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JIDAW SYSTEMS Limited (Mastercomputers) is an Information Technology Solution provider that specializes in:

* ICT Consulting
* ICT Content Provider

* ICT Job Recruitment Service
* IT Training and Certification 
* IT Career Advancement & Counselling Services
* ICT Marketing and promotion.


Training  ... >>  Jidaw is among the first set of training institutions to be accredited by the Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN) to carry out Computer training in Nigeria. Jidaw specializes in the training of major Certification and work-based programs that focus on the fundamentals of IT such as A+ certification, Cisco certification, Practical Networking, Technical Support and Computer Repairs and Maintenance. 

Today Jidaw Systems Limited is recognized in Nigeria and globally as a leader in Training, Certification and Career Development content that focuses on the fundamentals for building IT Careers. 

Our instructors are experienced computer specialist who have contributed significantly to the growth of IT industry in Nigeria. They are continually updating themselves with current IT trends and systems. Our trainers who are chosen not only for their IT knowledge and experience, but also for their effective teaching skills.

We carry out comprehensive training courses that increase your exposure to computers and are designed to ensure you work optimally with your computers. Effective computer utilization produces tangible productivity benefits that improve overall organizational performance.
We are flexible in the choice of course and location and training can be conducted onsite or offsite.

A PRACTICAL- DOWN-TO-EARTH approach is adopted for all courses. This will ensure that participants apply their newly acquired skills immediately they return to their jobs.

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Web Initiative Content Provision...>>  Jidaw Systems Limited developed and runs, a web based initiative that provides creative content for Computing careers, Telecom developments in Nigeria, and IT Developmental issues. Many are finding quite useful in terms of the value of information one can get all in one place. It has a databank of ISPs in Nigeria, Software providers, regulatory and professional ICT bodies and Telecommunications companies in Nigeria. You can even download Nigeria's IT policy from the site. 
Plus, it has a resource bank on IT Careers, Jobs, Certification, etc.

"Keep up the good job! You guys are doing a great job out there in Lagos, Nigeria. I am proud of you guys. You are bound to excel in your business. Folks here in the States always talk about you, out of every 100 IT search on the internet, comes up 90 times. That's incredible!" - 
Kunle Akinyemi, AT&T, USA

Empowerment through Information Technology ...>>Over the years Jidaw has single-handedly organized several IT Training and Career Advancement programs such as the free Computer Education Workshops for children and Adults, Public Internet Mass Awareness (PIMA) and the "IT CERTIFICATION DAY". Our focus has always been same: "Empowerment through Information Technology." 

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A widely acclaimed initiative is the FREE monthly IT Career seminar that provides information and unique insights on IT Careers, Certification, Career Focus and IT Professionalism.
It is no surprise that Jidaw is generally acknowledged in Nigeria as the leading promoter of Empowerment by Building Effective IT careers. 

Jidaw introduced e-skills and Your Career program, on radio in Nigeria. The program is broadcast on Wednesdays on Metro FM 97.6 radio station., the companion website contains all content broadcast on radio as well as related information for those unable to listen to the program due to reasons of location and or time.

The focus of e-skills and Your Career is skills, jobs, e-business, entrepreneurship and career opportunities for growing and developing the knowledge economy in Nigeria.

ICT Promotion ...>> It has also worked with International organizations such as QKON of South Africa and Africa Training Academy of South Africa, Comsatpro to organize and promote IT and Telecom programs in Nigeria. 

Jidaw offers opportunities to promote products and services to Nigeria's fast growing audience on the Internet. Organizations promote products and services to their target audience on through Publishing of their IT News, Newsletter Sponsorship, Banner Advertising, Button Advertising, IT News Sponsorship, Dedicated Emails and IT Article of the Month Sponsorship.

Due to our hugely popular content, we receive more enquiries on ICT products and services in Nigeria than any other organization.

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Online Job Resources

If you are interested in jobs in Nigeria and career opportunities in Nigeria, you will find the Jobs in Nigeria and career opportunity resource useful. This resource is devoted to helping you find jobs in Nigeria and career opportunities in Nigeria.

Jobs in Nigeria Resource

IT Consulting

The advantage of our Consultancy services is that our Consulting staff has considerable experience and exposure, acquired over the years in various areas of industry. Thorough inspection and audit would reveal strengths and weaknesses for management attention. There would also be enhanced control over computer operations and activities. The aim being to ensure protection of the organization's investment in computerization

Our Computer Consultancy services consist of the following: Insider Knowledge of Nigeria’s ICT industry, Strategic Information Systems Planning, Information Technology Review and Evaluation, Computer Security, Risk Assessment/Contingency Plan, Human Resource Management in a Computerized environment, Internet Access, Evaluation and Review, Technical Support and Management.

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Our Clients ...>> Jidaw offers services to individuals and organizations in all sectors of the economy. These includes but is not limited to: Banking, Finance, Government, education, Manufacturing Pharmaceutical, Legal, Medical, Automobile, Hotel, Airline, Advertising, Insurance. Engineering, Library / Information centre, Professional Institution, Oil and Gas. 

Jidaw's appeal is both local and global as its audience and clients include individuals and organizations in Nigeria - Lagos, Ibadan, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Warri, Abuja, Kano, Gusau amongst others

and internationally - Togo, Benin, Ghana, Eritrea, USA, Canada, Sudan, UAE, China, Kenya, South Africa, Argentina, UK and many others.

In the past few years, Jidaw has provided quality Computer expertise in a wide variety of fields: Education (Queens College, Lagos), Law (Lagos State Judiciary -first in Nigeria), Manufacturing (WAPCO - Executive Management -Practical Internet), Finance (Union Bank PLC) and Insurance (Elmac Assurance) amongst others.

The essence of IT Applications is to provide optimum operational efficiency and timely access to information. Our experience and technical expertise combine to equip us to provide clients the highest quality services. We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients utilize their computer resources to meet their objectives.

Ideas rule ...>> Our innovation and creativity has singled us out as a forerunner and pacesetter in Nigeria's IT and Telecom sector. At Jidaw our power is that of ideas. Jidaw is the 900 pound Gorilla when it comes to ideas.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. --Mahatma Gandhi"

"Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don't allow our enemies to have guns, why should we allow them to have ideas?" -Josef Stalin

We don't claim to be perfect. We don't claim to have all the answers. But we intend to make an impact. We are committed to making a difference and we are already making a difference. We have ideas. We have thoughts. We have a song and with YOU we will sing our song.

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