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ICT4D Plan and the Future of Nigeria

25 May 2010 - Our Country's Future is dependent on how innovative we become. To this end the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has launched the ICT4D Plan at its Nigeria 2010 summit. Copies of Nigeria's ICT4D plan are now available at NITDA's office. 


This is an invitation from the ICT4D Futures group to examine this plan from our different perspectives and discuss possible implementation strategies especially for private sector and Civil Society.

The ICT4D Futures Group is therefore pleased to invite you to a one day summit on the ICT4D Plan and The Future of Nigeria.


1. Civil Society Implementation Strategies for ICT4D Plan
2. Cybercrime and Rebranding Nigeria
3. Innovation, Foresight, Enterprise - The Futures Group.


Date: Thursday, 3rd June 2010
Venue: DEEIY Conference Hall, 4Square House, 2nd Floor, 7, Usman Sarki Crescent, Utako, Abuja, FCT.
Time : 9am-3pm (No African time please)
Cost: =N=2,000 per head. (Sponsors wanted)

Please send sms to confirm participation: 0802-660-8087; 07052509148



Without proactive policies ICT actually widens the gap between the digital haves and the digital have-nots”. Globally the contradictions are even deeper. The great paradox is that with the amazing growth in computing and telecommunications – wireless technologies, mobile telephony, web services - the divide is still widening between the digital “haves” and the digital “have-nots”. Poverty, lack of leadership and commitment, underdevelopment and the imbalance in the global economic structure result in unevenness in the exploitation and deployment of technologies


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COMMENTS for "ICT4D Plan and the future of Nigeria":


Jun 8, 2010


The Team @ Jidaw says:



Thanks so much @Solomon. This will be possible with sponsors. The Abuja event was a quality one with great initiatives as the outcome. We need to use ICT to drive developments in all sectors in Nigeria.



Jun 1, 2010


Olayiwola o. Solomon, corper in Lagos, Nigeria says:



I am really interested in this and would love you to bring this campaign to Lagos.



May 27, 2010


U Mohammed of Abuja, FCT, Nigeria says:



I will surely be there. I only heard about the launching of the plan last week. We have to look out how ICT will help in development. I hope sponsors will come in as well.




In the absence of well thought through policies, the prevailing global order widens the global digital divide between developed and developing countries. The truth is that though ICTs provide efficiency gains, increased productivity and the opening up of new opportunities, national, overall gains are not automatic.

Without coordination and consistency in ICT and related activities, ICT may not make the required national impact. No country can survive without investing in ICT but strategic thinking and intervention are required. Otherwise how does Nigeria achieve its goals of social inclusion, rapid growth, wealth creation and overall prosperity? What are the roles of the public, private and social sectors? Inclusive multistakeholder strategies and policies are a necessity to ensure countries benefit from ICTs phenomenal potential.


The Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) coordinated the development of the National ICT4D Strategic Action Plan. The Strategic Action Plan provides concrete implementation strategies for a period of 5 years for the key sectors –health, education, infrastructure, human resource development, Agriculture, Legal/Regulations, private sector/industry, media/community, amongst others - as part of an integrated approach to achieving national development within the context of the Federal Government of Nigeria's Seven Point Agenda, the National Economic Empowerment Development Programme (NEEDS) and various socio-economic development programmes and initiatives.


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