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African Children Cyber Safety Initiative (ACCSI) Mandate

The African Children Cyber Safety Initiative (ACCSI) was created during the 2009 Children and Young People Online Protection Forum organized by the African Information Security Association (AISA) with a mandate to advance the cause of safe online culture for children and young people in Africa.


ACCSI aims to stem the tide of dangers that children and young people are exposed to online through:


* Becoming a focal point on all issues related to protecting African children going online


* Building a stakeholders network of children, students, teachers, parents, guardians, educators, law enforcement and government to raise and promote issues relating to child online protection in Africa - sustain collaborative efforts among stakeholders towards promoting a safe Internet culture among children and young people in Africa.


  • Establishing online networks to raise awareness and for stakeholders to discuss, engage, connect and proffer solutions on child online protection concerns in Africa


  • Promoting internet awareness and providing training for children, parents, educators, counsellors and law enforcement including enlightenment on parental control software and appropriate online protection tools and strategies


  • Creating Public Awareness about Child Online Protection and holding Child Cyber Safety forums for stakeholders to spread awareness of online child protection and a safe Internet culture among children and young people in Africa


  • Providing training to bridge the digital generation gap between the parents and children on one hand and the teachers and students on the other based on need for parents, guardians and teachers to develop their IT skills.


  • Championing the restoration of the much cherished cultural values of self-respect, respect for others and dignity in African societies


  • Involving Providers in African Children Cyber Safety forums and related initiatives of this nature


  • Advocating the enactment of legislation by African governments to address online child protection


  • Promoting the empowerment of law enforcement agencies to adequately deal with Computer Facilitated Crimes Against Children


  • Ensuring the enforcement of children online protection measures and practices in society by Relevant government agencies


  • Advocating that African Governments make children online protection a national priority


  • Promoting funding, investment and support to enable achievement of the objectives


Learn more about ACCSI through: 

2010 African Children Cyber Safety Forum Report

Better City Better Life with ICTs for Young People

Engage and Connect with the African Children Cyber Safety Online Network


ACCSI Content


ACCSI Content is provided by Jidaw Systems on behalf of the African Children Cyber Safety Initiative and the African Information Security Association (AISA)


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