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Interview with Mrs. Funmilola Omojola

- IT Professional, Woman in ICT

11-2-2010  - Women are making strides in ICT. What're they contributing? How rough, tough or enjoyable has the path been for women in ICT? Mrs. Funmilola Omojola, ICT Coordinator and Resource Personnel of Grace School in Lagos, Nigeria shares her unique experiences with in this interview.

"Everything in life is all about your dreams; hold on to your dreams, pursue your dreams with your best" - Mrs. Funmiloa Omojola


Mrs Omojola is a contributor that has no respect for status quo. Interestingly she is a highly regarded and active member of the Jidaw Alumni Association .

She represented the alumni during the W.TEC Girls Tech Camp.  


According to her "Unfortunately, women are seen as weak and incapable. But this is a BIG LIE. Experience has shown that there is really nothing any man can do that women cannot do including ICT."


1: Please let us meet you. Let's know more about you.

My names are Omojola Oluwafunmilola Victoria (Mrs); I graduated with upper credit in Computer Science from Kwara State Polytechnic Ilorin. I also have a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from the University of Calabar. On the personal side, I am married to Omojola Adebayo Ojo. I am the first child and the only female child in our family of six from a clergy parent. I have three kids - the first is ten years old boy, about to enter secondary school and the other two are girls they are six and two years old respectively. I am from Ilesha in Osun State, Nigeria.


2: When did you first become interested in computers? What spurred your interest in Information Technology? Have you always been interested in ICT?

Answer: My interest in computer science was stimulated when I was seeking for admission into the university. Initially I was seeking admission into (University of Ife) now Obafemi Awolowo University as a medical Student. But that did not materialise. However, I wrote the admission examination into Kwara State Polytechnic and was successful. I immediately went in for Computer Science. Since then I have embraced and fallen in love with Computer Science.

Computing comes to me naturally as I have always seen myself as an articulate person with a high sense of reasoning, even while in school. Primarily, my interest in becoming a computer professional is due to my fascination with the analytical and logical nature of computer systems.



3: What do you do presently? Please give us details of what it entails?


Answer:   Right now, I am the ICT Coordinator and Resource Personnel of Grace School Gbagada, Lagos. My job includes teaching Internet both at primary and secondary school levels. I am also in charge of Technical support, Computer repairs and maintenance as well as networking of all the computers in the school. In addition, my work entails setting up and maintaining all UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and power systems for over 100 systems in the school. Iím also responsible for ICT initiatives; recently, I organised an Inter-School ICT Competition for schools in Lagos State.  I was also part of the African Information Security Association (AISA) Protecting Children Online program, as well as the African Children Cyber Safety Initiative.


Ruth Anok, another Jidaw Alumnus, and I represented the Jidaw Alumni Association at the 2009 Women's Technology Empowerment Centre (WTEC) Camp for young girls.


4: Why are so few women working in the ICT sector?


Answer: This question relates to why women are not involved in as politics, forces, and other men dominated job and activities. Unfortunately, women are seen as weak and incapable. But this is a BIG LIE. Experience has shown that there is really nothing any man can do that women cannot do including ICT. One challenge of women is poverty. This often debars them from getting quality and necessary training and courses that will improve their chances in the industry. Also immediately the woman's status changes from a girl to a woman, traditional roles set in such as child bearing etc. This often makes them lose interest or pursuits in ICT. Getting more women into ICT careers would be a force for change and a major boost for this key economic sector in Nigeria.



5: Which program did you enrol for at Jidaw and why?


Answer: I registered for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) because of my need to equip myself and enhance my knowledge of networking. Choosing this program is particularly relevant due to the fact that I have been in charge of Internet/Internetworking deployment as well as Network installation, configuration and troubleshooting in my place of work.

I became interested in Jidaw because of the information I received about Jidawís performance through various contacts. In fact I had attempted the CCNA training somewhere before. But because I was not satisfied with the standard, I switched over to Jidaw Systems.


6: How was your Jidaw experience?


Answer: It was eye opening. The training tremendously improved my knowledge in ICT. I have never regretted being one of their students. I was the only female student in the class of thirteen. The programme was very interesting and very comprehensive. I really enjoyed their teaching and the environment too was good. Jidaw is a place to be. I have been significantly improved by the substance of Jidaw. They donít just teach but they in addition empower IT professionals from all over the world.


The uniqueness of the program is that Jidaw stands out in terms of the comprehensive Cisco training Ė Jidaw designed the program to give students a solid grounding in Cisco Fundamentals and Networking, while preparing you for the CCNA exam. Most importantly, the course boasts a highly seasoned lecturer, Mr. Tunde Ayolomo.  His teaching using real life examples is world class. He knows his stuff and knows how to impart important knowledge.


7: What are the challenges you have faced in your achievement so far?


Answer:  One of the major challenges is erratic power supply which often makes learning and teaching of ICT difficult in Nigeria. This is a national issue. In my place of work I am exposed to a lot of problem emanating from the usage of the ICT facility in the school. Our response to these problems needs to be dynamic and unique to the environment if we must effectively use our facilities. I have to resolve a wide range problems at work, especially in networking but I solve them through resourcefulness, knowledge and problem solving tactics. Challenges help in enriching my experience.


8: What advice do you have for people just starting out on the road to building a career in Computing and ICT? What tips and advice would you have?


Answer:  Everything in life is all about your dreams; hold on to your dreams, pursue your dreams with your best - pray as if you have never worked and work as if you have never prayed. Be determined and decisive about your desire in the ICT world. You have a wide range of choices. For instance one may choose to be a Software engineer, a network engineer, a database administrator, web designer, etc. Whatever you choose, be decisive and courageous.


9: What does the future hold for you?


Answer: The future is very bright; I want to establish ICT centres where people especially women can be trained to be more versatile in ICT. I want to be a resource person in ICT that would impact positively on my environment, nation and my generation.

. thanks Mrs. Funmilola Omojola, IT Professional for her time as well as for her  contributions in the IT industry. May You keep growing. Continue to be a positive light.

Is Mrs. Omojola speaking to you? What do you have to say? How should we address the issues women have to deal with in ICT?

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11 Feb, 2010


Femi Oladele of Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria says:



I was at the competition for Lagos state schools. It was an impressive event. You and your school are doing a lot to improve ICT in schools. Keep it up.  





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