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Planting excuses, Taking Charge - IT Career Newsletter October 20, 2009
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-Oct 29, 2009  
Are you in control of where you are going? Are you in charge of how you will get there? The question has never been "if" you will be self reliant. It is a question of "when".
Why not start now with the IT Entrepreneur Skills Development program?
Whose life is it? Can you make your future without owning it? Entrepreneurship is a human need.
Finally, there's a better route.  Gain advantage with Practical, real-Life advice & strategy on developing IT Entrepreneurship skills - Success in IT Business (SITB)
VENUE: 12 Eric Moore st, Wemabod Estate, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Success Factors on Several High demand areas.
, Don't miss this uncommon, hard-to-find opportunity to learn first hand from the real world ideas & experience of IT Entrepreneurs 
Benefit from the Limited Time Offer
Rotimi Omoniyi, Entrepreneur, Ornate Bamad Ventures.
"It has encouraged me. Many things that the facilitator shared with us are in line with my current challenges and things I had also seen as opportunities.
I am happy with what I have experienced. Please continue to encourage others"
Amuda Mufutau Oyewale
"My initial impression was that IT was a no go areas. Now I know different. The interactive approach to learning should be continued."
izone Integrated Services
"It was mind-opening. Continue with your good works." 

Jidaw is a  Network of Aspiring & Startup IT Entrepreneurs in Africa (NASITEA) Partner. Jidaw was awarded a Certificate of Excellence at the ICT Achievers Award 2005 in the Category "Top ICT SMME in Africa"

Oct 29, 2009
IT Entrepreneur Secrets Revealed
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Greetings! presents your guide for managing and growing your IT Career. Content and Tips for creating and owning Your Career path.
 Oiakhena Angela Chinyere of FRCN, Abuja, a Student in Jidaw's Web Design and Development class
Be Wise Career Tip 
Too often our career growth is hindered because by "good" reasons. It isn't a crime to experience hiccups in your career journey, but respond with positives - create time, improve your preparation, network, develop your skills. Stop Planting Excuses. Be Wise. Excuses achieve nothing.

What "good" reason can there be for not updating yourself? What are the "good" reasons for your inconsistency? There is no middle ground. You're either doing something to improve your career or you're buried in the excuse planting season. If we sow excuses, what do we reap? What's stopping you from starting? Why have you given up? Be honest, what do you really want from your career - results or excuses? There is no reward for excuses.

FREE IT Certification & Career Seminar - Oct 24
Get ready to Open Your Mind at the FREE IT Career seminar. It's time to get your IT career back on track. 
The only Straight Talk forum on Career Development and Self Empowerment with IT certification will hold in Lagos, Nigeria on Oct 24, 2009. Time: 12:30 p.m. Venue: 12 Eric Moore St, Wemabod Estate, Ikeja, Lagos. , Power up your IT Career!

Jidaw is a foremost authority on IT Career development. Get ready to be shocked with honest, down-to-earth straight talk! We at Jidaw challenge you to use this opportunity to realize your goals. , stop waiting for your career to happen. Realize your potentials. Enough is enough. Become the IT contributor that you deserve to be with the FREE IT Career Seminar. There is no comparison. Record-breaking, Time-tested, Result-oriented and No-Nonsense.
Space is limited. To invest in this uncommon opportunity, please register at the Jidaw address or call on 01-7940562, 01-8958064, 07094094942, 07025333756, 08035007778.  Learn more about the FREE IT Career Seminar
Opportunity Tip
What is your opportunity search rooted in? Entrepreneurial thinking or a handouts mentality? Whether your desire is for paid employment or running your own business, rising above the mediocre requires you to have both a desire to learn and a genuine interest in service and in people. PLUS you must accept educated risk, invest for your purpose and take action. THINK AND ACT LIKE AN ENTREPRENEUR.

Take charge. We are all born to take risks. Is that new job an opportunity to make your future or just another meal ticket?

Cisco CCNA End of Year Training Bonanza
>> Cisco CCNA Internetwork Plus - Weekend Price reduction is drastic for the revamped flagship Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Internetwork PLUS training program designed for result-oriented Cisco CCNA exam preparation and Internetworking fundamentals. 

Cisco CCNA Weekend (Nov 7) (Weekend BONANZA Deadline: October 30, 2009). This is the last CCNA Training Weekend for the year. OR 
Cisco CCNA) Weekday (Nov 2) (Weekday BONANZA Deadline: October 26)

PLEASE NOTE: Cisco CCNA Internetwork PLUS training IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK OR INSTANT RESULT program. Excellent performance in CCNA requires HARD WORK, Applying and Understanding the principles of Internetworking and DELIBERATE PRACTICE. 
Thank You Jidaw!
Jidaw thanks you all especially our great students and site visitors for your regular doses of support and encouragement.
Together we are making a difference.  
We hope you find dataVIEW enlightening. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding dataVIEW or please respond to this newsletter.
We encourage your feedback and take it very seriously. We wish you More Knowledge! More Power!

Jide Awe
"What is the point in ability without desire? It has never been about ability."


Jidaw's CCNA Award for Alumni
Your Choice of Jidaw is a
tribute to your taste. 
Focus on Substance.
As part of its End of Year Bonanza, Jidaw has launched its Scholarship Award to Jidaw Alumni. Olorisade Ayobami Jamiu, Busari Adekunle, Awokoya Abolaji Abiodun and Ibe Kelechi Blessing were selected as recipients of the Special Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Internetworking Plus Training Scholarship for Jidaw Alumni.  These Jidaw alumni were chosen based on need and because of their responsible, professional and outstanding performance during their previous training with Jidaw Systems Limited. They are also dynamic contributors and members of the Jidaw Alumni Association.

We at Jidaw congratulate recipients, our champions! We wish them and other Jidaw Alumni further ground breaking success! Thank You for choosing Jidaw.
More Power to Your Careers. May You continue to contribute and engage in promoting professionalism in Information Technology.
For Practical, Result-oriented IT training contact Jidaw on:  01-8958064, 08035007778,
Jidaw....More Knowledge! More Power! 
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