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Nigeria is regarded as an untapped market with regard to ICT. But one of the unique features of Nigeria’s ICT environment is its thriving computer market. It is reputed to be the biggest and fastest growing in Africa.

As we enter the third month of 2004, has again reviewed activity in this exciting sector. This brief excursion into the market focuses on fast moving computer items. What’s hot. What’s not. In this market, fast movers include hard disk drives, memory chips, UPS, CPU and printers. 

Hard Disk Drive

The most popular hard disk drives are those with capacities of 10gigabyte, 20 gigabyte and 40 gigabyte.  20 gigabyte is preferred by many because of the reasonable price/capacity ratio, in view of the slight price preferential between the 10 and 20 gigabyte disks – about 800 Naira.

The two most popular brands are Seagate and Maxtor.  Over the years, Seagate has built a solid reputation in the Nigerian market in view of its ruggedness with respect to power fluctuation / instability in this environment.  However, Maxtor Quantum, and Western Digital are all in the race.

Memory Chips - RAM

Popular memory chip/sizes are 64mb, 128mb and 512MB .  128 MB is the most popular specification. In terms of type of memory, SDRAM is more popular in Nigeria. However, DDRAM is beginning to establish itself in the PC environment.

Memory chips are obviously required for new systems, but SDRAM’s popularity is due to its wide application for memory upgrades in low budget systems. Quite a few upgrade such systems with Pentium II and Pentium III motherboards, which still exist in large numbers in Nigeria.

There is a lot of activity in the purchase of memory for individuals, corporate organizations, business centres and cybercafes. The demand for new PCs grows daily, and also rising is the need to upgrade existing systems.   


The 600 / 650 VA  spec is the fastest mover in the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) scene.  The 650VA units produced by Bluegate sell faster than other brands. Why? It’s simple. Price! A unit of Bluegate’s 650VA goes for about 6,000 Naira, while 8,500 Naira is the selling price of its nearest rival Mercury’s 650VA. But despite the fact that Bluegate is the current champion, Mercury is nevertheless sought after by many, due to the reputation and price/performance standard it has been able to establish in this environment.


Intel CPUs are the most sought-after. AMD follows next.  Apart from Intel’s global reputation and promotion efforts, Intel is preferred because it offers the socket and slot types of CPU, while AMD’s CPUS are mostly of the socket type.

What this means is that more motherboards are available for Intel CPU products in this market. Most of the demand for processors comes from those building new systems. The Intel processor Pentium 4 1.8 GHZ MMX is quite popular. Once more this appears to be due to the reasonable price/performance ratio based on the slight price preferential, between 1.7 GHZ MMX and 1.8 GHZ MMX processors.


In terms of printer sales, Hewlett Packard (HP) is miles ahead of the competition in Nigeria. Canon is a distant second.  HP gains its popularity from the name it has built in Nigeria, promotion and the availability of its product.

For the laser printers, HP’s 1000W (1100) and 1200 are the market leaders. However many high volume users seem to demand models of “Tokunbo” fairly used Laser printers such as 1100, IV, V and VI. The high demand for fairly used laser printers is as a result of the high pricing of new laser printers.  For example, a brand new 1000W goes for about 32,000 Naira, while you can get a fairly used laser IV printer for about 15,000 Naira.

With the inkjet printers, HP’s Deskjet 3420 is sought after for low volume printing carried out by business centres and individuals. While HP’s Deskjet 1300 is used for jobs requiring heavy graphics and or A3 paper size

What’s Hot?

20 Gigabyte hard disk drive and 128 MB RAM are seen as the fastest movers in this market. As mentioned earlier, affordability, capacity and performance are he major drivers.


You should know that activity is high and growing in this sector. With Nigeria’s size and population, it is no wonder it is Africa’s fastest growing computer market. Recent rapid advances in Telecommunications, increasing IT awareness (by business and individuals) and Internet-driven business activities (Radio, VSAT, Cybercafes, etc) in Nigeria have evidently assisted the market’s growth.

Increased public Internet access through cybercafes plays a major role. The phenomenal growth in the number of cybercafes increases the demand for new computers, as well as the need to upgrade existing ones.

There is also greater demand for fairly used computers and parts. 

The growth in the market is there for all to see. Opportunities still abound. And hopes are bright for sustainable development. We believe all stakeholders should know this.

We hope you find this report useful.


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