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Background to the International Conference on Computer Security and Cybercrime in Africa

The emergent information society is predicated on a sound platform of information and communications technology, most especially anchored on the very critical role of the Internet both as a tool and as a platform for delivering various e-services such as e-commerce, e-banking, e-government amongst many others. It is therefore imperative that standards are set and enforced, rules are established and understood, laws are enacted and enforced with a view to protecting the various stakeholders in the information society.


Adams and Lloyd (2003) define information security as the sum of the processes and technologies used to protect information assets from unauthorized acquisition, disclosure, manipulation, modification or damage and loss. Information security underlines the importance of trust and trust-building in everyday economic and civic life...As e-business becomes part of everyday experience of a large number of firms, who will on average tend to be more risk-averse than early adopters of technology, security in all its dimensions becomes crucially important (UNCTAD, 2003,2005).

The US Treasury Department says that cyber crime has now outgrown illegal drug sales in annual proceeds, netting an estimated $105 billion in 2004. All the benefits of technology can be lost in an instant if systems are not secure. As the critical issue of information security takes on greater and greater importance nationally, in our business and in our personal lives, the responsibility of protecting these important assets becomes paramount.


In Africa, the challenge has always been how to map the way forward, especially at national level. In recent years scam letters have taken over the Internet, yet very little is being done to protect internet users. Recently some countries have proposed legislations, but some of these are against civil liberties. How can we then develop a framework for computer and Internet security that meets global standards? How can we gain the benefits of information and communications technologies while minimizing the associated risks? These amongst others are the reasons for convening this conference.

The International Conference on Computer Security and Cybercrime offers a great deal of information which African businesses and governments can use to address this urgent need. Security is everybody's business; it's more than an IT issue. It affects our ability to deliver results and gain real benefit from technology. That's why it's so important to have the right technology, policies and strategy to deal with the new threats emerging daily.

Development Information Network (DevNet); Jidaw Systems Limited, Infopoint Enterprises and Legal Defense Centre, all Nigerian based organizations are collaborating to bring this conference together for the very first time in Africa.

Date & Venue for the International Conference on Computer Security and Cybercrime in Africa:
· HBF 9B Omo Osagie street, Off Okotie Eboh, (Beside ChinaTown), SW Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria
· March 28 -30, 2006.

Registration is already in progress for the International Security and Cybercrime Conference and you can make payment now. Conference Participation fee is N25,000 / $200 / 200 GBP Pounds (covers Lunch & Resource Materials).  

You still have the opportunity to Pay only N15,000 if you are among the first 10 participants to register and make payment.



Registration and commitments for the International Security and Cybercrime Conference can only be made on a first come, first served basis. You must please arrange with us as soon as possible. Bookings will only be confirmed after you have made payment. Unfortunately no exceptions will be made.

You can also make contact to negotiate for payment of deposits and installments.

Registration and Payment for the International Security and Cybercrime Conference for participants outside Lagos, Nigeria, please click this link to send your details and we will get in touch.


For further enquiries on the International Security and Cybercrime Conference please contact:

Tel: 07052509148, 08035007778, 01-7940562, 01- 8958064

7, Adesoye Street , Mende , Maryland , Lagos , Nigeria .
E-Mail: devnet@devnetnigeria.org; infopointng@yahoo.com 
Tel: 234-1-7938327; 08062374707


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