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10 Tips for making a Career Choice in IT


Considering a career in Information Technology (IT) - beginner, fresh graduate, enthusiast or career changer?  What is your reason for choosing a career in IT? Your motive may differ from mine, but does it make sense? Not all reasons people give for wanting to go into IT are reasonable. It is always in your interest to make your career choice for the right reasons.


Here are some suggestions of what you should consider in making a career choice in IT.



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1. There is financial reward in IT but don’t choose your career simply for the money. IT is financially rewarding when you choose the right field, make sensible career choices and work hard. Although the economic factor must come into play when making a career decision, it shouldn’t be the sole determining factor.


2. Avoid the “bandwagon effect”. Don’t jump on anybody’s bandwagon. What is good for Lagbaja may not be good for Tamedun. For some it has been described as the “Feel Good, Rave of the moment or Go with the flow” factor. Everybody seems to rush for the hot career choices. 


3. With specific reference to IT, don’t jump on IT because IT is the in thing. There is no doubt that the scope of IT is quite wide. In a world ruled by fads and trends, IT may be the “reigning champion”, but the significance of IT is more than that – IT adds value. Do you really appreciate the power of IT or are you simply pursuing the latest craze?


4. First and foremost, you must answer the “Who Am I” question. Understand yourself. Sincere self-evaluation is a necessity for quality career management. Knowing who you are helps you in determining what you want and don't want in a career, and in providing career direction.


5. With specific reference to IT, what is your interest? Do you want to create, provide or use IT, or create with IT? Are you the sort of person who wants to know how IT itself works, i.e. the inner workings and how you can be an IT creator, or you are more interested in how to get results using IT?



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6. You desire an IT career because IT is not boring. Note that we perceive things differently - what may be fun to you may be boring to me. This has to do a lot with your perspective, your values.  Does the idea of an IT career appeal to you? Many come into IT because of the stimulating opportunities and rewards.


7. Do you want to work in IT because it is a well-respected profession?  The IT profession is respected globally because of the impact Information Technology (IT) has on society. It is certainly a field where if you make the right impact you can get the respect you deserve.


8. The sheer diversity is what attracts many to IT. The diverse nature of IT offers many professionals the opportunity to work in different areas over time, and sometimes even on an ongoing basis.


9. IT is a field that emphasizes knowledge and contribution. Individuals in IT need knowledge and skills as noted previously in (3).Do you want the power of knowledge?  Do you enjoy and hunger to learn new things?

10. It should be obvious that your passion is key. You need to have a huge passion for IT and how it works. Be honest and sincere with yourself: how passionate and committed are you to a career in IT?


Tips 6 to 10 >> Click to Learn more and get full details on these second set of  5 Tips

I hope this has given you a better view of what you need to consider in making a career choice in IT.

I wish you the best in your IT Career!


Jide Awe

Jide Awe is the Publisher of

Tips 1 to 5 >> Click to Learn more and get the details on the first set of 5 Tips

Tips 6 to 10 >> Click to Learn more and get the details on the second set of  5 Tips 

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