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Jidaw goes on the IT Career and Entrepreneurship Offensive

02-03-09 -Jidaw Systems Limited, foremost IT Training and Consulting firm, based in Lagos, Nigeria is again going on the offensive with its strategic IT Career and Entrepreneurship programs.  


Free IT Certification and Career Seminar

Prepare and Equip yourself at the utterly original forum on Career Development and Self Empowerment with IT certification. The next Free IT Career and Certification Seminar takes place in Lagos, Nigeria on March 14, 2009. Rare to find - it's mind-stretching with purpose. It is the only Straight talk program on IT certification, Career Growth, A+, CCNA, Networking, IT Entrepreneurship and Your Career Focus. As Jidaw states, “You don't need excuses when you have strategy.”

Power Up Your Career at the Free IT Career Seminar. Challenge the environment with authority - value, empowerment and direction. It is not just another IT forum or get-together. It’s the direct-straight-to-the-point-result-oriented IT Career Seminar. Enough of the time wasting! You need to stop settling for less when you can be the one driving change. THIS IS NOT BRAIN SURGERY!! This is your opportunity. Create Your Career that is built to last.

Get the cold, hard facts that will shake you out of your comfortable but unprofitable slumber! Don't take chances with your future. Say good riddance to indecision. Now more than ever you need to improve yourself and improve your opportunities. Stop waiting for opportunity to come to you. Instead seize opportunity by the scruff of the neck.

When will status quo stop giving you headaches? You owe it to yourself to attend the Free IT Career Empowerment Seminar. Aren't you tired of the same old, familiar story? Don't you have career ambitions and dreams? Well, it's time to stop dreaming! It's time Action and Results! Attend the uncommon, no-nonsense, down-to-earth, mind-opening career seminar. It's one of a kind - Change your perspective and Get results! Disrupt the status quo - Make Your future happen - Add Value, Create Opportunity, Get Reward! Don't be left behind!

Fasten your seatbelt. The time has come for you to turn your life around. Your new IT career is just days away. This is what you have been waiting for. The wait is over.

The one and only IT Entrepreneur Guide

Get ready for the no-nonsense Information Technology Entrepreneurship Business program - the IT Entrepreneur Guide -Success in IT Business (SITB) program. The next IT Entrepreneur Guide program takes place in Lagos, Nigeria on March 19, 2009.

Discover the reality and principles required to create your own Profitable and Sustainable IT Business. At the one and only IT Entrepreneur program you learn firsthand from real-life ideas and experiences of REAL Entrepreneurs in the Solid IT Entrepreneurship business program.
Turn your ideas into reality. You've set uncommon goals for yourself. Now, it's time to realize your dreams. It's time for You to move into Top Gear with the IT Entrepreneur Guide.

BONUS - Network with other entrepreneurs. Participants gain Free Membership of the Network of Aspiring & Startup IT Entrepreneurs in Africa (NASITEA)

IT Business Opportunities, Entrepreneurship Mindset and capabilities; Avoid mistakes of tech entrepreneurs; Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship; Critical Success factors; Profitability and Wealth Creation, plus MORE.....

Tired of status quo? Interested in making a positive impact in society? Job security is dead - Create Your own Job! In the midst of the economic and financial crisis Entrepreneurship is your opportunity to be flexible - your opportunity to be independent - your opportunity to control your destiny - your opportunity to make a difference - your opportunity to create wealth.

The Lead Facilitator is Jide Awe, Founder/CEO of Jidaw Systems Limited (Jidaw) which was awarded a Certificate of Excellence at the ICT Achievers Award 2005 in the Category "Top ICT SMME in Africa".


Don't miss this mind-opening, self empowerment opportunity. Learn from the real world ideas, advice and experience of IT Entrepreneurs. GET THE INSIDER'S INSIGHTS. Complaining can't solve problems of poverty and unemployment! We can make an impact with our ideas and our hands!

No storytelling - the reality, the sweat, the challenges, the opportunities, the rewards ... the countdown has started....

Interested? Surprisingly affordable and yet of Immense, Incalculable value. Incredible isn't it? This is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Don't miss this unusual and wise investment opportunity! You've waited long enough. Act now! Turn your ideas into profitable IT ventures.

Jidaw Systems is the originator of the IT Entrepreneurship Guide series - Success in IT Business programs and a foremost authority on IT Career development. Jidaw Systems is a NASITEA partner.

Jidaw- Computing for the growing African population. A true growth industry.


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March 5, 2009


Musa I from Kano, Nigeria says:



Thank you Jidaw! Your efforts will not be in vain. We are gaining so much from you.



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Subscribe to the FREE IT Career Newsletter with valuable information bringing you practical, how-to tips and articles. 

The one and only Practical IT Entrepreneur Guide - Best Information Technology Job


FREE Information Technology Career and Certification Seminar


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