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Software Development and Support business in Nigeria requires the right contacts to ensure success and profit in your business venture. There are challenges and opportunities in this dynamic market.

Jidaw.com, Nigeria's premier IT and Telecoms resource has created this directory of leading Software Providers in Nigeria, to assist you in making wise and profitable business decisions in the area of Software Development and Support services.

Chesca Technology & Systems Ltd.
2, Okanlawon Ajayi Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: 234-1-5455038, Mobile: 234-802-314-5606,
E-Mail: Chesca@rcl.nig.com
URL: http://www.chescatechnologies.cjb.net.

Computer Systems Associates (Nigeria) Limited (CSA)
Yinka Folawiyo Plaza, 5th Floor
38 Warehouse Road
Apapa, Lagos
Tel: +234(01) 5454050-4, 5871440. Fax:5870420
E-mail: frontdesk@csasystems.com

Dafinone Consulting Limited
Ceddi Towers, 16 Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: 234-1-5451863-7. Fax: 234-1-5452384
E-mail: sage@dafinone.com

2nd Floor, Point Block
Rivers State Secretariat
Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
Tel: 234-84-236746 or Tel: 234-1-5880803
Email: ebif.ere@eresoft.net
Website: http://www.eresoft.net

Inlaks Computers Limited
3/5 Adeyemo Alakija,
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: 234-1-2623516, 2621985, 611499
Fax: 234-1-2620852
E-mail: inlaks@linkserve.com.ng

Future Technology Systems
4th Floor, JKK House,
229 Ikorodu Road, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 234-1-4963386, 4931536
Email: sales@ftsng.com


Labyet Polaris Nig. Limited
25, Mushin Road, Isolo
P.M.B. 5060, M/M Int'l Airport
Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: 234-1-4521763, 4528960, 4520656
Fax: 234-1-4521763
E-mail: Ipolaris@infoweb.abs.net
Website: http://www.labyetpolaris.com

Microsoft Nigeria
3rd floor, Octagon Building
13A AJ Marinho Drive, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: 01-2625233, 2625239
E-mail: infonig@microsoft.com

Multisoft Consulting
206, Aba Road, Box 7347
Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
Tel: 234-84-238565
Fax: 234-84-238565

16, Kanike Close, Off Awolowo Road,
P.O. Box 56187. South West Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: 234-1-2673235, 685227
Fax: 234-1-267323
e-mail: mult@multisoft-net.com
website: http://www.multisoft-net.com

Okuta Computer Systems Limited
24 Henry Adefope crescent, Awuse Estate,
Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 234-1-393-7324 GSM 234-803-305-7484

Open Software
3rd Floor, 109 Awolowo Road
Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel/Fax: 234-1-470 8016, 4714497

Pee-Aarr Consulting
Tate Sugar House,
174B, Murtala Muhammed Way, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: +234-1-4808887, 234-803 304 1049,
E-mail: peeaarr@infoweb.abs.net
Website: http://www.peeaarr.com

ProGenics Corp Limited
8, Ibadan Close, Off Agbaoku Street,
Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
P.M.B. 21010

3, Calabar Lane, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.
Tel: 234-85-201908
Tel: 234-1-4978304, 4808686, 4939737. Fax: 23414978304.
E-mail: info@progenicscorp.com, sales@progenicscorp.com.
Website: http://www.progenicscorp.com

Simplex Systems
34, Association Avenue. Ilupeju. Lagos, Nigeria

5th-8th floors, 136, Lewis Street, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: 234-1-2633785-6
e-mail: sales@systemspecs.com.ng

Tara Systems Ltd
6, Broad Street, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: 234-1-2600340 Fax: 234-1-260349
E-mail: info@metrong.com, sales@metrong.com

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