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Engineering Design and Computer Aided Drafting Software Resources

Here are available online resources for Engineering design and Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software:



Online Tutorials  >>


NEW! Learn AutoCAD Online
Online AutoCAD tutorials for learning AutoCAD and distance training. CDROM's for students and adult education classes. Free introduction AutoCAD tutorials



FBE online learning AutoCAD - 2D Tutorials 

- Learning AutoCAD, a set of tutorials created by staff of the Faculty of the Built Environment, the Unversity of New South Wales. 

FBE online learning AutoCAD - 3D Tutorial 

- Learning AutoCAD, a set of tutorials created by staff of the Faculty of the Built Environment, the Unversity of New South Wales 

Learn AutoCAD
CADTutor -  free AutoCAD tutorials on the web and a friendly AutoCAD user forum. CADTutor provides free help and tutorials for AutoCAD and associated software.
There are currently over 40 original tutorials to help you get started and more tutorials are under construction. 

AutoCAD Tutorials. The following tutorials introduces you to the basic functionality of AutoCAD. These tutorials contains helpful information for getting started with AutoCAD software.

They are designed to be part of an introductory course in technical graphics.


Online FREE cad tutorials. 

3D Cad modeling. Cad 3D models and the Tilemode Command. 



Careers in AutoCAD

Careers in AutoCAD What is AutoCAD? Who uses AutoCAD? Good vs bad AutoCAD? How do I get a job with AutoCAD? What is AutoCAD certification? What is a drawing portfolio? AutoCAD jobs 




Software >>


Autodesk - The creators of AutoCAD. Includes the searchable support database, a download area and discussion groups. Meeting design needs 

Definitions of AutoCAD on the Web:

- A popular computer aided drafting program developed by AutoDesk. AutoCAD files typically have the extensions DWG and DXF.

- AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting (CAD) software package for 2D and 3D design and drafting, developed and sold by Autodesk. It currently runs exclusively on Microsoft operating systems. Versions for Unix and Apple Macintosh were released, but these met with limited market acceptance and were later dropped. It usually suffers from poor performance when run in an emulator or compatibility layer like Virtual PC or Wine. 

What is AutoCAD 2007? 

Design, visualize, and document your ideas clearly and efficiently with AutoCAD® software. From conceptual design through drafting and detailing, AutoCAD 2007 enables you to explore ideas like never before. Create, edit, and develop design alternatives using realistic solids and surfaces in an updated design environment. Communicate your ideas with powerful sketch, shadow, and rendering tools, including intuitive walk-through animations. Then turn your concepts into a set of documents with the new section and flatten functionality. It’s all here, whether you’re creating, exploring, managing, or communicating, AutoCAD keeps you on time, on budget, and on track. 

AutoCAD 2007 also has a new set of section cut tools so you can quickly convert your solid designs into 2D drawings for all your documentation work. For more details on the benefits AutoCAD 2007 refer to the AutoCAD Features web page. 

DesignCAD Express 14 
Easy to learn 2D and 2D/3D CAD that fits your every design need. Great value -- Incredible power and ease-of-use at a terrific price. Critically acclaimed, award-winning product line 


Elite Software 
Engineering Design Software for Engineers, Architects and Contractors
for HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design software. Over 30 programs are offered for such applications as HVAC load calculations, building energy analysis, HVAC duct and pipe sizing, plumbing & lighting design, fault current calculations, voltage drops, fuse and breaker coordination, and much more. 

Dassault Systèmes 
World leader in 3D and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions, Dassault Systèmes develops and markets PLM application software and services that support industrial processes and provide a 3D vision of the entire life cycle of products from conception to maintenance. 


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