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3 Day Training on Payment Card Industry Data Security
Standard Audit Approach In Nigeria

28 Feb 2010 - NetHost Legislation Ltd, Affiliated with "African Information Security Association (AISA)" and The Innovative Training Company (TITC), espousing the Highest Global Information Security Compliance Standards presents a 3 Day Training on Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Audit Approach In Nigeria.


According to the release from NetHost Legislation, it is the first approved Nigerian owned PCI auditing company in the world.

The release notes that "1 in 4 companies networks is
attacked hourly. Most companies implement security compliance standards and audits to reduce network attacks".


3 Day Training on Payment Card (PCI) Industry Data Audit Approach In Nigeria

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Overview

PCI DSS is a security standard and the card schemes (Visa, Master Card and others) are the promoters and enforcers of the standard on behalf of the community of participants.

Card schemes enforce compliance and may fine acquiring banks in regards to a merchant security breach. The acquiring bank may in turn pass this fine to the merchant. Alternatively, the acquiring bank may proactively fine a merchant for slow progress towards the compliance.

3 Day Training Schedule

Module 1: Day 1
- PCI Security Standard Overview
- PCI assessment scoping
- an auditors responsibility within PCI
- information security auditing
- performing audit reviews
- documentation

Module 2: Day 2
- understanding and implementation of the 12
PCI data security standard requirements
- auditing the 12 PCI data security requirements using test
procedures this includes:-
⇒ network, applications, systems
⇒ vendors and outsourcing party
⇒ information security controls
⇒ policies and procedures

Module 3: Day 3
- report on compliance documentation
- audit recommendation
- case studies
- final exam

Registration (ends 28/04/10)

This 3 day PCI Data Security training course is recommended for professionals requiring in-depth understanding of PCI audit. The course approach, material and depth is tailored according PCI Council guidelines. Refreshments will be provided daily, training materials and individual company follow-up services are also available

Course date is 26-28 July 2010 @ VCP Hotel on 292B Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island. Fee is 180,000 Naira per person.

Likely attendees include; auditors, IT professionals, Information Security Officers, related Line Managers and Directors within the financial industry, and payment card industry.

For registration please contact Adesoji Adegunwa Director, of Information Assurance Rhythex Consulting- sadegunwa@rhythexconsulting.com
providing your name, telephone number, job title and company name.

To promote information security and auditing best practice within Nigeria, Nethost Legislation will appreciate your support in forwarding this information to other professionals that may benefit from the training.


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June 16, 2010


Folaranmi of Lagos Island, Nigeria says:



Is the CBN planning to enforce compliance with PCI DSS? Is the certification valid for a career path as an IS Auditor for bankers?



February 28, 2010


Paul Silva of Lagos Island, Nigeria says:



I'm interested. but no information on pricing and dates. It is good innovation worthy of commendation. Thank you AISA for this notification. I'm glad I'm part of AISA.



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