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Jidaw Systems External Training and Services Outside Lagos

Jidaw receives a large number of requests for training outside Lagos. Presently Jidaw's training center is in Lagos which people attend throughout the year from all over Nigeria and Africa.


However, Jidaw presently offers its services outside Lagos by special arrangement.

Result-oriented courses, seminars and services outside Lagos and in Abuja are organized by special arrangement. This is what has led to several seminars and training programs outside Lagos and in Abuja.

We thank all your such enquiries for their mail and interest in what we do. Though our office is here in Lagos, Nigeria, we offer our training and consulting services based on special arrangements in other locations.

Jidaw offers training in A+, CCNA, Networking, Network+, VSAT Field Engineering and other Tech support program.

Our South African partner also offers Project Management training.


Jidaw provides special seminars and training outside Lagos from time to time, for those who can make the arrangements and who have a sufficient number of participants.


Jidaw has done and is presently making such arrangements for some individuals and organizations. For Jidaw's programs outside Lagos, Jidaw works with reputable individuals or groups that can organize to have a group of at least 30 people (training) / 100 people (seminar). Can you or do you know those who will be interested in making such arrangements?

We have organized our seminars and training programs outside Lagos with corporate organizations, reputable individuals or social, faithbased OR youth/student groups that make arrangements with us.


Would you be interested in participating when such arrangements are made? If you are interested, send mail with your contact details to OR if you know of any reputable group ready to work with us to make such arrangements, you should also send your contacts.

In addition, you can always call on 07052509148 or 08035007778 OR send us your phone numbers for one on one contact and arrangements.

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We only work with reputable individuals / organizations that we meet our requirements.

Already plans are underway to hold several seminars with such organized groups outside Lagos in due course.


Jidaw provides some programs by remote instruction for some candidates outside Lagos, depending on their technical background and level of motivation.


Self training distance learning options are available. Depending on the training desired, this requires students to invest in the necessary textbook, materials and practice test questions access. After payment and depending on availability the materials can be sent to you. Because of the costs involved this manner of distance learning is strictly based on self study.



From our experience, success in distance learning requires a well-organized person who has good communications skills, is familiar and comfortable with computers and online technologies and is motivated for self-study and research.

Such opportunities depend on the student's technical background, level of motivation as well as computing facilities at the disposal of the student.


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Jidaw thanks all external participants, who have attended courses at the Lagos center or those trained at external locations. Let us stress we truly value the interest of IT professionals whether they are in Lagos or not. The truth is that we have demands from all over the world. We need to apply wisdom in resolving this challenge. In fact it was for this reason that we created the website. And as you know the website is not limited by location.
For example, irrespective of where you are, you can now read the Free Seminar Report online

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Jidaw students are achieving A+, CCNA. MCSE and other international certifications! Our students are our champions. 


For example, Jidaw has taken the Mystery out of CCNA by offering the most affordable, highest quality, Cisco certification training in the industry. CCNA  Cisco's most popular certification requires base-level knowledge of IP networking and troubleshooting. Cisco CCNA Training @ Jidaw is second to none.


Click this link to learn more about the performance of Jidaw Students in International certification exams.

AGAIN!!! Another Jidaw Champion, Babatunde Alajede scores 1,000 perfect score in CCNA.


Kehinde Kolade Olusola has also scored 1,000 points in the globally recognized CCNA exams.

@ Jidaw, We don't just teach IT, We've been empowering IT professionals worldwide for more than 8 years. "If IT Professionalism is King, MASTERCOMPUTERS wears the crown!" 
Our students are our best advertisement - Over 80% of our students come from referrals of our present and former students. 

Do you want to succeed? Do you want to raise the bar? Do you want to make things happen? You can make a difference. IT ISN'T MAGIC - YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO BE TEACHABLE! To succeed with Jidaw and in your IT Career you must possess the Drive and Motivation to achieve and advance -commitment plus effort. 

You are already a champion, all we do is guide you on how to empower yourself. Come if your focus is on substance, not flashy setup or gimmicks, because the right focus leads to achievement and fulfillment.
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Subscribe to the FREE IT Career Newsletter with valuable information bringing you practical, how-to tips and articles.



Subscribe to the FREE IT Career Newsletter with valuable information bringing you practical, how-to tips and articles. 

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