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Benefits, Outlook & Career Opportunities for

 Technical Support Professionals  


What is Tech Support / Who are Technical Support?
Who are these people? They are the people you call when you're having problems with your computer. They keep the computers running smoothly in the background in different working environments.

  • Completing the Tech Support usually A+ programs gives you skills and knowledge that are in high demand in all spheres of business.

  • Tech Support Computer repairs, maintenance, assembly and networking is a powerful way to enter a profession that has such high current and foreseeable demand. You will learn valuable skills and obtain a valuable credential at the same time. 

    A career in tech support that can be both financially and professionally rewarding.

             Tech support provides opportunities for career advancement not only in tech support but also in other high demand areas of IT. Many use tech support to open doors to new career opportunities.

  • It is a recognized proof of professional achievement and is accepted and valued by the IT industry.

  • Employers and clients of tech support professionals and companies give preference when looking for tech support people or companies to those with the right knowledge, skills or certification.

  • Tech support training and certification provides enhanced job security and increases your value both in-house and outside. 

  • Tech support training and certification is evidence of professional initiative and a desire to excel, which is recognized by employers and clients.

  • Tech support training and certification programs improve job performance. It augments your level of proficiency and increases your personal productivity.

  • Tech support training and certification also gives you the personal benefit of self-satisfaction and added confidence.

Outlook & Career Opportunities for Tech Support Professionals

Target markets

Tech support is for any person responsible for supporting PC equipment. With the huge demand and hunger for PC support skills around the world, the future includes Tech support.

There is a huge demand worldwide for qualified service professionals. Of what use are computers, if they cannot be maintained or serviced before or after they develop faults. The computer is simply a machine that can break down due to improper usage or as a result of being kept in unsuitable environment. Computer service professionals must be competent in computer repairs, system assembly, software installation, and maintenance of portable systems as well as printer and monitor repairs. A basic knowledge of networking especially with regard to installation, configuration and troubleshooting is also highly important.

Clearly, there is a crucial need for competent service professionals to support the Information Society.


Work and Job Outlook are Excellent

         As long as manufacturers (software and hardware) continue to introduce new products and there will always be a need for people to install, upgrade and support them.

  • Globally over 30% of all IT jobs are in tech support.  Computer support specialists are among the fastest growing occupations

         Computer usage has increased tremendously. Dependence on IT and the Internet is also growing at a rapid rate. This has created a high demand for tech support specialists.

         As manufacturers devise cheaper and more effective products, more organizations can get on the IT train. These companies will need support.



         You can offer services such as Computer training, maintenance and repair of computers and peripheral equipment.

         As a Tech support professional you can work in a wide range of industries. You can provide services for business services industries, e.g. cybercafes, business centers, PC repair services, etc.

         Other industries that employ the services of a substantial numbers of Tech Support personnel include banks, government agencies, insurance companies, wholesale and retail vendors of computers.

         There is a huge demand for entrepreneurs in the knowledge economy. You can as well set up your own support company to, provide these services.


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