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A+ Certification Training Programs  

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4.      Tech Support - A+ Computer & Network Engineering Diploma

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Why A+

One of the largest certification worldwide is the A+ Certification program The A+ Certification program was developed by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is an association of IT industry companies with the common goal of standardized qualifications for professionals working in the industry.

 A+ is a popular certification-testing program that was developed to meet the explosive growth in computer service needs. Developments in computer products and increased usage and consumption by the public have increased the need for computer servicing, repairs and maintenance. Following industry demand for a qualification to measure the knowledge and skills of IT service technicians, CompTIA brought together professionals from leading vendors to develop A+ Certification.

The A+ Certification is the most widely recognized certification program that addresses PC Repairs and Maintenance. It is funded and promoted by the major IT companies such as Compaq, Microsoft, IBM, Novell, Dell, HP, etc. 
Since its launch in July 1983, A+ Certification has become a major force in IT certification.

A+ certification is a vendor neutral certification that certifies the competency of service professionals in the computer industry. It is for anyone who wants an internationally recognized credential as a competent computer service professional. 

A+ is the most popular and widely recognized certification for PC Repairs and maintenance.

CompTIA introduced a new A+ structure in September, 2006. Instead of the 2003 structure of Core Hardware and Operating Systems exams, CompTIA has introduced a two-exam format, which requires candidates to pass the CompTIA A+ Essentials (220-601) that covers both hardware and software, plus choose one of several elective exams that focus on different areas of support. The electives are 220-602 for IT Technician, 220-603 for remote support technicians and 220-604 for depot technicians. In August 2009, CompTIA unveiled updated A+ exams to provide technical support professionals with a more comprehensive skill set.

The 2009 A+ qualification consists of two tests: CompTIA A+ Essentials 220-701 and CompTIA A+ Practical Applications 220-702.

Why A+?

  • It is globally accepted as the best certification for newcomers covering fundamental hardware and software skills. Since experience is a major hurdle for newcomers, this is particularly useful for starters who need build up their work experience, since Tech support is busiest area of IT. 

  • Additionally major computer hardware and software vendors, distributors, resellers and publications back the program. 

  • A+ Certification is the only generic IT support qualification in the world!

  • Technicians / Professionals in tech support it is a recognized validation of their skills and experience.

  • Achievement of A+ Certification shows that a person has the knowledge, skill and customer service skills necessary to successfully support PC equipment and users.

What is A+ Certification - Find out MORE!!!

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A+ @ Jidaw

You have certainly contacted the right people for your IT Career development.

Participants disassemble and reassemble complete PC systems in class

Jidaw Systems was awarded a Certificate of Excellence at the ICT Achievers Award 2005 in the Category "Top ICT SMME in Africa". ForgeAhead organizes the Award in partnership with the Department of Communications, Republic of South Africa. Learn about the Certificate of Excellence Award here.

Jidaw was the first organization to make A+ recognized in Nigeria. Before Jidaw came onto the scene only high level certifications like MCSE were known. Jidaw started programs for newcomers to IT. Jidaw’s A+ courses are practical oriented courses.

Jidaw offers two A+ Certification programs:

A+ Fast Track and A+ Computer and Network Engineering Diploma. Both programs cover the A+ standards and syllabus and the differences are in duration, timing and background on the trainee. A+ Fast track is for 2 Weeks everyday intensive while the diploma is for 2months (fulltime) / 3 months (part time).

Register for A+ Certification Training - Diploma or Fast Track  


* Pass the two A+ examinations to achieve CompTIA A+ - CompTIA A+ Essentials 220-701 and CompTIA A+ Practical Applications 220-702 

* Install, Configure, Upgrade and Repair PC systems

* Identify and Manage different types of memory on PCs

* printer operations, components, connections and configurations

* unique components of portable Systems and their problems

* basic networking concepts and perform basic Networking tasks

* Identify safety and preventive maintenance measures required for PC systems

* Apply effective behaviors that contribute to the maintenance or achievement of customer satisfaction

* Identify concepts of PC operation systems and their procedures for managing files and data

* Understand Wireless Access Point -Infrared

* Install, Configure, Upgrade and Repair DOS and Windows operating systems

The training is hands-on. Currently Super Offers and Registration are already in progress for these programs. You can also come over or call us for more discussions.

Jidaw also organizes free IT career and certification seminars on a regular basis. In addition, for detailed explanations on IT career issues and to register for our promotional offers, you can come down to our office, any day during the week. Come for:

  • Advice on any pressing IT career issues or questions on how to develop a career in IT/ICT

  • Taking advantage of our promotional offers - Diploma, Fast Track and others

  • Latest Developments in IT Training and Careers

Our office address is below. We will be expecting you.

"He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever". - Chinese Proverb.

YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SUCCEED IN IT provided you take the right IT career decisions.

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Tech Support - A+ Certification Fast Track / A+ Computer and Network Engineering Diploma

Designed to equip EVERYONE especially girls and women with fundamental, vendor neutral knowledge and skills that are a necessity for sustainable career growth.

One-on-One Personalized Knowledge transfer - Learn, Interact, Question, Discuss One-on-One with your Instructor.

Course Content


* Introduction to computers and computing

* Introduction to Application Packages

* Word Processing

* Data Processing

* Today's Operating System

* Internet Presence



* Hardware Engineering Theory

* Core Hardware Assembly, Configuration and Upgrading

* Core Diagnosing and troubleshooting

* Core preventive Maintenance and Repairs

* Identification of Hardware Parts

* Identification of Hardware tools and Usage

* Portable Computers Maintenance & Repairs

* Printer Maintenance & Repairs

* Wireless Access Point -Infrared



* OS fundamental

* Software installation, Configuration and Upgrading

* Core Diagnosing and troubleshooting

* Software Utilities and Usage



* Network Fundamentals

* Media and Topology

* Protocols and Standards

* Network implementation/Administration

* Network Printing

* Network Troubleshooting

* Network tools and Usage

* LAN Design







* Questions and Answers

* Final Exam



Pay Less. Get More.


A+ Certification Fast Track

COST: N210,000 (for the 2modules)

DATE: One-on-One Personalized Knowledge transfer - Learn, Interact, Question, Discuss One-on-One with your Instructor. When you are ready get in touch to register and fix a date.

(WEEKDAYS PROGRAM): (2 Weeks). On Request (Mon.-Fri, 9am-4pm)

Reg. & Payment is in progress. Free Course manual. Class space is limited.

Exam fee: N32,000 per module (2 modules in all-Certification Exam)



A+ Computer & Network Engineering Diploma

- A+ Computer & Network Engineering Diploma Weekend class (2 Months)
Fee is N35,000;
Weekend classes AVAILABLE (Saturdays only for weekends)

Space for this class is limited. Registration & Payments is in progress and will be accepted until the class is filled. This class is available now.



(PRICING / AVAILABILITY / DATES GIVEN ARE TENTATIVE AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE UNTIL YOU REGISTER). Always confirm CURRENT training information directly through our contacts below.

Call: 08052647395, 01-7940562, +234-7094094942, +234- 8035007778,  07025333756, 01-8958064

Come over in time to take advantage. Our office address is:

12 Eric Moore Street, Wemabod Estate, Off Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Near Wahum Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos.

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Practical A+ Computer Engineering & Networking 

Cisco CCNA Network Training - Get Results. Get Your CCNA

CompTIA A+ - solid foundation, grounded in reality


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Practical Web Design Training 


Jidaw Alumni Association - Connecting all our fellow Jidaw students and staff, past and present. Jidaw....More Knowledge! More Power!


Network Security EXTRA PLUS Training


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December 22, 2008


Henry Aigbomian of Benin:



Scored essentials 795 IT Technician 900 I thank GOD. Glory be to God in the highest. It is God's doing and the spirit of excellence God has placed on your IT ministry. We hope and pray that as you keep bringing out excellent products in IT certifications, they will also be favoured in their career jobs and endeavours in life. Thank you Sir  



October, 2008


Adesijibomi Aderinto:



Cleared CCNA and A+ Essentials



February, 2008


Abolarinwa Omolola:



Passed both A+ exams on the same day scoring 870/900 and 900/900. "The program was Well packaged and enough to prepare one adequately for the exam".



“I came to Jidaw to increase my knowledge base, to have the technical, practical and professional skills”

- Kazeem Adegboyega A+, N+, who concluded his A+ Diploma program at Jidaw Systems, got both A+ and N+ after A+ Diploma training at Jidaw.

- Akinyemi Awodunmila A+, CCNA, took his CCNA and A+ FastTrack training with Jidaw. According to Akinyemi, during his training at Jidaw,

"I was satisfied with Hardware, Networking, Printers, OS and Installation with practicals."

These results are independent confirmation that Jidaw's IT Training Solutions are based on experience and results.

Melvin Udosen, the best A+ Computer and Network Engineering Diploma student receiving his prize - the CompTIA toolkit from Femi Adefeso of

a+ diploma, a+ computer and network engineering, a+ certification, comptia a+, beginners program, tech support, practical networking, it career fundamentals, professional ethics



Call 234-1-8958064, 08052647395, 01-7940562, +234-7094094942, +234- 8035007778,  07025333756 for the Training OFFERS, where Affordable meets High Quality. Or come over to find out why so many use Jidaw as their source of IT Knowledge.

Register for A+ Certification Training - Diploma or Fast Track

At Jidaw, We don't just teach IT, We've been empowering IT professionals worldwide since 1995.  Jidaw Systems is well known for the high quality and standard of its training programs.  

Our students are our best advertisement - Over 80% of our students come from referrals of our present and former students.


Your Training Success is our Primary Goal!

Come over in time to take advantage of these Training Offers. Our office address is:

12 Eric Moore Street, Wemabod Estate, Off Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Near Wahum Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tell others about these opportunities, because You will be Sharing the gift of information!

NOTE: To succeed with Jidaw and in your IT Career you must possess the Drive and Motivation to achieve and advance -commitment plus effort. Come if your focus is on substance, not flashy setup or gimmicks, because the right focus leads to achievement and fulfillment.

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