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Testimonials -

Here are a selection of testimonials that reflect the views of some of the people who have chosen to write to us about Other testimonials can be found on the ICT Achievers Award page.

Jidaw Systems was awarded a Certificate of Excellence at the ICT Achievers Award 2005 in the Category "Top ICT SMME in Africa". Learn about the Certificate of Excellence Award here.

The response has been global. Testimonials come from all over the world.

The Jidaw community thanks you ALL for your appreciative and uplifting words. You are our Kings and Queens! We are touched by the messages thanking us for opening their eyes to ICT, e-business and other knowledge society opportunities. Your words tell us we are doing something right and serve as powerful sources of inspiration and encouragement to us at Jidaw and for many out there who are still unsure and undecided. Thank You for inspiring us to improve and do even more.
Keep up your winning mentality as you continue to excel.

You are on the road, You are the best!

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21 December 2007

Bravo Jidaw!

I think the Jidaw group should be commended for driving the wheels of IT in Nigeria effectively such feat is highly appreciated. KEEP IT UP.

Chinedu Benjamin in Enugu




18 December 2007

Thumbs up for you Jide and crew! has been a source of immerse help for me for a long time now. Please I would like to know what it will cost me (monetary wise) to do a networking course and prepare for CCNA with your company. I don't stay in Lagos, but because of the faith I have in, I am making plans to come over and take studies from you people.
I saw a price in your site but I want to know if it still holds or if there have been changes
Thanks as I look forward to hearing from you people soon and once again well done for the good job the company is doing.

Emmanuela Tochukwu




15 December 2007

You are awesome

I love your package. Keep it up!.

Daramola Olabanji Sunday of Mr Biggs Abule Egba, Lagos




14 December 2007

The place to learn

I want to learn Project management to empower me on how to handle and execute projects. With what I've heard about Jidaw Systems I think it's a place to learn.

Emmanuel Elijah




12 December 2007

I admire you

This is my first time of visited your site, it has already convinced me, i really admire the progtammes. It  and is a place where young ones can set up their careers. It really means a lot. I believe very soon you shall have me among your students.

Thank you and may God gives you more knowledge than this in Jesus name.

Elvis Ojecho O Ojecho




29 November 2007

Entire web site, whole stuff

I am an Indian student, I like this entire web portal. The way information is organized right from basic course up to the certificate courses is just amazing.

A mighty congratulations for that & keep it up.

Pravin in India (Pune)




28 November 2007

Lucky to find You

I was just browsing checking some Nigerian companies and i was lucky to find you. Thanks.

Aladesawe Kemi




24 November 2007


I have received some insight from just a few articles I read on your website. I really need more on IT. THANKS.

Tom from Port Harcourt




22 November 2007

Highly Impressed

Infact am highly impressed with the way you roll out these inspired messages to many people, especially the interview with the don of Cisco. Thanks a lots.

Olusola Mushafiu




17 November 2007

I wish to express my thanks

I wish to express my thanks for the online programme you offer free it has truly motivated me. i plead to request if you can oblige me some of your journals, in the above named subject i will be very glad for this.

Egbuonu Chinedu




17 November 2007


I commend you guys on your hard work. You should not give up. Continue and God will bless you all.

Samuel Danson




14 November 2007


Infact, coming across Jidaw is a dream booster. It has been my career objective to reach the climax in an IT world and to educate others on how to use ICT to make a distinctive difference in their specialized discipline. Hence, surfing those articles on Jidaw's site was indeed a blessing.

I would like to meet Jidaw in person so as to decide where I will start because I am torn between choices.
Thank you.

Amos Gbenga




13 November 2007

More Good works, Jidaw

Thanks for you message. Funny enough am on your website. I don't miss it each time I come to browse. I heard your response and am glad. I hope to get to you soon. For now am running a program. When am done with the exams i will get to you. This one is close to me and I immediately grabbed the opportunity. Thanks once again. I will surely get in touch.

All de best, more good works Jidaw..

An appreciative Bridget




9 November 2007

God Bless You All

I thank you for the good works you guys are doing. May the Lord Almighty never leave you. Amen. May He continue to strengthen you to do more and more even to the glory of his name and the development of this the wonderful country.

God bless you all. Amen.





6 November 2007

Keep up the good work

We wish to commend your company for the great work you are doing in ICT. Keep up the good work..

Best wishes & Kind Regards,

Dr Osbert Egiebor, MD, FAAP, FACR




5 November 2007

Just to thank you

You are highly appreciated. Are you Nigerians? You are great!!!





26 October 2007

Jidaw - Agent of Change

I have browsed through your website which has played a tremendous role in educating updating and acting as an agent of societal change in Nigeria. Thank you for your efforts. Kudos!!!!

Ahanonu Batholomew Uzochukwu




23 October 2007


With great interest i browse through your site: ( and i wish to comment that i was highly impressed.

Owolabi Adewale




23 October 2007


I want to appreciate your effort towards making sure that the unemployed graduate are fixed up in one organization. I say kudos to you

Taiwo Afuape




22 October 2007


Fellow Nigerians and people all over the world, lend me your ears..
the unprecedented has occurred, passionate about the ordinary Nigerian who is willing to learn and make an impact (according to him.. "make an impact"). Mr.. Jide Awe is a re-incarnate of the great Martin Luther king Jnr.

Thank you Jidaw for the eye opener. The seminar was worth our while."MORE KNOWLEDGE..MORE POWER"

Charles Emuze from NTA2 channel 5




18 October 2007

Passed my CCNA

I want to say a very big Thank you to Jidaw systems and my lecturer and Mr. Jidaw for all their assistance in changing my view, and giving me boldness to attempt a professional exam. I can now proudly say that I am Cisco certified and I will not stop till I excel to the top in any challenging position and gain cognizance as one of the best. To God be the glory.

Thank you all

Isibor Lilian N

Shell Nigeria Network Engineer




16 October 2007

Jobs in Nigeria Update

I am very glad to receive your mail on the current update jobs in Nigeria. It is a wonderful assistance for me to forge ahead. This help you render to the unemployed will never go without God's blessings.

Please I will be very grateful in getting this such often and when available

Thanks and remain blessed

Gloria Agu




15 October 2007

Excellent training program

I'm so impressed about the program because of the real exposure to solid networking knowledge. The arrangement was perfect - Good lecturer, constant power supply, time conscious attitude and reliable equipment - all provided during the program.

Jidaw should keep on working in this direction so as to bring more people up in ICT industry. I want you to also lead me to the CCNP of Cisco. I will definitely be back.

Engr Ubong Harry Udo

(Jidaw student now CCNA certified)




12 October 2007

Thank you for the good job

I received information about your free it certification and would love to be a beneficiary of this program but I'm outside of Lagos state, precisely in Enugu state. Please I would love to know if people in this part of the country can be a part of this program as a lot of us here are really lagging behind in this aspect.

Thank you for the good job that you are doing here and for helping jobless graduates to benefit from you.

Am hoping that I will be a beneficiary of your kind gesture if you would open an outlet here in the east to help many Nigerians who are in need.


Uboho Ikpoto




12 October 2007



Going through your web pages, I find it quite loaded. I am very well impressed.Keep the flag flying. Good job.

Emuze Charles - Nigerian Television Authority (NTA2 CHANNEL 5)




11 October 2007

It's a wonderful site


I am particularly interested in engineering, off-shore and marine projects managements. It is a wonderful site.

Tarila Zuofa




11 October 2007

It's a wonderful site


I am particularly interested in engineering, off-shore and marine projects managements. It is a wonderful site.

Tarila Zuofa




1 October 2007



I am very glad with your services. It is actually helping me a lot in looking for job. Please endeavor to notify me through my email address of any new job posting in your website. Thanks.





27 September 2007



I commend you for a proper work done, its heart warming to see Nigerian firms give such educative info for free. good work. how do I find online study guides on CCNA?





21 September 2007

Pls keep me posted!


Honestly, I thank God for this type of company who has made it so easy for people to search for jobs without falling prey to hoodlums who are only interested in getting money from innocent people. God bless you and sustain you to continue to good.

Olopha Mary




19 September 2007

Pls keep me posted!


I would like to commend you for a well updated site, which give young graduate like us hope of finding a job in beloved country. Thank you sir/madam.

Iredje Robert Brume




19 September 2007

Pls keep me posted!


I would like to commend you for a well updated site, which give young graduate like us hope of finding a job in beloved country. Thank you sir/madam.

Iredje Robert Brume




16 September 2007

Well Done


The site is very educative and informative for graduates and undergraduates. Keep it up..

Okike Henry




14 September 2007

Blessings from God to You has no limit


You have open my eyes, therefore I believe that God will reward you in thousands of ways.

Emmanuel Eze Nwanodi, Port Harcourt,Rivers State




10 September 2007

Unaab Information Technology Conference and Exhibition


Dear sir ,
We really appreciate your kind gesture towards our forum. Your presence as highly crucial to the success of our conference and your excellent lecture was also a good insight into the rich potentials of ICT. We strongly believe that you will respond to our humble requests for ICT development in the nearest future.
On behalf of the university community and the entire students we say a big thank you.

Oluseun Onigbinde




31 August 2007

VSAT Installation and Practical networking

Thanks You for this human empowerment - it a great service to humanity..

- Umar




30 August 2007


The award shows the level of your competence when it comes to IT. Keep on doing your best.

- Yinusa, Abeokuta




29 August 2007


I want to really appreciate your efforts by recouping back to all Nigerians and all other job seekers around the globe THE LOST HOPE of better tomorrow.





28 August 2007

this is an eye-opener

I really did not have a good background knowledge on IT, until I stumbled into this site while browsing. this is good, please keep it up because it will surely help the upcoming IT-interested people, Thanks.

- Anne E. A, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun state




28 August 2007

This is so great

This is a wonderful site, i just came across it now but it has really made my day and clarified issues.

- Joy Ibeabuchi.




6 August 2007

Thank you Jidaw

Just to say a Big Thank you to for given me all the the Training assistance to pass my CCNA. I passed my ccna with 949 on Friday Aug 3rd.and my appreciation also goes to Mr Tunde for his advise and support.
God bless you all for adding value to my career. I will refer my friends to Jidaw for Training.

- Seun Adeagbo




4 August 2007

Wonderful job

I was browsing through the internet when I saw the wonderful job you are doing by guiding young minds like me on how to get necessary IT training and certification. I will like to know the exact cost for the CCNA training and certification and the duration for the course. Thanks and God bless.

- Adelowo




31 July 2007

Thank you for the foundation

Thank you for the foundation training you gave to me in the CCNA program. I wrote my CCNA exam on Saturday the 28-07-07 and passed with a score of 949.
I am very grateful to you all especially my instructor; Mr Tunde.

- Ajoku Kelechi




28 July 2007

You are great

I comment you guys for your job. Please keep it up.

- Collins




20 July 2007


I'm quite impressed with Jidaw reaching out to promote the IT relevance in our society today. I hope the larger society would join the train of great achiever like the JIDAW Org.

- David A. Williams




19 July 2007

For Humanity

Thanks you so much for your love and commitment to humanity. I
often wonder what the whole world will be like given that other
organizations as yours including our tertiary institutions, are as
committed to helping those that cross their path. Thanks one more time and more grace to your elbow.

May God bless and uphold you all at JIDAW

- Eniola Enitan




11 July 2007


Wow! I visit your website regularly and each time I am inspired to advance in my IT career, so I think I would like come to your training facility at Eric Moore/Ikeja for further enquiries. I am a systems engineer at computer village already working, but I would like to have professional certifications not just for an edge in job opportunities, but for increased professionalism, to sharpen my skills.
I would really appreciate counseling from you. I would also like you to send me your course profile and fees, if possible by mail. I hope to hear from u soonest.





9 July 2007

God bless you

God bless you





2 July 2007


I want to commend you on our effort, and the impact you create on people especially our youth, make thousands of people independent by inputting the quality in them that makes it possible for them to get good jobs, well I want to be part of the good things happening at JIDAW.

I. R. K. Akinyemi 




26 June 2007

doing a nice job!

I'm a desktop and network specialist from NIIT,Ghana. Infact,you are doing a great job at least this is one of the best sites I have come across in this country. Keep d fire burning. 

Charles Matts  - Nigerian but live in Ghana




16 June 2007

Your website is great!

It has greatly educated me. Please keep it up.

Rex Ikiriko 




11 June 2007

Jide, you're a lifesaver!

It's so good to know that there are still Nigerians out there who are so committed to developing the virtues of knowledge and excellence in other Nigerians. the sky's no doubt your beginning. keep it up bro! 

Ima Okon Essiet of Bayero University, Kano, KANO STATE 




5 June 2007

about jidaw

I stumbled upon your site and found that you are doing great things. please i want to be part of your success story. Can I know more about you? I'm doing my post graduate course at O.A.U,ife, Elect/Elect department.

Saka Monsuru Adedotuni 




3 June 2007


Thanks for the good job doing to change the lives of millions of Nigerians.
Please I want to come for one the courses you offer in your organization. Please kindly describe how i can get to your office from Oshodi or Ojota. 

Akintola Rotimi 




1 June 2007


You are doing a great job. carry on.

Hubby Nike 




30 May 2007


Hi guys,

Indeed u are doing a good job. Keep it up. I am a first timer to the website and it's really thrilling. 

I hereby apply for newsletter to keep me abreast with recent ICT technologies etc.

With lots of thanks.

Uduak I. Ebisoh 




30 May 2007


I am grateful for your advice. I read your advice in the net.





25 May 2007

I want to subscribe

Dear Jidaw,
I love your site and i must say it is very informative, may the almighty GOD bless you all.
Please i will like to subscribe for your newsletters.





17 May 2007

Good Job..

Well I saw your advert in the dailies, so I decided to visit the site to see. And guess what I found, "SURPRISES". Keep up the good work.

Muhammed Salisu 




11 May 2007

Great Prospects

I see in your company, the future of Nigerian IT. Don't lose focus of what you want to achieve.





8 May 2007

Thanks for making the world brighter

I am glad to receive these important e-mail about this seminar to be held free. 

I hope soon to joint you for other certifications like; Software Development, CCNA2,CCNA3,CCNA4 and or VSAT Installation.

Thanks for making the world brighter.

M.M. Bube.
University Library UDU, Sokoto 




3 May 2007

What's up you guys at Jidaw. Thank you very much for this unique opportunity. Pls. always keep me informed.


Olatunji Bello



30 April 2007

Thanks for all Jidaw works to help an African IT professionals especially East African communities.

I live in Mogadishu, Somalia and I'm a student for the high institutions of the country.



Mogadishu, Somalia



25 April 2007

More grease!! 

I'm really impressed by the success level of your students in the CCNA exams especially the lady that just got certified. That has inspired me a lot to start thinking seriously about taking my certification exam with Jidaw.

I have attended a course on A+, and also reading on my own.

Sotonye Orji
Local Area Network Officer,
University of Port Harcourt Library,
Choba, Port Harcourt.



25 April 2007

Kudos for the good ICT job you are doing in Nigeria

Amaechi Ijeoma Mary



24 April 2007

Great provided me lot of help......thanks





19 April 2007

Its really a place to belong! 

Its really a place to belong! keep it on Jidaw System
Nigerian are proud of you. Its important it will speak
soon, it even speaking now.

Thanks, keep on posting us with your information, I
will come and listen to you people one day and always
learn along as i will take time to do an IT course
with you..

Ochim Isaiah I.
Abuja, Nigeria. 



13 April 2007

Compliments. Well done, you are doing a great job..

Ugo Adaugo Chiwetara Julia



10 April 2007

IT Career Tips & Its all about Attitude

The articles are excellent and its a real eye opener for many including me.

Shahul Hameed, Abu Dhabi



3 April 2007


I sincerely appreciate what Jidaw is doing, It gives us hope that one can make a good living from I.T without being fraudulent. I implore others organizations to do similar things. Thank you..




3 April 2007

I love Jidaw

As a lady I intend to let the world know that there can be more ladies in the ICT world who can do better than men. I love Jidaw - they have been able to bring out my best as the only lady in a class of 10.


Mercy I. Ogun (CCNA Certified with Jidaw)



27 March 2007

This is a great vision

I had the opportunity to be at the last weekend's FREE seminar. I must confess it a great thing for Nigerians to talk that much to fellow Nigerian free about about our future. Thanks a million times for this.


Saliu Olutimehin


25 March 2007

Thanks for the reply, what this says to me is that you keep record of your database, and not just only that, you also hold people to high esteem. I like that. 

I read one of your articles long ago and since then, have decided to be part of the team but as you may know that every man dreams because its free but he who wants his dream to come true must wake up and run after it ......

I must say here Jide, that you are a good guy. I am very sure that if we have five to ten more of your type in the world. This world will be a better place for us all to live in.

Do you know what? the best gift you can give is investing in people and I see this in you by virtue of your articles you write. though, I may not know you in person but you know people are judge by what comes out of their mouth.

Some says your articles are for money making. Though that may be the primary aims too but i see it beyond just that. I am believing God that someday we'll meet.

There are thousands of guys out there that are confused on which path to take career wise, I was once in that shoe but today by virtue of a word from a guy, I am where i am today. 

Please keep up the good work. you may not know how many lives you are affecting but the joy is you are affecting people's lives positively.

Wole, Trinidad and Tobago


19 March 2007

Website development

You guys are doing a good job, this is something we would have bought with money all in the name consultancy, but here we are, live and free. thumbs up.

Mike, Abuja


19 March 2007


You guys have the exceptional natural capacity to improve the Nation's Technology especially as shown in creative and original work in IT careers and information. In one word "Am impressed." Keep up the good works.

Samuel Okafor


12 March 2007

I love your professional skills. I really appreciate your
effort to take Nigeria`s IT Training skill to a greater height



9 March 2007


I will like to use this means to congratulate you on your award ("Top ICT SMME in Africa". ), its a well deserved one and I must congratulate you for the hope and opportunity you are giving to the youth to chose a place in the IT World.

Ajifowobaje Seye James


7 March 2007

Thank you so much for your mail. In fact I've been planning to come to your office as promised.
I believe you got what I need to excel in the area of
information technology.

Let me know your opening and closing time daily so I
can schedule a visit. Thanks a lot for your interest in my success.

Amanze Onyedikachi


6 March 2007

I commend your effort for your success may God continue to help you, Amen, I was very delighted the first time I came across your site and I'm thrilled by it going by the tremendous information and career motivating tips and training opportunities. 

First and foremost, I am deeply interested in the forthcoming free IT seminar. I'll very much like to be part of it. 

Segun Oloye



5 March 2007

To be sincere, your seminar which I attended last year August has exposed me to the IT world. By the Grace of God as soon as I am ok, Financially I will join your bandwagon for N+ and CCNA Training. You are the best even though there are many fidihe IT companies outside there. Keep up the dream.

Hakeem Ademola



1 March 2007


I want use this opportunity once again to sent my gratitude and appreciation to this great organization as a result of its contribution towards improving IT and ICT career in Nigeria and world in general.

Thanks and Good Luck.

Muhammad Lawan Jibril,
Kano State.
Informatics Institute Kazaure, Nigeria.



27 Feb 2007

Certification Cost Enquiry

I must confess, the newsletter you've being sending to my box has really opened my eyes to see things in a different way.

Please I would like it if you could send to my box costing for MCSE Certification (Course, Lecture time, Examination, Venue, Duration etc), Cisco, and Java.

Best Regards





26 Feb 2007

Thank you

Thank you Jidaw for your articles that I can see make a change in my career prospects into being a developer. May God bless you abundantly. Please try and send me more through your newsletters. I am keen to avoid the market exploiters


Benard from Kenya





26 Feb 2007

enquiries. and kudos

I was so glad to see a site that could make me have a cutting edge experience and training on what i so much dreamt of.. I had a bit of CISCO networking training before going for service.. now I want to complete it and get certified ..while looking 4 a job. I like to be assisted with resourceful information about the IT world. a graduate of computer education with keen interest in IT especially networking and internet security..


Expecting the career newsletters..








19 Feb 2007

Free Seminar


Thank you very much for the Free Seminar. Especially on the career direction. Most people are intelligent but the only thing they require is career direction which you are including as part of your training. You are on a very right track. I will continue to create the awareness on my own little way. Thank you very much for the free seminar and refreshment, wao you are too much, keep it up. 


Jidaw Systems Limited will continue to lead.

Emmanuel Omefeh



16 Feb 2007

Just to say hi.

Hello, I use to be a computer engineering student at this wonderful organization. I can say that I started my career from this company. I am in Ireland. I have my foundation degree and am getting my full degree in less than two months.

Rotimi Ogunwale



12 Feb 2007

Thank You


This is to acknowledge the receipt of your letters on IT certification  Thanks I find them quite useful and will forward my questions to you.

Once again thanks.

Mrs. Evelyn Diji



8 Feb 2007

Up date on latest news


I am so proud of what you are doing. Please keep up the excellent work. Thanks for taking the giant stride. 
I want to receive daily important info as soon as possible. Thanks again.




4 Feb 2007

ICT Profession


I am delightful to be a member of these wonderful ICT messages that has always been sent to me for over 2 years. I am also happy being a past student of JIDAW, not only that at least passing through JIDAW to be Cisco certified is one experience that would continue to stay in my mind. 





2 Feb 2007



Hi! Just wanted you to know your website is really loaded.


Ola Alex -Oni 



2 Feb 2007


Thank you for your up to date newsletter. I was employed in IT/ICT industry since year 2000 but I have never come across a medium that disseminate  relevant IT/ICT information as does. 


Thank you and more grease to  your elbows while wishing best of luck.

Aliyu Mohammed
ICT-Unit FUT, Yola



26 Jan 2007


Just to say great thanks for the opportunity given to us.

God bless you in all you do.





19 Jan 2007

Hello, I must really say you all are doing a great job. More grease your elbow. Keep it up.

Lydia Joshua



Jan 5 2007

Thank you!

Thank you Sir for the advice you have on your website. It provides answers to questions that I have been seeking answers.

Ibubelem Erasmus Ikiroma

Port Harocourt, Nigeria



30 Dec 2006

Compliments of the Season to you all and thanks for the knowledge you have been impacting on us all.
May the Lord reward you.

Dataview Crew A WORLD OF THANKS! 




14 Dec 2006

Re: Advertising for ICT Software Developers 

Thanks for the services rendered to us. I can confirm that we were able to get a sufficient pool of applicants through he medium.

Adegoke Baiyere
Employee Relations Manager
Promasidor Nigeria Limited



4 Dec 2006


I have received some insight just a few articles I read on your website. I believe you could always be of help to counsel me on my career path in IT. THANKS SO MUCH. 

Godfred Bossoh



2 Nov 2006

Thank You

Mr Jide, 
I just want to say a big thank you to Jidaw for helping to fire up my zeal in IT knowledge. When I finished my youth service last year September.
I started from ground zero, but today, I'm at 1st bank IT dept., Head Office. 
It's really amazing.
KEEP up the good work!

Akujieze Chigozie C.



21 Nov 2006

This is wonderful site

Okeke Chikwado



23 August 2006


I would like to say thank you to the management and staff of JIDAW Systems. I found your site very helpful and interesting. God bless and keep on with the good work.

Adeleke Lilian



17 May 2006

I got to know about Jidaw and the VSAT training through Google search. Check for yourself you will see that Jidaw is number 1 in the Google search for VSAT Training. The response I got from them was professional and timely. I also confirmed all the information they gave me through the Nigerian embassy in Mozambique. This further proved their credibility. And when I assessed their pricing and other content and benefits compared to others, I knew this was the place that would deliver results in a cost-effective manner. It was simply the best option.

Jidaw Systems Ltd is one of the best Companies in Africa offering this important training on VSAT Satellite communication. I'm very satisfied.

 Carlos Nicolau S. Junior, General Director Byte System Africa, Mozambique


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