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Career Development Computer and IT related areas - Introduction of Presentation delivered at the Nigeria Computer Society and London Metropolitan University Collaborative Seminar at the Muson Centre, Lagos on 11 March 2008

I must start by thanking and commending the organizers, Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) and London Metropolitan University (Londonmet), for organizing this forum. It is a unique avenue for fostering the interest of the youth in this very interesting, high impact area. As Nigeria strives to develop an information and knowledge based society quality human capital is a fundamental requirement.


The global networked economy is both a necessity and a “leapfrog” opportunity to develop the human capital capable of using and developing ICTs to drive change and accelerate development. Interested people and the youth however need guides on how to enter and excel in these professions that are high on the value chain in the knowledge economy. I say to NCS and Londonmet, your efforts will not be in vain.


Presentation Overview
This discourse will look at the relationship between Knowledge, Technology and Careers in the emerging information and knowledge driven age. The objectives of career development are also examined. In view of the fact that career success will depend on the choices we make, what are the tips, guides and fundamentals that can nudge us in the right direction? It is of course important that the presentation examines formal and traditional education programs.

What are these programs and how do they work? Which alternative education programs can you use – for example if you are outside the formal education loop or if you want to complement your formal education? What works in education? And career development is nothing without examining the prospects. Where are the opportunities? What are the critical success factors? Why do some fail and yet others succeed? Are there formulas you must use? Be clear about the requirements – have you got what it takes? Everybody needs to have e-skills but is a career in IT for you? Is it just about education? What separates champions from pretenders?


Knowledge, Technology, Careers
Information and communications technologies (ICTs) affect all sectors – and the way we live, work and interact - every aspect of our lives. The information revolution has ushered in explosive and phenomenal growth in knowledge driven activities. Knowledge is now a social, educational and economic resource. The new economy has led to the emergence of new social and knowledge networks. The difference today between the developed and developing nations is in the use of knowledge and technology to make a difference in all aspects of society and the economy. Knowledge is the enabler for individuals, organizations and nations.

With new technologies new jobs and businesses can be created at much lower costs – more people and countries can be part of the revolution. Consumer led social networking is driving change in business. We have left the world of location, natural resources, physical assets and infrastructure. Knowledge is the key enabler. What is the knowledge base of your people, or your organization? And how are we putting knowledge to work in our interests and to better society? How’re we using the low entry requirements to promote inclusiveness?

We must all use technology to perform at our best in the knowledge economy. It’s simple –technology allows knowledge to have such significant impact. Without the infrastructure of information and communications technology the global village would not exist. When deployed properly it helps with job creation, new opportunities in trade, education, improved heathcare and food security. ICT is a tool that works. No wonder countries are all exploring how to use information and communications technologies to improve the quality of life of their people in a sustainable manner.

Technology helps in breaking down the barriers of time, cost and distance. Location is no longer important. Bank customers are now able to withdraw from any branch in the country. GSM and satellite television have become part of our lives and work. And it has become the norm for universities and exam bodies to provide online exam registration and results over the Internet.

Geographical boundaries have become artificial – I can sit down in Eket, Nigeria and do business with organizations in India, without leaving my office. The virtual world means I can interact and have positive and meaningful relationships with people I have never met physically in Thailand. What limits me from setting up an online business at home with customers from all over the globe? What stops me from becoming an online teacher based in Ghana teaching students in the US? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! In today’s world you are limited only by your choices, knowledge and mindset. The infrastructure is available. The environment is ready. But is our thinking in the right place?


(Introduction of Presentation delivered at the Nigeria Computer Society and London Metropolitan University Collaborative Seminar at the Muson Centre, Lagos on 11 March 2008)

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April 9, 2008


Felix Agu says:



Kudos to Londonmet, NCS and Jidaw. As a student in this area, I wish I was there. Please spread the seminar to other parts of the country. 



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