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2nd Annual Security Africa Summit 2009 Ghana 1st - 4th December 2009

10 Sep 2009 - MIS Training Institute and the African Information Security Association (AISA) are pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Security Africa Summit 2009 will be taking place at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra on 1st - 4th December 2009. An exclusive 10% discount is available for AISA contacts. Email to claim your discount or to receive more information.


Opened by a senior governmental official from the host country of Ghana, experts from across Africa and the rest of the world will form an unrivalled international speaker panel.

The aim is to educate on ‘best practice’ strategies to protect businesses and governments in Africa against the latest economic, physical and logical threats.


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Discussions will focus on the protection of key business and government assets – people, information, reputation and profit. This years’ main theme is managing security in line with business & economic realities – how can organisations assess and effectively respond to increasingly uncertain security risks in an effective and cost-effective manner?


Confirmed speakers for 2009 already include:

Keynotes by…
• LTC (R) William J. Godbout, Head, Security Unit (SECUPRST), African Development Bank (TUNISIA)
• Mr. Peter J. Gallant, Chief, Corporate Security and Business Continuity, The World Bank Group (U.S.)
• Professor Humphrey Assisi Asobie, Chairman, Nigerian Extractive Industries Transparency International (NIGERIA)

A Prestigious International Speaker Panel Includes…
• Mr. Aaro A. Hallikainen, Security Operations, Internal Security ICT Police Agency, (FINLAND)
• Mr. Abiola Abimbola Sulaiman, Security Manager, Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria, West African Gas Pipeline Company Limited (NIGERIA)
• Dr. Bobby E. Ndungu, Group Security Manager, RIOZIM LIMITED (ZIMBABWE)
• Dr. Cheryl Hennell, Head of IT Security and Information Assurance, BT Openreach (UK)
• Mr. Craig Rosewarne, Managing Director, Information Security Group of Africa (SOUTH AFRICA)
• Mr. Dennis Amachree, Country Security Manager, Addax Petroleum Development (Nig.) Ltd (NIGERIA)
• Mr. Edward P. Gibson, Chief Cyber Security Advisor (CSA), Microsoft Ltd (UK)
• Mr. Ewan Duncan, Head of Investigations, AME Region, Africa - Middle East – Caucasus, British American Tobacco (UK)
• Mr. Humphrey Okorie, Senior Manager, Systems Audit - Business Risk Management, MTN Nigeria (NIGERIA)
• Lady Olga Maitland, CEO, Money Transfer International (UK)
• Mr. Livhuwani Ronald Phume, Head: Internal Audit, Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) (SOUTH AFRICA)
• Mr. Mark Wolsey, Director of Global Security, Cadbury Plc (UK)
• Ms. Nadine Rix, Head of Internal Audit, Finatrade (GHANA)
• Mr. Richard Bingley, Chief Executive Officer, CSARN (City Security and Resilience Networks) & Executive Director, Security & Policing, London First (UK)
• Dr. Sally Leivesley, Managing Director, Newrisk Limited (UK)
• Mr. Tony Crilly, Managing Director, Saladin Technical Services plc (UK)

Feedback from Security Africa 2008:
“Security issues will continue to be of global concern for many years to come. Africa must not be left behind”
Director Security, Central Bank of Nigeria

“A valuable security conference with high quality material and up to date information! A must for all security related interests”
Lady Olga Maitland, CEO, Money Transfer International

“This event has far exceeded my expectations, very insightful and a learning curve in my career”
Acting Chief Security Officer, Central Bank of Lesotho

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September 12, 2008


Nuhu Mohammed of Kano,  Nigeria says:



Good collaboration with AISA. How do we organize local events here? I want to get involved.



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