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Communiqué - the International Conference on Computer Security and Cybercrime in Africa

Participants at the International Conference on Computer Security and Cybercrime in Africa held at the Heinrich Boll Foundation from 28th - 30th March 2006 organized by Development Information Network and Jidaw Systems Limited:


Having considered various topics such as Building Global Competitiveness through Computer Security Education, Awareness, Training and Certification; Essentials of Information Security for Business; Securing Microsoft Office Software Platform against Micro Virus Attacks; Privacy of Information Through the use of IT; 2005 CSI/FBI Computer and Security Survey; Framework for Cybercrime Monitoring and Control in Nigeria; and Information Security challenges and solutions for West Africa.


Having also established the critical role of computer security in the sustainable development of Africa;

Having further examined the need for a strategy to campaign against Cybercrime in Africa


Makes the following resolutions:


  • Networking, sharing information and solutions to address Cybercrime and other information security issues must be encouraged on the continent with a view to building appropriate capacity to counter security threats;


  • Promotion of global competitiveness through economic growth, human development and democratization under a secure and trustworthy atmosphere;


  • Promotion of global competitiveness by addressing information security concerns


  • Implore governments and providers to manage the information security risks associated with critical infrastructure;


  • Explore use of open source alternatives for developing information security expertise and solutions in Africa;


  • Promote Research and Development innovations in the area of information security;


  • Facilitate information security solutions and expertise by law enforcement agencies and member of the judiciary;


  • Encourage the integration of security concepts and features in software development;


  • Provide information security training or career opportunities for the youth and women;

  • Promote awareness, education and training in information security at all levels of education-primary, secondary and tertiary.


  • Promote information security legislation and regulations to protect users;


  • Provide an Annual Survey on Information Security with a view to developing strategies to counter information security threats;


  • Encourage the development of local Information security solutions and expertise;


  • Leverage on global best practices in Information security protection in Africa


  • African Governments should take proactive steps to encourage adequate investments in information security;


  • Private sector operators especially Banks and Financial institutions should make adequate investments in information security including appointing competent personnel;


  • Special Funding allocations should be created to support the development of new information security technologies

Dated this 30th Day of March 2006.



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Computer Security and Cybercrime in Africa.

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May 14, 2007


Olusanya Banji from Igbesa, Ogun State Nigeria says:



For Real! If only we could all be commited to making sure we all play our part to work towards Information Security. It is paramount, we never can say, that this could change our images out there.




May 9, 2007


Linda from Benin, Nigeria says:



Dotun is right, up till now the Nigeria banking system have been fortunate because we don't have much hacking skills, but that is about to change and if the banking systems are not fast about this, it's going to be terrible. 



Feb 1, 2007


Suleiman Jalloh from Kano, Nigeria says:



Shine your eyes.  Now that it is at our doormouth we should use it to bring fame to our country and not shame. People who know they're wise need not lie. Use your latest to reap good things and not using yours for crooked thing. I believe all cybercriminals are not what they claim they are. They are nothing but cowards that can't even challenge their inner selves and have no gut and wit. Please deal with those cheap rogues. Anywhere, anytime, I'm a volunteer. 



April 2, 2006


Ifeanyi from Lagos, Nigeria says:



A bold step and development for Africa. How does one join the Africa Information Security Association? 



April 10, 2006

Dotun Makinwa from Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria says:



I wasn't at the seminar and dont know if the CBN or our other IT professional bodies were represented. The CBN for instance has e-banking guidelines that has not been revised since 2002. If the communiqué is to see the light of day, it could breathe through regulatory updates such as these. As much and as often as possible, reference should also be made to these especially at forums where regulatory agencies are present. The issue therefore is, who takes it up from here? I believe our CPN buddies can start. 



April 12, 2006

George Peters from Abuja says:



Good point from Dotun. In fact these banks and CBN should get involved. They should stop putting the cart before the horse. Look at the Mastercard /credit card issue which is still not resolved. 



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