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IT Entrepreneur Interview with Kome Itoje Creator and Publisher of the widely acclaimed Video CD on Computer Fundamentals

20-1-2010  - The demand for information technology entrepreneurship in Africa keeps rising as creative and practical solutions are needed to address the problems of poverty and rising unemployment. Entrepreneurship is fundamental to economic development. In order to meet national goals, achieve social inclusion and overall prosperity Africa needs more entrepreneurs. In the digital age, Africans must go beyond consumption to become creators and producers. The Network of Aspiring & Startup IT Entrepreneurs in Africa (NASITEA) was created to promote IT Entrepreneurship in Africa.  

Kome Itoje is a unique individual that has no respect for status quo. He is an information technology entrepreneur based in Delta State of Nigeria. Kome Itoje talks to Jidaw.com about the groundbreaking Video CD tutorial he developed on Computer Fundamentals

According to him "be determined to actualize your dreams. nothing good comes easy. see challenges as stepping stones to greater heights."



1. Let's start by knowing you. Who is Kome Itoje?


Answer:  My name is Kome Itoje, a business man. l have an HND in Accountancy from Federal Polytechnic, Oko and a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Computer Science from Imo State University. I've been into system administration for the past ten years. During that time, l have tutored many students in basic computer operations and fundamentals.



2. Your product is creating so much buzz in industry. Why is it creating such incredible excitement?  What's your product all about?


Answer:   l came to understand the needs and challenges of students who wish to be computer literate as a result of my experience in computer training. So, l decided to put instructional materials in a form which would be convenient and stimulating to students. This gave rise to the video CD titled "Computer Fundamentals".



3. What motivated you to develop this product? Is there really a need for the VCD? What is unique about it?


Answer:  Though l am an accountant by training, l have come to develop a love for imparting computer knowledge to others in a manner that would be easily comprehensible to them. So, it was my desire to impart computer knowledge as easily as possible that motivated this project. There is a need for visual multimedia training materials of this nature because it makes learning faster and there is widespread lack of computer awareness in the country today. Therefore, this makes my product unique as it is an innovation which is unusual in this part of the world, especially Nigeria.


4. When did you first became interested in information technology? what motivated your interest in ICT? 


Answer:  I can say l first became interested in information technology during my school days while l was studying Accounting. There was a course l took in auditing which emphasized the need for an Auditor to be computer literate. To me, it was only natural that l would develop the interest later on after graduation.



5. The demand for your product has been massive. Since developing the product how do you view this response? Surprised? Expected?


Answer:  It's just natural. The product has gained wide acceptance among all who have seen the product which is an indication that there is an established need for the product.



6. Why are there so few locally developed ICT products like yours?


Answer: I believe there is little or no encouragement from the government in terms of finance and also creating the enabling environment for private initiatives of this nature to thrive by ensuring adequate power supply, good network of roads, and other infrastructures.



7. What is the major challenge you have faced so far with regard to your product?


Answer:  Getting a reliable marketer for my product.



8. Why is there such a low level of computer literacy in Nigeria?


Answer:  I believe the government should share the highest part of the blame for the low level of computer literacy in Nigeria because government is the greatest employer of  labour in the country today. But, how many government (local, state or federal) institutions, ministries extra-ministerial departments and other offices are computerized? If government should stress the need for her staff to be computer literate and they go the extra mile to organize in-house seminars and workshops for her staff, it will increase computer awareness in Nigeria to a great extent.



9. What do you have in store for the future for you, your product etc?


Answer:  I intend to produce more multimedia training materials of this nature. This first one teaches the basics of computer operations but l also hope to release videos on computer hardware installation and maintenance and other areas of ICT.



10. Last word: What advice do you have to aspiring IT entrepreneur or those wanting to start out in learning IT?


Answer:  Well, my advice is that they should be determined to actualize their dreams. They also need to realize that nothing good comes easy. Therefore, such individuals need to persevere to surmount any challenges on the road to success and see challenges as stepping stones to greater heights.


The interview was conducted on behalf of Jidaw by Timothy Gbadeyan, a Jidaw alumni.

Jidaw.com thanks Kome Itoje, IT Entrepreneur and publisher for his time as well as for the exceptional multimedia training materials he is making. May You continue to fulfill your purpose.

You can pickup your Video CDs (Special Discount price) from the Jidaw Center at

Tel: 08052647395, 01-7940562, 01-8958064, 070252509148, 08035007778.

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May 28, 2009


Salihu Usman of Ilorin, Nigeria:



Another landmark masterclass from Jidaw. We must see how to tap into this. Jidaw Systems, you are appreciated.


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