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Computer Training Fundamentals - Video CD

Get your Computer Training Fundamentals Video CD to equip yourself with Computer Basics.

In today's world, computing skills have become life skills. Don't be left behind. Don't become a victim of digital exclusion.

  • With digital literacy and inclusion we are all part of the knowledge society. So can you really say you are part of the knowledge society if you don't have skills that are required by the knowledge society? For example, you know how to read and write but what of our use of Information Technology - your electronic skills (e-skills). How are we using IT? The Computer Training Fundamentals Video CD was developed to fill this gap.

  • The focus is not just the IT professional, or IT expert; for example how do you use IT in your own work, in your business and even at play. Are you a trader? Are you a lawyer? Digital literacy is now a life skill like reading and writing. You don't have to be an IT professional but in your own sphere of life how are you using IT to better your opportunities; to better your performance?

  • If you are not using IT in your work you cannot perform at your BEST in today's society. Sounds harsh? Sorry it's harsh reality. You can only exploit or change something you acknowledge.

  • We must therefore explore opportunities like this Computer Training Fundamentals Video CD to get into the information society so that we don't end up being DIGITALLY EXCLUDED.

Do you prefer to be outside looking in? It's your career; it's your life; it's your future. The horrible effects of digital exclusion can be found in

  1. Education (inability to tap into e-learning and global educational resources),

  2. Business (no knowledge/ideas of business possibilities and loss of new business opportunities) and

  3. Social (no opportunity to network and interact in a global manner).

Take advantage of the Computer Training Fundamentals Video CD to develop the right skills required to contribute to and benefit from the knowledge economy. The importance of digital literacy and inclusion cannot be underestimated. Digital opportunities are for everyone. The knowledge society is more than just IT specialists and technology.

Computer Training Video CD Content

  • Definition of Computer

  • Types of Computer explained

  • Parts of Computer explained

  • How to assemble a computer

  • Booting a computer

  • The Desktop Environment explained

  • Using the Windows Explorer

  • Using the Search Tool

  • Using the Recycle Bin

  • Working with Files and Folders

  • Questions and Answers


The developer of the Computer Training Fundamentals Video CD is Kome Itoje an information technology entrepreneur based in Delta State of Nigeria. Kome Itoje talks to Jidaw.com about the groundbreaking Video CD tutorial he developed on Computer Fundamentals.

You can pickup your Video CDs (Special Discount price) from the Jidaw Center .
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