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The nature of work today necessitates that people from different functions and levels work together to achieve results in a world of change.

The structured project management approach enables management to bring together parties with diverse needs and requirements sometimes over a wide geographic spread to achieve desired outcomes.

P roject management  is today's most critical business skill that cuts across different business areas and professions such as IT, Health, Finance, Telecoms, Manufacturing, and the list goes on. Fortune Magazine calls project management, "Career Number 1."

This workshop will assist you to overcome the typical pitfalls of poor project management resulting in not achieving objectives, overspending and late delivery.

Who is the Program for?

Individuals who work on small and large projects and anyone who want to update their project management competencies. Anyone who wants to create additional career opportunity by acquiring in-demand project management skills. Project management is acknowledged globally as the #1 business skill.

The Aim of the Workshop

This workshop will enable you to master planning tools, management techniques, and people skills that will ensure project success. The bottom line is Project management is about improving business performance by applying specific principles time and again to bring in projects on time, within budget, and to specifications.

No wonder project management is attractive to employers and clients. In today's "squeeze-tight-to-the-last-drop" economy I hope you see why having effective project management skills puts you in a strong competitive position.


At the conclusion of the workshop delegates will be competent in the following

Defining the project

  • Develop a project statement and objectives that focus on the project goal

  • Create a work breakdown structure to organise the project accomplishments and deliverables

  • Identify resource requirements needed to meet the project objectives

Project Planning

  • Use Gantt charts and network diagrams to schedule and track project progress

  • Perform a risk analysis to deal with potential problems

  • Perform an opportunity analysis to capitalize on positive spin offs

  • Allocate, cost and schedule resources

Project Implementation

  • Monitor the progress of the project at every stage

  • Modify the project to meet changing requirements and conditions

  • Leading the project successfully

  • Evaluate the outcome of the project

  • Conducting the project completion/termination.

People Skills

  • Build and develop your team

  • Develop communication and meeting skills

  • Identify leadership styles and different project team roles

Method of Transfer

The programme is based on the hands-on management of a simulated or real project and utilizes adult education techniques such as:

  • Experiential learning

  • The workshop is tailored to the needs of the client.  Should you want to launch a specific project, the assignments and applications are in line with the real life aims and objectives of the reality project

  • Practical application and real life incidents

  • Train when you want, where you want and at your own pace.

  • Practice assignments and immediate feedback allows instructor/student interaction, progress monitoring and immense student satisfaction.

  • The practical component is the identification of a real project that you will work on during the course. You will be required to do the project and hand in assignments. The facilitator will mark your assignments and give you feedback. In this way you demonstrate full competency in project management after the course.

Unique Benefits Of The Programme

  • Optimal transfer to the work situation.

  • Well-managed projects completed on time within budget.


The Course is available immediately online. This course is intended to guide participants in a hands-on manner through the workshop by e-mail as if they are attending a residential workshop.

Online Training. Learn Anywhere, Anytime.

Fee: N35,000 (US$ 255) per person

Registration and Payment

Contact: Jidaw Systems Limited, 12 Eric Moore Street, Wemabod Estate, Off Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. 

Tel: 234-1-8958064, 234-1-4808445 or 08035007778

You can also enroll online for this course, by clicking on the following link and submit your details: http://www.jidaw.com/itsolutions/form.html Also indicate very clearly for what course you enroll.

Bookings will only be confirmed after you have made payment. Unfortunately no exceptions will be made.

You can also make contact to negotiate for payment of deposits and installments.  

For course outlines and further details about the courses, please send your details and we will get in touch Please note, that all courses are certified and accredited.

FOR Registration and Payment


Tel: 01-8958064, 01-4808445 or  08035007778

Leading Telecoms Trainers- Project Management, Cybercafe Management, VSAT Field Engineering

Facilitator: Piet Joubert

Piet's strategic intent in life is to enable individuals and organisations to be future ready in order to realize their full potential.

He has extensive experience in industry, business and the public sector, since 1968 and served in management positions dealing with Human Resource Development and Industrial Relations.  He made significant contributions, from grassroots to senior level, at major organisations.

Piet has been a management consultant for the past thirteen years in Southern Africa.  Assignments in South Africa, Malawi and Zimbabwe featured his itinerary.  He specialises in Strategic Planning/Marketing Strategy, Business Development and Problem Solving/Decision-Making.  

Piet is one of the top authorities on Problem Solving and Decision-making in Africa.  He has extensive experience in Project Management training/facilitation and implementation.

Questions? Make contact with Piet 


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