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Welcome to the African Information Security Association (AISA)

One of the highpoints of the 2006 International Conference on Computer Security and Cybercrime in Africa was the establishment of the African Information Security Association (AISA). Membership is open to individuals, organizations and governments interested in developing Information security in Africa. 

AISA is member driven organization. It is created to promote Information security in Africa.   NEW - CISO Africa Summit 2012Members get involved through events, web content, campaigns against Cybercrime as well as activities that support the development of secure information environments in Africa. 


African Information Security Association on Facebook



·                     Individuals 

·                     Organizations / Institutions  

·                     Governments




1.                              Promote global best practices in Information, Computer and Internet Security in Africa


2.                              Campaign Against Cybercrime In Africa


3.                              Continuous Professional Development

·                     Seminars & Conferences

·                     Lectures


4.                              Promote Awareness, Education and Training

·         Certification

·         Standardization

·         Security Guidelines - Consultancies

·         Children Online Protection


5.                              Promote Legislation and Regulations

·                     Ethics

·                     Civil Liberties


6.                              Create Linkages and Networks

·                     Partnership With CSI, INFRAGARD


7.                              Annual Survey on Information Security


8.                              Research and Resource Development

·                     Books And Journals

·                     Website

·                     Discussion Group

·                     Blog

·                     Mailing list

·                     Research


9.                              Initiate and Source for Funding to support the objectives


10.                           Create Public Awareness about Information Security

·                     Annual Awards for Excellence in Information Security

·                     Children Cyber Safety Activities

·                     Media Awareness


Annual Membership Fee (UNDER REVIEW)  

·                     Individuals ($50 / N7,000)

·                     Organizations ($100 / N14,000)

·                     Governments ($200 / N28,000)




AISA Content


AISA Content is provided by Jidaw Systems on behalf of The African Information Security Association (AISA)


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September 19, 2009


Abayomi of Abuja. Nigeria says:



AISA/South Africa - Good news, but how much are the fees? And what does it that to become a AISA member. I am much interested in IT security. 



August 8, 2008


Bolarinwa Ojo, student of computer science. Lagos. Nigeria says:



It's good news for us as Africans. This will go a long way to prove that we as Africans are indeed working for making our future better. 



July 26, 2008


Emmanuel Udoh in Lagos says:



I'm proud to discover that this kind of Association exist in Africa. It is a community of security professionals. I have been looking forward for an association of this nature. It will enable professionals in the industry to interact and bring to bear the recent skills and development in the IT Security industry to fight cyber criminals and secure IT infrastructure. I hope the necessary guidelines to becoming a full member will be forwarded to me for prompt action. 



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