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CI Security Conference Johannesburg Africa - 27th January 2009
PCI Johannesburg "Safeguarding the Sub-Saharan payment card industry"

PCI Johannesburg will hold on the 27th January 2009 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa. The theme of the summit is "Safeguarding the Sub-Saharan payment card industry". According to the organizers the focus is on "Helping Secure Credit Card Data and Consumer Confidence."


Payment Card Industry (PCI) portal coordinated by AKJ Associates Ltd is organizing the conference together with VISA CEMEA. The forum is about Data Security, Information Security and Payment Card Security. The event is essentially dedicated to PCI DSS, Payment Card Security, but it will also cover topics such as

-Fraud in Sub-Saharan Africa
-Latest updates on hacking and the vulnerabilities facing organizations

PCI Johannesburg proposed attendees include: Board Members and Top Executives (for example CEO and COO), IT and IT Security, Group Security & Fraud, Internal Audit and Investigations, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

Participating organizations are: Banks, Building Societies and Financial Services,  Payment Processors and Payment Service Providers, Merchants - Levels 1 to 4,  Governments and representatives from interested or related Associations and IT and Compliance related companies.

The release from PCI states, "For any modern business data and credit card security are vital in order to conduct secure operations, safeguard revenues and maintain customer confidence. Customer trust is essential in attracting new investments and opportunities - both in established and emerging economies". "PCI Johannesburg will bring together stakeholders in the payment card industry from Sub-Saharan Africa including acquirers, issuers, payment processors, payment service providers and government representatives and merchants from a wide variety of industries".

The event will comprise plenary sessions, a dedicated series of educational seminars, and networking breaks. The plenary sessions will outline and examine the key challenges and issues that are faced by stakeholders in the card payment industry with special addresses from industry leaders. Seminars will be conducted in smaller groups providing the opportunities for delegates to hear case studies or participate in workshops. Speakers will include IT security experts, thought leaders, industry analysts, and representatives from Card Brands, Payment Processors, Payment Service Providers, Solution Providers, Acquiring Banks, and Merchants.

Key Topics to be addressed at PCI Johannesburg will include:

Card Security and fraud in Sub-Saharan Africa
Latest updates on hacking and the vulnerabilities facing organizations.
What is the PCI Data Security Standard and why is it important?
PCI Compliance Management Guidance
Best Practice and Case Studies from Industry leaders
PCI Implementation Guide; including in depth guides of PCI DSS and PA DSS
Technical Briefings on deadline and fulfilling PCI Requirements
Effective compliance and security strategies
Data protection and fraud prevention
Latest updates in payment technology
Vendor solution showcase

Get Involved and Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in an exhibition stand, sponsoring or speaking?

PCI Johannesburg is interested in discussing with individuals, organizations and representatives of companies that offer vendors services, consultancy or solutions (IT Consultancy, Pre-Audit Services, Qualified Security Assessor, Approved Scanning Vendor, IT Auditing, Audit and Compliance Services, Secure Storage, Software Vendor or similar companies). Also if you are registering more than one person you may want to consider exhibiting or sponsoring the event.

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Dec 1, 2008


Opeyemi Phillips of Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria says:



A laudable initiative.


What incentives are there for students and AISA members?



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