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Oracle's 10g Administrator Certified Professional
Oracle's 9i OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) DBA (Database

Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Master (OCM)
Microsoft's MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator)
IBM DB2 Universal Database Certifications

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Oracle Application Developer or Database Administrator


Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator (OCP DBA)


Oracle is the world's biggest database vendor. It is no wonder therefore that its certifications are highly regarded and in demand in the industry. Two tracks of Oracle DBA track are presently for the versions of Oracle: 9i and 10g.


Although Oracle retires its OCP certification paths, candidates are still allowed to use a retired designation as it reflects the version of Oracle it covers. And after retiring an exam path, Oracle usually provides a one exam upgrade to the  current version.


Oracle's 10g OCP Administrator Certified Professional

certification "is a credential for true database professionals who have the skills to set up and manage critical Oracle Database 10g functions and the know-how to keep it running at maximum efficiency. Acquiring an OCP credential is a real professional accomplishment.

Achieving the Oracle Database 10g Certified Professional credential requires classroom and hands-on experience.

Unlike previous Oracle certifications, it features a significant reduction in the number of exams required to earn the track's credentials. Candidates need to first become an OCA by passing only one exam: Oracle Database 10g: Administration (#1Z1-042) and then pass one more exam, Oracle Database 10g: Administration II (#1Z1-043), making a total of two exams, unlike Oracle 9i OCP DBA which requires passing four exams.

More information on Oracle 10g OCP Administrator Certified Profession



Oracle's 9i OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) DBA (Database Administrator) certification is for IT professionals who manage large-scale databases or develop applications that are used enterprise-wide.

With Oracle 9i OCP, Oracle also now requires all candidates to complete an instructor-led hands-on course that involves significant real-world interaction and problem-solving, in addition to standard multiple-choice exams.


The Oracle 9i OCP designation is achieved by passing four exam as well as attending one instructor-led inclass or instructor-led online course:

#1Z0-001 Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL


#1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle 9i: SQL 

#1Z0-031 Oracle 9i Database: Fundamentals I

#1Z0-032Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals II

#1Z0-033 Oracle9i Database: Performance Tuning

and one Oracle University hands-on course within the Oracle 9i DBA learning path.


More information on Oracle 9i OCP DBA


 Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Master (OCM):

Candidates must take advanced DBA exams administered at Oracle University locations.


More information on Oracle 9i OCP DBA Certified Master  


Microsoft's MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator)

Microsoft's MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator) on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is an advanced-level certification “for professionals who implement and administer Microsoft SQL Server databases”.

And Oracle and Microsoft are the obvious leaders in the database market. While Oracle is the recognized market leader, MCDBA's popularity grows daily due to the increasing use of SQL Server.

To achieve the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) on Microsoft SQL Server 2000, you must pass three core exams and one elective exam. It is interesting to note that with right combination of exams (core and electives) the MCDBA can be achieved while working towards a standard MCSE certification.

 More on Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)




IBM DB2 Universal Database Certifications

The IBM platform's database specialist certification program. “The program is designed to validate your skills and demonstrate your proficiency in the latest IBM technology and solutions.

More on IBM's Certified Specialist DB2







Oracle Application Developer or Database Administrator




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