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Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Resources


CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification ”validates the ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks, including implementation and verification of connections to remote sites in a WAN.” 

The CCNA certification is widely recognized in the networking field and is in fact Cisco's most popular certification exam. Cisco CCNA is the world's most popular entry-level networking certification program.

Cisco is the world leader in networking for the Internet, with the highest market share in the global router and switch marketplace - more than 80 percent in some markets. A CCNA certification proves that the candidate has a solid foundation in Cisco product line - routers and switches. It also proves that that the candidate has broad knowledge of protocols and networking technologies.

Click the following links to learn more:

640-802: CCNA

CCNA 640-801 VS 640-802

Cisco CCNA Internetwork Plus Training (SPECIAL DISCOUNTS)

Is CCNA for You?


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Click this Link to Read's Interview with Don Field, Director of Certifications at Cisco Systems on CCNA 

This page is devoted to helping you succeed in passing the CCNA exam.
Here are valuable CCNA links and resources:

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Participants configuring Cisco Routers.

YET AGAIN! A Jidaw student scores the perfect 1000 in global certification exam! Oluwafemi Awoyera made the the perfect score of 1,000 in the CCNA exam.Oluwafemi, you have done Jidaw and the Jidaw Alumni proud!  Click here to Read more.

AGAIN! Another Jidaw student makes perfect score of 1000 in global certification exam! Alajede Babatunde has raised the CCNA bar by making  the perfect score of 1,000 in the CCNA exam. We thank Babatunde for revealing the strength of empowerment.  Click here to Read more.

Another CCNA, Another 1000 - Again a Jidaw Student scores 1000 in CCNA! We thank Ajayi Oluwadolapo Anuoluwa for disrespecting status quo. She is another symbol of excellence from Jidaw. This Woman in ICT has set global standards in the Cisco CCNA, the world's most popular entry-level networking certification program. Click to read the full story

Another CCNA perfect score of 1,000 from a Jidaw student!  Once again a Jidaw student, Fatai Ayilara Olawale has scored the perfect score of 1,000 in Cisco CCNA the world's most popular entry-level networking certification program.. Click here to Read more:

Yet again another Jidaw student has set global standards! Kehinde Kolade Olusola scored 1,000 points in the globally recognized CCNA exams. Another global confirmation of the quality of Jidaw's training. Click here to Read more:

The perfect score - Jidaw Student scores 1000 in CCNA!Yet again another Jidaw student breaks the record! Dotun Adekanmbi has scored 1,000 points in the globally recognized CCNA exams - two weeks after concluding his Cisco CCNA training at Jidaw. Click here to Read more.


  Yet again more Jidaw students have overcome the CISCO CCNA Barrier. Our students are our champions. With Cisco CCNA Internetwork PLUS program Jidaw has taken the Mystery out of CCNA by offering the most affordable, highest quality, Cisco certification training in the industry. It is revamped and is now ALL-INCLUSIVE to include Tuition, Training materials, Simulations and the latest most current Exam practice tests.

Preferred by people who make a difference, CCNA success starts with the Jidaw Experience. Jidaw's track record speaks for itself. Jidaw is the only company that has trained successful candidates to pass and excel in all the versions of CCNA from 407, 507, 607, 801 to 802. SEVERAL JIDAW STUDENTS HAVE SCORED THE PERFECT SCORE OF 1,000 IN THE CISCO CCNA EXAMS!!.


Cisco's CCNA Prep Center

Free for candidates who have already taken at least 1 Cisco exam in the past (pass or fail).

CCNA Certification Objectives from Cisco

640-802: CCNA

Cisco CCNA Internetwork Plus Training


CCNA 2007 Update

Access lists

Configuring ISDN DDR with Dialer Profiles

ALERT Practice Exam Tutorial

Preview Course Simulated Lab

Download Free Challenge Tests

Internetworking Technology Handbook





Learn to Subnet

Free Subnetting Tutorial

CCNA: 640-607 VS 640-801


Free Network Certification Seminar -CCNA, Net+

CCNA 640-801 Exam Tips and Preparation


Cisco Network Certifications


CCNA Exam Simulator - Test PASS Guarantee


Internetworking Gateway 



Free Practice Tests / Study Guides


CCNA Questions from Shaka from Uganda:



If one has two routers and would like to configure bandwidth Parameters. Is there any recommended way to do it.

Get to the Interface mode and set the bandwidth using bandwidth command.

Two routers.


Must both routers on a serial-link run the same Bandwidth?



Can one configure one serial link with 64kbps while its peer link is 128kbps.


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Cisco CCNA Network Training - Get Results. Get Your CCNA

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Great CCNA students and Jidaw alumni breaking records!!!




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