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Celebrity of the Future NACOSS Night Speech delivered by Olusegun OLUTAYO, (former NACOSS National President, 2004-2006) at the 9th Nigeria Computer Society International Conference & Exhibition, 22nd July, 2009

Aug 10, 2009 - Celebrity of the Future: Are You?
All protocols observed and my fellow colleagues. It is a pleasure and indeed a great honour to be given the opportunity to stand before you this auspicious evening to address you all. I am overwhelmed by the commitment that has been demonstrated by everyone to be part of this historic gathering and I'm also proud to carry with me the goodwill of all past great NACOSSITES.

It gives me warmth to know that the fire of youth responsibility and youth leadership is still burning even in NACOSS CHAPTERS, and that you all are dedicated to the NACOSS dream nationally. Again, permit me to say that I am overjoyed to be standing here before you to give this address and I hope to live up to your expectations in the brief interaction that we will have shortly through this presentation. To the Muslim brothers: Assalaamu alaykum.


This is a day of Affirmation - a celebration of Giants. We stand here in the name of liberty, change and future!

Before we commence, I will like to prepare your minds that this interaction will discuss an issue of practical importance - You. Therefore in the next few minutes I will be awakening our consciousness on what I believe to be the key issues of the day - "Preparing to become the Celebrity of the Future!" So for emphasis I will like to inform you that "You" are the focus of this discussion. Your attention is required. Your concentration and response demanded and eventually your responsibility to put to practice the lessons and insights gained is topmost and the ultimate.

As change stares us in the face from angles and quarters, this charge comes as timely. To guide us along this discussion, I will like to highlight early on the four keys requirements for you to become the celebrity of the future. They are vision, Leadership, Skills and competence and the fear of God.

It is no news that in the world we are living in today, change has become one of the most common words. Nigeria is experiencing its own share of that change, especially technologically and in terms of policy and growth.

We are seeing rapid adoption of information technology in all aspects of national life. From the Banking industry case in point Electronic banking, to mobile telecommunications with rapid adoption of mobile services to the entertainment industry and its growth, the transformation and the growth and forceful demands on aspiring professionals bears only one testimony: Change is nonnegotiable.

In truth, that change is out there facing us daily is no new thing. In fact discussing the need for change and how change affects us is a topic that has already been well addressed. One of the topics not addressed, however, is how as youths we can negotiate this coming change. The question therefore is: how can we ride this wind of change into the future? How can we navigate the tides of the changing times and still emerge victorious on the shore lands? How can we become the few who will be celebrated as having done what is necessary to become celebrities in this new world order? In the words of Eric Hoffer, he gives us timely advice well suited to these questions, in his words: "In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists."

Eric Hoffer couldn't have said it better. You and I have to learn before we can inherit our earth. And in learning, continue to learn what is important. And as a student of wisdom and life, I have realized that one of the greatest keys to being a hero in the days of change is vision. Robert F. Kennedy once said: "Some men see things as they are and say, "Why?" I dream of things that never were and say, "Why not?"

Men who succeed are men who have vision. These men see things before they come into existence. They invent their tomorrow today. They are pioneers. They visualize how tomorrow will be and act on it. They are the entrepreneurs. They are Men who challenge the norm, who make the headlines - and significantly the practice that differentiates them from others is that they have vision. If you are to be celebrated in these days of change, you must nurture vision. You must possess a vision of your future and vision of your generation. It is this vision that will propel you along your path. That will give you the courage to make the daily decisions to climb the ladder of success.

A picture of your future is needed because, "until a man sees the picture of his future he cannot feature in the future"! In practical terms, you must begin with the end in Mind. Write down your personal mission statement and then run with it!

Vision gives birth to strong leadership. It is leaders that are celebrated. As you train to become educated as a computer professional, do not forget to enhance you leadership education. Again my experience through the periods I spent in leadership has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I have had, and I can say, with humility, that the heights you attain can be greatly limited if you do not possess strong leadership skills, character and attributes.

While I was in the office, what we offered, therefore, leadership Unusual: a leadership that exists solely for the welfare of the NACOSSITES. A leadership irrevocably committed to the development of every stratum of NACOSS. A leadership that unlock the dormant potentials of over 70,00 Nigerian IT youths. For those who may not know what it means to be a leader, I find the words of Mike Murdock that says; "you will only have significant success with something that is an obsession" apt, in capturing the essential qualities of a true leader.

Of course, in addition to these essential inner qualities, one must also add discipline in the acquisition of skill and competence. (king Solomon word of proverb, See a man diligent in his businessā€¦) You cannot go about as a second hander. Learn the tools and technologies of your profession. Participate in activities that build your competence.

Associate yourself with the calibre of individuals that you know have what it takes to succeed in your career. In the world of today, if you can not deliver results, you will be worth very little to an organisation or your society. And to deliver results require that you build those skills. This requirement seems to be the one that pulls the most out of us. It requires consistency and marks out the boys from the men. As leading consultant brands will say: It takes Stick-to-it, 110% focus and determination to excel in acquiring cutting edge skills and highly coveted competence. So start now and for every day you add to your diligence your stars will shine even brighter.

Finally, in rounding up this brief interaction, I present to you the last and indeed the most important icon that will make you a successful individual in the future that awaits you. I am a strong believer that without this knowledge, your success will be short lived. This final icon is the Fear of God.

Dear Young friend and future leader, the man who fears God need fear no uncertainty, for he is the creator of all things, and with Him by your side you can overcome all difficulties and challenges. He leads, He guides, He favours, He it is who will teach you and lead you in the path that you will go.

Believe in Him, Trust him, acknowledge him and he will make your way prosperous. As your friend and fellow Change agent, "I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prizeā€¦"

So therefore, I encourage you to ride into the new season armed with this knew awareness that there is nothing impossible for we are in the season of change.

Go and become the celebrity of the future!

Thank you for listening. God bless NACOSS. God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.

One Naija! One NACOSS!!


Olusegun OLUTAYO

(former NACOSS National President, 2004-2006) at the 9th Nigeria Computer Society International Conference & Exhibition, 22nd July, 2009



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