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Articles & Content List



Open Source Software OSS - most popular


VSAT Installation, Management & Challenges in Africa


Computer Training Fundamentals Video CD


Schools Computer Club Initiative (SCCI) Nigeria


Policy Commission: Science & Technology Report NESG 2009

IT Entrepreneur Interview with Kome Itoje VCD Training developer

ActionAid Call for Profiles - IT Services

Celebrity of the Future - NACOSS Night Speech

What is PHP / MySQL?

Graphics and Design Software for Your Web Design

Information Technology - Tools, Tips, Productivity

Digital Abuja ICT in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory (FCT)

Data under Threat

Nigeria’s President and the Power of the e-mail Hoax

The Questions about Bread or Broadband in Nigeria

NITDA completes ICT4D Plan to Drive Vision 2020

Nigerian Internet Service Provider (ISP) Ratings now out

e-Health and Telemedicine in Nigeria

The Fundamentals of Outsourcing

e-Skills and Your Career radio initiative

Interview: The future is feminine!!- First Class Woman in ICT

Software Nigeria - The Software Industry in Nigeria

Women in ICT - Moving up the Value Chain

The ICT Professional in Africa - Career Development

New Economy, New Thinking

Nigeria's ICT Voice - ICT Talk for Growth Wunmi Hassan

Nigeria's ICT Voice - ICT Talk for Growth Chike Chiejina

Why Vsat, What are Vsat Networks, The Demand for Vsat Networks

Fighting Internal Crime before it Happens - The Enemy Within

Bridging Digital Gap through E-Government

Jidaw.Com's Candidate for the Season: Ojeabulu Esele George

Securing the Microsoft Office Software Platform against Non-Macro Virus Attacks

Developing Open Source Skills in Nigeria: The Youth

VOIP, NCC, Regulation & Nigeria

More Than 419

The Information Society and Nigeria

ICT Policy for Development

How to Lay a Solid Foundation for Electronic Governance

IT Training and Developments in Nigeria

Making E-Learning Effective

Nigeria: Bridging The Infrastructure Divide

Fighting Cybercrime in Nigeria

Removing the Distance in Learning

The World of Java

Resolving Telecommunications Interconnectivity in Nigeria

Untangling the Nigerian Top Domain Level Registration Palaver

Country Code Top Level Domains - Policies for Delegation of

Managers, Management and Operation in Developing Countries

World's First Global ICT Ranking confirms Digital Divide

ISM Frequency Band and Internet Service in Nigeria

Telecommunications charges in Nigeria - Per Second, Per Minute Billing - Relief or Mischief?

Policy Guidelines on Internet use

The Cabling Connection

Intro to Wireless Networking

Choosing an Internet Service Provider

VSAT Site Survey

Guidelines for a Corporate Policy on Internet/Intranet/Extrane

The Essence of Information System Security and Audit

Stop that Intrusion, before it stops You!

As big as Sobig?

IT and Youth Empowerment in Nigeria

IT Development in Nigeria - Questions

5 Red Flags to watch out for in IT Management

Threats to IT

Don't open an account, if it isn't an e-bank

Excuse Me is This The Right Software?

Internet Heaven or Hell: Showing at a Cybercafe near you!

Book Review Of Micheal Meyers' A+ All-In-One Exam Guide

Book Review Of Todd Lammle's CCNA Study Guide

Book Review of Networking Complete published by Sybex

Book Review of PC Upgrade and Repair Simplified

The Five most Common Network Problems

Ten Useful Preventive Measures for Maintaining Your System


IT Career Guide



Jobs in Nigeria and Job Opportunities in Nigeria (Complete list) 





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