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Revised Cisco CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA composite one exam option)

26 June 2007 - Cisco’s CCNA completely changed after 15th August 2007. Cisco has revised the CCNA certification to validate the ability to install, operate and troubleshoot more complex, medium-sized routed and switched networks, including the ability to configure IP addressing and authentication, as well as establish and troubleshoot connections to service providers over a WAN.

Cisco CCNA is the world's most popular entry-level networking certification program. A CCNA certification proves that the candidate has a solid foundation in Cisco product line -routers and switches. It also proves that that the candidate has broad knowledge of protocols and networking technologies.

CCNA has been completely updated to go beyond routing and switching to include wireless, security, VOIP, DHCP/DNS/IPV.6, VPN and other important topics. 

According to Cisco, “This new curriculum includes basic mitigation of security threats, introduction to wireless networking concepts and terminology, and performance-based skills. This new curriculum also includes (but is not limited to) the use of these protocols: IP, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Serial Line Interface Protocol Frame Relay, Routing Information Protocol Version 2 (RIPv2),VLANs, Ethernet, access control lists (ACLs)”.


The CCNA will still be available with two options – either the one exam option ("composite" format) or the two-exam option.

New Options

However, with the new development, candidates who pass the first track of the two-option CCNA exams will now achieve the new Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) certification.

The new exams will still contain hands-on simulation questions like previous CCNA exams. The present and current exams 640-801 CCNA, 640-821 INTRO, Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies (INTRO) and 640-811 ICND Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices (ICND) will expire on November 6, 2007.

As from August 1, 2007 the new option for achieving the CCNA will include:

Two Exams option:



One Exam option:  

  • CCNA 640-802: CCNA Composite


CCNA 640-802: CCNA Composite

The CCNA 640-802: CCNA Composite is one exam option for achieving the CCNA, which is available from August 1, 2007. The exam duration is for 90 Minutes (50-60 questions).

According to Cisco, “The 640-802 Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is the composite exam associated with the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge and skills required to install, operate, and troubleshoot a small to medium size enterprise branch network. The topics include connecting to a WAN; implementing network security; network types; network media; routing and switching fundamentals; the TCP/IP and OSI models; IP addressing; WAN technologies; operating and configuring IOS devices; extending switched networks with VLANs; determining IP routes; managing IP traffic with access lists; establishing point-to-point connections; and establishing Frame Relay connections. “

Key Exam Topics and Guidelines for the content likely to be included on 640-802: CCNA Composite exam include:

  • Describe how a network works

  • Configure, verify and troubleshoot a switch with VLANs and interswitch

  • Implement an IP addressing scheme and IP Services to meet network

  • Configure, verify, and troubleshoot basic router operation and routing on Cisco devices

  • Explain and select the appropriate administrative tasks required for a WLAN

  • Identify security threats to a network and describe general methods to mitigate those threats

  • Implement, verify, and troubleshoot NAT and ACLs in a medium-size Enterprise branch office network.

  • Implement and verify WAN links


Realistic expectations

Due to the pervasive effect of networking technologies and infrastructure, all over the world in different spheres of life, there is steady and increasing demand for skilled network professionals. Networking spans a wide expertise range and network certifications, such as CCNA, CCENT, Network+,  MCP/MCSE , aim to equip individuals with the skills needed to build successful careers in networking. For many candidates the focus is usually on new job and business opportunities, recognition and better compensation.

While it is true that certifications give individuals the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents there must be realistic expectations. Achieving certification is key to the continuing educational development of the individual and is a sign of initiative – it differentiates you from the competition and is recognized by clients and employers. However, though certifications like other educational programs may confer advantage they do not guarantee anything.

GETTING OPPORTUNITIES ALSO DEPENDS ON YOUR CONTRIBUTION, ATTITUDE, EXPERIENCE AND MARKETING SKILLS. Candidates need to bear this in mind at all times. Certifications are NOT guarantees or “quick-fix”, shortcut career solutions. As you take advantage of certification, make sure you have realistic expectations and know how the certification fits into your career plan. Attend the IT Career Seminar to learn more about CCNA 640-802 and for the right career focus.


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COMMENTS for "Revised Cisco CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate":




May 21, 2010


Otebolaku Adeyemi of Agbado oke-Aro, Nigeria says:


Great job! You have really done a great job for impacting the lives of Nigerian youths.



December 15, 2008


Wale of Nigeria says:


I need the scope on CCNA. Please, tell more about CCNA and can you help by sending some exams past questions. Thanks.



October 17, 2008


Sylvester Kaluwaya J  of Lusaka, Zambia says:


My career objective is to study CCNA 640-802 with your institute down there in Nigeria, now i need advice about the same course. How true is it that the syllabus has changed?



October 17, 2008


Babarinde Oluwatosin of Ibadan (General Data Engineering Services) says:


i am so happy to come across a page like this, ccna have been giving me nightmares in that i don't know if to go for it or not, but my dilemma is now resolved.......thanks so much



October 17, 2008


Hassan Christopher of Abuja says:


I would like to know available locations where the CCNA certification can be obtained especially in Abuja. And what does it cost?



August 23, 2008


Ige of Ajah, Lagos says:



In fact you're truly an inspirational you have exposed me and a lot of people to CCNA. Please keep the good job on. Thanks So Much. Jide Awe



August 23, 2008


Sankar says:


This site is very helpful for learning on CCNA basic knowledge.


August 8, 2008


ADEBAYO A A of Ibadan, Nigeria:



I am a practicing Statistical Officer with a vast experience in computer operation. A trained NETWORK ENGINEER but wish to go ahead in the NETWORKING stuff, I know that this is not inline with my course of study (STATISTICS). Kind assist by giving your professional advise or if there are other areas where Statistic comes in (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY). Your response as regard the above will be highly appreciated. Thank You.



July 25, 2008


Felix Jetawo of Ibadan, Nigeria:


What a great, wonderful and comprehensive information about CCNA.


July 4, 2008


Abhishek of Hyderabad, India:


Thanks a i am new to this.. its really great to see your article it really helped me a will be helpful for every beginner.


June 16, 2008


Sethukkarasi l of Chennai, India:


Thanks a lot. Wonderful information about CCNA.


June 10, 2008


Dare Kazeem Akintayo of Nigerian Agip Oil Company, Port Harcourt:


This article is a good one for new beginners. it will really help a lot.


June 9, 2008


FRANK AKHILELE of Lagos, Nigeria:




I am inspired. Thanks for the article. This article actually gave me a clear picture of CCNA.



May 29, 2008


Cathbert of Beijing, China:




OMG this guy just gave me all in need to know about CCNA, I am now in a position to describe it to other people , I've got do it. thanks a lot.



May 19, 2008


Patrick Esu, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State:




I'm a beneficiary of your online services and trying to improve on my IT skills. I have obtained my CCNA thanks to your selfless service, encouragement and materials.



March 8, 2008


Wumi of Lagos:




Thanks Jidaw for the right and timely info you've just given me. I can now focus on the right path.



January 28, 2008


Chris Omotosho of Ibadan:




I was very impressed on what you guys have got on this sight. It gives more light and information on what is obtainable on CCNA. Above all, I must congratulate Jide Awe for his good work.




December 5, 2007


Ihemeje Ndubuisi Hero of Suleja:




Thanks Guys for giving me the opportunity to know more about Cisco. God Bless!




December 5, 2007 team:




We wish you the very best as you prepare. Here are some tips:

- use the latest pass4sure
- Master NAT overload configuration
- Frame Relay configuration

Once again we wish you all the best! Let us know how it goes!




December 4, 2007


BS of Australia:




I am sitting the 640-802 exam on Monday. I was just wondering if you had any last minute hints? Or any stratergies that you use going  into these kind of exams would be very much appreciated! THANKYOU in advance :)




November 21, 2007


timi of Ibadan:




you are great!


you guys are great! thanks for the info. pls how many labs are coming out?




September 22, 2007


Joseph O. Nicholas of Ibadan:






Thanks for the information. Please I am a corper serving in Ibadan and wish to have the new CCNA material. How can I get it?




August 29, 2007


The Team @ Jidaw:




Blessing, please get more details from any of the links above.


August 29, 2007


Blessing from Sapele, Delta State:




Please is the new version ready? If yes, how can i download it to enable me start preparation?  



July 19, 2007


Update from Cisco website:




The new CCNA exams will now be available from August 15, 2007.  



July 18, 2007


Mustapha from Kaduna says:




Thanks for the update. it shall be well with you.  



July 8, 2007


Ibrahim Liman from Kano says:



We hope for better opportunities out here. Thanks for the update.  



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