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Another Jidaw Students sets Cisco Standard with 1,000 in Cisco CCNA

Another Jidaw student, Alajede Babatunde, has set the global Cisco CCNA standard by scoring 1,000 in the CCNA exam. 1,000 is the highest score anybody on the planet can set in this tough and globally recognized networking certification. He has now joined the previous Jidaw students who have also achieved this rare feat. Congratulations, Babatunde, you have certainly disrespected status quo as expected of Jidaw students.  You have joined the group of Jidaw Students scoring 1000 - the highest score you can achieve in Cisco's CCNA exam!! 


A snapshot of the Exam score report >>


Cisco systems is the global giant when it comes to internetworking. Coming from the Cisco systems stable you know it must meet high standards. Cisco CCNA is the world's most popular entry-level networking certification program. Cisco is the world leader in networking for the Internet, with the highest market share in the global router and switch marketplace - more than 80 percent in some markets. A CCNA certification proves that the candidate has a solid foundation in Cisco product line - routers and switches. It also proves that that the candidate has broad knowledge of protocols and networking technologies.


Scoring 1,000, the highest score a person can achieve in the CCNA exam is no mean feat and Jidaw students have continued to make the organization proud. The performance of Jidaw students in industry and in these highly competitive international exams continually confirms the world class standards of Jidaw's training!


Jidaw hopes that these announcements and recognition of meritorious world class performance will further inspire those who are already taking classes, preparing for the exams or those who are just about to start. It's also meant to inspire the undecided. There are simply no barriers that can stop you when you are determined to achieve in IT. The status quo of age, background or sex must give way. If Babatunde Alajede can do it, You too can do it.

However, we also use this medium to let students know that getting benefit from training is a two way street - the training institution must be competent and the trainee must be prepared to put in quality effort. Jidaw doesn't just teach - Jidaw empowers.


YOU MUST BE TEACHABLE - do you have the desire to learn? But make your background an obstacle. Your mind is number one. Your mind matters more. Stop focusing on appearance but instead focus on substance, focus on the things that matter - before, during and after the training. Do you thirst for knowledge? Growth means moving beyond the baby spoon feeding level. Is your certificate your only goal in the classroom? Are you building your personal network through positive relationships with the instructors, fellow classmates and training school staff? Real knowledge acquisition and empowerment requires the teachable attitude. Have you got what it takes just like Babatunde Alajede? You must be ready to make the main issue the main issue.


Jidaw students that are outstanding in industry and setting these global standards are strong in the fundamentals. It's about doing what it takes to grow both as a professional and as s person. There are no stories. There are no tales by moonlight. Once you have the desire, knowledge and the thinking, achieving through IT is both straightforward and possible. How badly do you want to succeed? It isn't simply about just showing up at Jidaw. It isn't simply about paying the training fee. Do you want to be a Stand out person and differentiate yourself positively like other Jidaw students? Interest is cheap. It is effort that will cost you. You must put in quality effort inside and outside the classroom - lectures, assignments and practice.


Training and certification is two way street. Jidaw provides the content and concepts while you must put in the required effort. Jidaw does not spoon feed; we provide the shovel but you will have to dig for yourself. Do your homework, manage your risks, put in quality effort and you will scale new heights just like Babatunde and the others breaking records.


Jidaw's World Class Teaching


Tunde Ayolomo, Jidaw's globally recognized Cisco instructor, deserves kudos. This world class trainer and professional, keeps on helping students to develop and achieve their potentials in the Cisco and Networking world. According to Babajide Alajede, "It is so interesting exposing one to what is happening out there I'm very satisfied with the very clear explanations". His effective teaching methods have been invaluable for many in developing their careers. By enrolling for Jidaw 's Cisco training you and other students have the opportunity to benefit from his wealth of experience. World class infrastructure is not enough you still need an excellent and focused instructor.


Babatunde, it's not over yet, Roar like the Lion!


Babatunde, this is the beginning of great things to come. Your performance has served as a tonic and source of inspiration and encouragement to us at Jidaw and for many out there who are still in the CCNA hunt, as well as those who are unsure and undecided. Congratulations and Thanks go to you. Thank you for putting status quo in its place. Thank you for letting others see the light. Thank you showing the strength of empowerment.


But don't rest on your oars. You have set global standards but you can still light up the IT world in greater and more impacting ways. We are counting on you break more records in learning and industry -roar like the Lion, roar like the true Jidaw champion that you are. Keep well, Keep strong, Keep focused, Use your CCNA record as a platform to be a great contributor and to create your amazing, fulfilling and rewarding future. More knowledge! More Power!


The full Exam score report >>




Yet again more Jidaw students are achieving CCNA certification! Our students are our champions. Jidaw has taken the Mystery out of CCNA by offering the most affordable, highest quality, Cisco certification training in the industry. CCNA  (#640-802), Cisco's most popular certification requires base-level knowledge of IP networking and troubleshooting. Cisco CCNA Training @ Jidaw is second to none.

Click this link to learn more about the performance of Jidaw Students in International certification exams.

  Fatai Ayilara Olawale had earlier scored 1,000 points in the globally recognized CCNA exams.


  Kehinde Kolade Olusola had earlier scored 1,000 points in the globally recognized CCNA exams.


  Dotun Adekanmbi had earlier scored 1,000 points in the globally recognized CCNA exams.


@ Jidaw, We don't just teach IT, We've been empowering IT professionals worldwide for more than 8 years. "If IT Professionalism is King, MASTERCOMPUTERS wears the crown!" 
Our students are our best advertisement - Over 80% of our students come from referrals of our present and former students. 

Do you want to succeed? Do you want to raise the bar? Do you want to make things happen? You can make a difference. IT ISN'T MAGIC - YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO BE TEACHABLE! To succeed with Jidaw and in your IT Career you must possess the Drive and Motivation to achieve and advance -commitment plus effort. 

You are already a champion, all we do is guide you on how to empower yourself. Come if your focus is on substance, not flashy setup or gimmicks, because the right focus leads to achievement and fulfillment.
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Interested in pursuing Cisco CCNA Certification? Jidaw Systems has the training that you need to succeed. You can be the next Champion!

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With this training program Jidaw has taken the Mystery out of CCNA by offering the most affordable, highest quality, Cisco certification training in the industry. To succeed with Jidaw and in your IT Career you must possess the Drive and Motivation to achieve and advance - commitment plus effort.

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