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3-Feb-2010  - Building up student/pupil experts as the workforce of future advancement for tomorrow's information and computer technology. Schools Computer Club Initiative (SCCI) seeks to ensure acquisition of computer skills, exposure to a real IT world (seminar, workshops, exhibitions, etc.), impose professional responsibilities on school IT team leaders, build self esteem for members, and motivate young growing children to embrace the appropriate use of the computer.


1.      Members develop important skills that they can use to further their education and to make them marketable in the job market.

2.      Members learn about how they want to represent themselves and their school to the rest of the world and the impact this  can have.

3.      Members can become IT leaders in their regular classes, helping other students learn more about how to properly use the computer or the internet.

4.      Members are exposed to exhibitions, seminars, workshops, debates, IT competitions, and IT companies.

5.      Members have links to club sites and to specific examples of different kinds of projects students and computer/web clubs have created.

6.      Periodic features about specific clubs that include detailed discussions of some of the more innovative and useful things that the clubs have done.

7.      A newsletter/magazine featuring events to which members/visitors/non-members may subscribe.

8.      Membership offers opportunities for courses for young growing children on how to use technology in education, especially where these courses might be of benefit to school clubs.



1.      IT team Leaders are members who are excellent role models for the rest of the school community. Younger students are inspired to become IT team Leaders. Students receive help from someone in their peer group rather than from a teacher. IT team Leaders serve both the teacher and student in the classroom.

2.      IT team members have self-esteem as a result of acquiring skills, additional knowledge, and refined social skills. They become interested and involved in school.

3.      Apart from working with software with the student and teacher, they help maintain the computers in the classroom.



1.      As students build their self-esteem, so do schools.

2.      Best schools benefit by receiving awards of computers, plagues, free advertisement placement on our newsletter/magazine, and backdrop on our website.

3.      Schools with the best equipped IT suite for sound computer education are published termly. Proprietors of such schools will be interviewed about their present IT development and their focus for the future. Such interviews will be published.



1.      Community benefits because children are ready to meet the challenges of the future.

2.      Students have opportunity for hands-on experience which their families are not able to provide

Founder of the Schools Computer Initiative is Adesina Adewale, an information technology entrepreneur based in Nigeria. He is a member of the African Information Security Association, participating actively in the African Children Cyber Safety Initiative.


He is a member of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) and a member of the organi zing committee for the First NCS National IT Quiz Competition.



Call SCCI on +234-8056008595

Schools Computer Club Initiative (SCCI) - Nigeria Building the future's IT workforce


To contact SCSI send to: sccieduitworld
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2 Feb, 2010


Akan Daniels of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria says:



thanks Jidaw and well done Adesina. saw your inputs also during the children online protection event. any plans for school events in PH? keep up the good work.  



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