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In a previous discussion we raved about the advantages of the Internet as a means to bridge the digital divide. Research, education and business are some of the features at the disposal of users. In some instances users make good progress and are on their way acquiring new skills, contacts and business. The cyber café owner is also thrilled to see the feet and fingers going through his business. The atmosphere is electric and abuzz with activity. This café must be an unqualified success.

Wrong!!! After three months Mr Sepuru the owner receives a call from the bank. “Sir please come and see us urgently?” The bank tells him that they can't honour his cheques because of a lack of funds. He can't believe the news. The place was so busy. This is really a bad day for Mr Sepuru. The next problem is when the cyber cafe can't get online. The answer he got from the ISP is that his bill is long overdue. He financed most of the equipment through the bank and has little spare cash. Tedaka Sepuru has two choices. He must rescue his business in 2 months or close shop.

He is a lucky person. When doing a search for information on the Internet he saw a brochure by Jidaw Systems on a Cyber Café business workshop. The workshop opened a new world for Mr Sepuru. He learned that the starting point for a business is indeed to have a good client base and to be very busy. The million-dollar issue however is to ensure that every customer is billed for all Internet activities and pays for the service.

A cyber café sells time. It is as simple as that. You need tamper free software to track the activities on all your equipment. Up to now Mr Sepuru relied on the “honesty” of his Cyber shop assistants to record transactions on paper and to ensure payment. They did not realise the necessity of good control and their friends made use of the cyber cafes services at no cost. The open till with no control did not contribute to a positive bank balance.

Do you have or anticipate the same problems as Mr Sepuru. If yes, then I recommend that you attend the Cyber café business development workshop. Besides the business plan, staffing and marketing you will get the key to financial control. Part of the workshop material is an Excel spreadsheet program that you can use for capturing your monthly income and expenditure as well as doing a cash flow forecast for a period of 12 months. There will also be on offer a proven and tested Cyber café management program. This will enable you to track and control the activities at the Cyber café without having to be present all the time.

After the workshop Mr Sepuru daily banks double the amount than before he applied the control measures. He can now forecast his cash flow ahead and knows that nobody will get any freebie at his Cyber café. He smiles and can't believe that ignorance and complacency almost cost him the business.

Piet Joubert

14 June 2004

Piet has been a management consultant for the past thirteen years in Southern Africa. He specialises in Strategic Planning/Marketing Strategy, Business Development and Problem Solving/Decision-Making. Piet is one of the top authorities on Problem Solving and Decision-making in Africa. He has extensive experience in Project Management training/facilitation and implementation.

He will be facilitating at several Cybercafe Workshops in Nigeria. Questions? Make contact with Piet 

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