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Total Disrespect of Status Quo – IT Certification & Career development Forum

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is the backbone of the Knowledge economy. Quality human capital in ICT is however a key essential for achieving global competitiveness in today's age. ICT professionals use their expertise to develop and deploy ICTs in society.


The need to contribute to growth and development in Nigeria through the deployment and exploitation of ICT is the major reason why Jidaw Systems Limited (Jidaw), ICT human resources and consulting firm in Nigeria organizes Free IT Certification and Career development.

Break Status Quo or Slavery
There has been remarkable and continuing growth in the use of ICTs locally and globally. However, while usage is essential, the use of ICT alone doesn't make a knowledge economy. The theme of the next Jidaw Career and Certification forum taking place on October 20, 2007 is "the Total Disrespect of Status Quo". The whole world depends on Information Technology (IT). And IT professionals are needed in all segments of the economy. However can IT deliver based on the status quo of academic exercises, mental gymnastics, technical boasting or certification gimmicks. Are we satisfied with familiar comforts that hinder us from moving beyond mediocre level?

The forum is about emphasizing that status quo, "don't rock the boat" attitudes may initially appear safe but in the long run such thinking is dangerous for career growth. In the new economy, status quo is the door to slavery. What do we want with guarantees and formulas in the land of constant change? So while the forum creates awareness of the opportunities in IT, practical career building and achievement also depends on the individual mindset. Creativity is costly because it means staying outside the crowd and often requires going the extra mile, but it is the price we must all pay for growth.

The Need for Guidance and Focus
For example, despite all the media hype, Jidaw´s daily interaction with students, newcomers and IT professionals, reveal that many individuals and organizations are unaware of the opportunities in IT; and even when an IT career seems attractive, individuals lack the right guidance and focus. The career and certification seminar intends to address the key factors required for building and growing successful careers in information technology. It plans to provide unique career insights by looking at requirements and key certifications (A+, Network+, Cisco CCNA) in two high demand areas of IT (Technical support and Networking). Most important in order to disrespect status quo mindset issues will be explored.

Increased usage of IT drives up the demand for people with specific "technical" competencies. Such individuals must be equipped with the ability to contribute and provide technology products and solutions using professional expertise in IT and Telecom. What is the right approach to building a successful career in information technology? Which certifications make sense? What is the real value of certification? Is it just about the certificate? Training, certification, experience, technology are available, but is the approach right? How effective and sensible are methods being employed?

The seminar is for everyone who has a deep desire to achieve in the IT field. Individuals building careers in IT need to know the reality of IT certification and careers. It's not always rosy and smooth but quality information helps in analyzing opportunities and challenges and in improving the quality of positive decision making.
In addition due to the great global demand from many who can't attend the seminar physically, due to distance, location or other reasons, Jidaw has provided the career and certification seminar report online. 

Jidaw holds free IT Career and Certification seminar, tagged "The Total Disrespect of Status Quo" monthly. Read the full details at IT Career and Certification Seminar.


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April 30, 2008


Chidi U. from Kaduna says:



Thanks - more people need to hear this message. It is different from the newspapers status quo!  



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