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African Children Cyber Safety Competition for children and Young People on World Information Society and Telecommunication Day -African Information Security Association (AISA) "Protecting Children and Young People Online" forum

Did you know over 75% of children online are willing to share personal information about themselves and their family? Children and young people need to use the Internet for growth and development. But the same ICT driven environment can be a source of worry and abuse." 

The African Information Security Association (AISA) organised the Protecting Children and Young People Online Forum on May 19, 2009 which focused on the theme of the WTISD 2009 with a view to promoting the adoption of policies and strategies that will protect children in cyberspace and promote their safe access to online resources. To accomplish this, AISA invited several sister NGOs, industry operators, educators and schools to participate in the forum.

Read the Event Report - African Children Cyber Safety Initiative!

African Children Cyber Safety Competition for children and young people was one of the highlights of the event. In order to encourage an information security culture, students were charged to research and get answers to several quiz questions which were relevant to the theme of the forum.  A large number of entries were received by AISA.

After assessing answers received the following Winners emerged:

Name School

Joshua Arogbofa

Grace High School, Gbagada Estate, Lagos.

Tolulope Ajiboye

Air Force Secondary School, Ikeja

Joseph Awhana

Birrel Avenue High school, Yaba

George Emmanuel

Air Force Secondary School, Ikeja

George Keziah

Air Force Secondary School, Ikeja

Ejiro Akpobaro

Command Day Secondary School, Ikeja.

Olusanya Olufemi Ernest

Grace High School, Gbagada Estate, Lagos.


Listed Winners will receive their prizes during the next FREE IT Career Seminar conducted by Jidaw Systems Limited on Saturday June 13, 2009.  Click this link to learn more about the FREE IT Career Seminar.

"Protecting Children and Young People Online" forum

The forum took place at the AISA Secretariat which is at Jidaw Systems Limited, Lagos, Nigeria on May 19, 2009.

The AISA forum was recognized by the ITU as one of the Worldwide Initiatives organized to mark the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day (WTISD) 2009.

Having considered various issues relating to the protection of children online, it was resolved during the forum that all concerned stakeholders should work in concert towards the establishment of an African Children Cyber Safety Initiative with a mandate to advance the cause of safe Internet culture for African children and young people.  BE PART OF THE AFRICAN CHILDREN CYBER SECURITY INITIATIVE!

AISA is a member organization created to promote Information security in Africa. Members get involved through events, web content, campaigns against Cybercrime and activities that support the development of secure information environments in Africa. It focuses on the promotion of awareness, continuous professional development, policies and linkages/networks for information security development in Africa. AISA looks forward to collaborating with you to protect children and young people in cyberspace.

Click this link for learn more about the African Information Security Association (AISA)



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April 21, 2009


F. Umar of Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria says:



Another great initiative from AISA. We need more of such forums. In fact the abuse of children online is becoming common in some cyber cafes where pornography is shown.



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