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Information Security Fundamentals

Feb 11, 2010 - The rate at which we use computers and the internet has made information security essential for us all. Last week we at Jidaw decided to revisit information security fundamentals through a training session conducted by Richard Mba of Jidaw.

he need to develop information security awareness and capacity in Africa.


Information for Protection 

The information security basics session addressed the appropriate use, protection and security of information, as well as our responsibilities as users. We deploy technology everywhere but how conscious are users about their responsibilities? Ignorance can be costly. And if you know you are vulnerable, what should you do?

  • A well timed session, it presented a unique opportunity to get up to speed on thinking, concepts and culture of information security.

  • Is it just about viruses?

  • Do we really understand the threats and risks?

  • What best practices should we adopt for protection and superior risk management?

  • Interestingly, basics like passwords are still areas of risk. And when we are attacked how should we respond - countermeasures, etc?

  • We all need to be well grounded in the  basics about antivirus programs, firewalls, anti-spyware, identity theft, phishing, passwords, malware, user accounts, encryption and securing internet activity.

Beyond the tools, information security requires that we address we can escape social engineering and the anonymous nature of the internet.


Balanced Strategy

At the end of the day we put it all together with balance. Balance is always crucial and the fascinating thing about the session was the practical, real life examples. It is important to diversity protection strategies.

What a wakeup call! This program raises awareness. We all need to make ourselves more secure. This course is designed to teach participants with little to no security experience important concepts and technology that every computer and internet user should know. It is certainly essential for all users and newcomers just starting out in the information security arena who needs to hit the ground running.


Tools are not enough

It equips one with the foundational tools and insights for self protection as well as with a real appreciation of information security. The importance of awareness was a message taken away. Tools are not enough; conscious, sensitive and alert users are critical.

 May You be Protected!

Jide Awe

Founder, Jidaw.com

Notable quote "Firewall is not a brick with fire on it"

Are you solid the fundamentals of information security? What have your experiences been like? Let's hear from you - your comments, thoughts and encounters.


Click this link for learn more about the African Information Security Association (AISA)



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February 15, 2010


Temisan O of Benin, Edo State of Nigeria says:




This is a great initiative. I am interested in AISA.


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