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Nigerian Internet Service Providers ISP RATINGS AS AT Q1 2009

Don't gamble with Internet Service - the Best ISP in Nigeria Survey

The Best Internet Service Provider in Nigeria Survey
Today more than ever, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) plays a major part in determining the quality of our Internet experience.
Who really is the best ISP in Nigeria? 

Best is relative. The best ISP in Nigeria ratings for Nigerian Internet Service Providers ISPs survey results on this page are responses based on user opinion and user experiences. How has your experience been? Excellent, Good, Bad, Ugly? It's no secret that choice of ISP is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Now for the first time, subscribers have expressed their opinion on this very important question..

best ISP for the First Quarter of 2009.

Several parameters can be used in choosing the best ISP - track record, user experience, coverage area, technical strength, responsiveness, user requirements, etc. And of course we know all respondents have not used the services of all the service providers. But this is an opinion survey. It is NOT and it is NOT intended to be a technical expert assessment. It is about what matters to subscribers that voted.

The best and honest rating for YOU comes from your experience - sincere and unbiased. Is this rating system perfect? Who said so? That is not the essence. It is a USER EXPERIENCE SURVEY of ISPs in Nigeria. PEOPLE HAVE BEEN USING ISPs in Nigeria for several years. And For the First Quarter of 2009 - they have answered the question -  WHO DO THEY CHOOSE AS THE BEST? WHO DO YOU CHOOSE AS THE BEST?

  •  This information is provided strictly for the convenience of individuals and organizations interested in exploring Internet service and related service opportunities in Nigeria.

  •  This information is provided as is without any express or implied warranties.

  •  While effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information contained in this guide, assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages for the use of the opinion and information contained

  •  Use of the information and opinion is at users' sole risk. Anyone contemplating entering into a business relationship or making decision based on the content should perform independent due diligence before making a final decision.

Remember best is relative. It is about the reality on the ground from the perspective of the voters and community. What works for THEM FROM THEIR EXPERIENCE. It is simply a survey based on user experience.

Here are a few Comments from those who participated in the community effort:

"The best ISP in Nigeria is Linkserve Limited". - David Ndemeno.

"MTN has touched many lives through their MTN foundation" - Azubuike, Godwin

"Starcomms is the best because since I have been using them, I have been enjoying it and I appreciate their way of upgrading". - Malik, Akeem

"I see ISPs as a necessary evil. It is very unfortunate that government has not really provided a sustainable environment for business to strive in this country. MTN, ZAIN are on the same level while GLO is ahead in terms of rendering good services" - Abiola Ola

"Why I choose Starcomms was that I have tried many networks and I realize that though with some their coverage is ok but it's expensive to me as a student". -David, Franca

"This is a tall order and outcome can be very misleading. What yardstick should I use - user experience, track record, responsiveness, latency, down-time, or what?" - Paul Abiodun Akanbi Oluwa

"IPNX is the service I use. It's ok. Their customer service is encouraging, update service good. service excellent based on the plan you chose to go for. IPNX Ltd for real". - Nosiru Adegbenga

"You guys are doing a fantastic and excellent job for the good people of Nigerians. You have touched the lives of millions of Nigerians through this medium. This should engender  constructive and healthy competition between the ISPs to really give us good service that will justify our payment" - Dele Adebayo.

"Visaphone is quite reliable flexible and customer friendly". - Olaleye, Lawoyin

"I am only familiar with 21st Century as we use it in my office. We are quite satisfied with their service" - Awonusi, Stephen

"Direct ON PC is very fast" - Bakare, ibrahim

"Of course "Best" varies from person to person. The strategic role ISPs play means we must collect opinions and information about them from time to time. You can't do without them. And a major problem we have in Nigeria is the absence of statistics that matter. Kudos!".  - Fred Okeke

"Good Better.............Globacom connection" - Ajala Caleb

"Thanks but I'm not choosing anybody. The ISPs are really not living up to our expectations. I believe that the NCC at this point in time needs to intervene to rescue Nigerians from exploitation under the guise of good services as it is often claimed".- Angela Okuta

"MTN is the best ISP in Nigeria. Also affordable and cheap to maintain. Their service is every where in Nigeria". - Godwin, Onyechi

Statistics, information collected express the opinion of the Jidaw audience for a specified period of time.


We thank all who participated in the survey. For the first time, your choice gives us real data on opinions regarding Internet service in Nigeria. Surveys will be conducted for subsequent quarters.



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