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The future is feminine!! - Bukola Ilori bags first class Computer Science degree - Women in ICT closing the digital gender divide

09-10-2007 - Jidaw.com spoke with Bukola Ilori, who achieved an amazing first class honours degree in Computer Science from a leading Nigerian university. She has also secured the Stephen Oluwole Awokoya Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship award.



Bukola completed her primary and secondary education in Ibadan, Nigeria while she attended the Polytechnic of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria and was awarded the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Computer Science (First Class Honours Division) degree by the University of Ibadan in 2006.


First of all we at Jidaw congratulate her on her wonderful achievements. Jidaw.com would like to thank her for agreeing to answer our questions. We are sure her answers will serve as an inspiration to many.



Jidaw.com: When did you first become interested in Computers? What spurred your interest in Computer Science? Have you always been interested in Computer Science?


Bukola Ilori: My first interest in computer was in secondary school when I was about to write University Matriculation Examination (UME) and I was seeking advice on which course to study. My interest in Computer Science was spurred on by the fact that it involved a great deal of reasoning, mental work, creativity and calculations.


Mathematics has been my best subject since primary school and I couldn't stand a career that would not appreciate my love for mental reasoning. I have been interested in Computer Science since I was orientated about the field while preparing for my UME.



Jidaw.com: What do you do presently? Please give us details of what it entails.


Bukola Ilori: Presently, I'm undergoing my NYSC in Imo State. My place of primary assignment is First Bank of Nigeria PLC, Owerri Main Branch. I was first assigned to the Instant Call-over department but now in the Western Union Money Transfer Department as the Bureau De Change officer. In addition to my basic duties, I help out with a lot of computer related tasks for different staff of the branch.


There is no IT department in the branch so the computer related tasks range from helping them with basic computer applications like MS Word & Excel, the bank's Lotus Note, some hardware problems and network problems. I also expose them to the benefits of having a network in the area of sharing resources like printers, scanners, files, etc. The experience is valuable and the working conditions are modest.



Jidaw.com: Which aspect of the Computing field are you focusing on? What do you like most about the Computing field? What area excites you the most and why? What's the most rewarding part of what you have done and what you do now?


Bukola Ilori: The programming aspect of the computer field excites me the most. This is because it is quite challenging and helps develop my innate knowledge of the workings of software systems and computer components.



Jidaw.com: What are the challenges you have faced in your achievements so far? What's the hardest part of your experience or what you do, and why? What do you like least about this field? What's the least interesting aspect?


Bukola Ilori: The only challenge (which is a positive one) is the fact that I had to dedicate myself to hard work and commitment in order to achieve the results I have had and I encourage others to take a cue from this. The hardest part is programming but the joy I derive from it spurs me on so much that I relish the challenge.



Jidaw.com: Why are so few women working in the ICT sector? Why are so many women put-off from getting into ICT?


Bukola Ilori: I personally want to believe that women are standing up to be counted and are getting their fair share in the ICT market and even in the Telecom world. Having said that, I do know that more women can and should take more of the opportunities that are present and should be involved even in striving to be more relevant in this sector. The future is feminine!!



Jidaw.com: What advice do you have for people just starting out on the road to building a career in Computing and ICT? What tips and advice would you have?


Bukola Ilori: Hard work, commitment and discipline must be the watchword of all up-and-coming individuals who strive for excellence. Also, they should always put God first in all they do because with him there is no limit to what they can achieve as students.


They should also learn more, read more and be regularly informed on current trends in the Industry.



Jidaw.com: What do you do for relaxation when not around computers?


Bukola Ilori: When not around computers, I listen to music and read novels for relaxation.



Jidaw.com: What does the future hold for Bukola Ilori?


Bukola Ilori: I know the future holds a lot for me. I want to be a very successful personality that would impact positively on my family, society and my generation as a whole.  God willing, I shall achieve everything I want to achieve.


Jidaw.com: Thank you for your time. We commend you on your achievements so far. We in addition thank you disregarding status quo and making a difference despite all the challenges. We wish you great success in your future endeavours.

Bukola Ilori: Thanks for appreciating my contributions and for your patience.



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September 22, 2008


Moses Babalola of Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria says:



Bukola, you are too much, in fact i feel you and i am deeply impressed. Being able to survive all odds in the men dominated world and proving the world wrong about the limitations of feminine ability. You are too much. I, being a year one computer science student, you've challenged me, you are my hero. Keep the hope alive....  



November 16, 2007


ADEGBORO JUMOKE from Lagos says:



More of it Bukola, you are one of the best.  



November 8, 2007


Fausat from Lagos says:



Good for you, Bukola. If you can achieve this as a female this will surely encourage me and more females to make the move. May God bless you and make you move higher.  



October 10, 2007


Ayo A. from Abuja says:



Good one Bukola. You will surely go far.  



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