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Security threats affect us all in our information-driven societies. Don't choose to be helpless.


     Reduce the opportunities for security breaches

     Secure your IT and physical infrastructure

     Stay ahead of threats to your infrastructure

     Reduce your vulnerability to security threats.



Processes that Secure Computing

The level of dependence on IT increases rapidly each day. But as dependence increases so does the associated risk. Everybody, not just system auditors or systems professionals, need to be well informed about practical computer security. You must be able to know what is safe computing and what is not. One of the ways of doing that is by identifying the processes that secure computing.



Fighting CYBERCRIME in Nigeria   

There is no doubt that cybercrime is an image nightmare for Nigeria. The  setup of a working group, the Nigeria Cyber Crime Working Group (NCWG) (http://www.jidaw.com/itsolutions/security5.html) is an indication that cybercrime, especially Internet 419 is a source of concern and embarrassment. 


How should Cybercrime be fought?




More than 419

Recent disclosures by the EFCC that it had arrested over 500 suspected Advance Fee fraudsters should be a matter of serious concern to both the government and the entire public. Is the war against economic crimes is really succeeding?



As Big As Sobig?

August, 2003 is without doubt the month of the worm. And the came the biggest

of all. After the rude shocks of Blaster and Welchia, Sobig.F marked the third major attack for Windows users in the month of August, 2003. What is bigger than Sobig?



Stop That Intrusion, Before It Stops You!

Intrusions are a key issue in managing IT security. Even if you're not a security pro or expert, an awareness of security issues always helps. So what are intrusions? What should you do about intrusions?



The Essence Of Information System Security And Audit

With many organizations relying more on IT and Communications systems, there is a growing interest in System Security and IT Audit. What the objectives of Information System Security and Audit?



Policy Guidelines On Internet Use

As Internet usage becomes more widespread in offices, Risk is everywhere. There is a need to have guidelines that minimize risks introduced by the Internet.


How do you protect your system resources, secure your confidential data, avoid wasteful and costly litigation, protect users from inappropriate content and guard your corporate image?




Threats to IT

Once IT security is compromised, the benefits of IT pale into insignificance and IT becomes a curse rather than a blessing.


Information System Audit

the FIRST University affiliated course on Information System Audit. PGDISA encourages members of this group to discuss various contemporary issues and to contribute articles for the students of the IS Audit course.


Microsoft Security Notification Service

A free e-mail notification service that Microsoft uses to send information to customers about the security of Microsoft products.



Virus Portal

A free portal dedicated completely to the phenomenon of computer viruses. It contains information and solutions that can prevent these malicious programs from attacking. 

VirusPortal is a Global Virus Observatory that allows you to monitor, in real-time, the virus status worldwide.



Security Bulletins

Microsoft Security Bulletins and Headlines discussing the technical details and steps you can take to protect your environment.



Sun Microsystems Security Alerts

Security alerts from Sun Microsystems



Virus Bulletin

Independent antivirus advice


Network Security Resource (NSR)


Security is everybody's business!



We hope you find this resource bank useful. For more IT Security  Resources, click here:




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