of Anambra state, Nigeria says:





I too want the Jidaw experience. I can now see why they keep on talking about Mastercomputers.  



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