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A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Sixth Edition (A+ Certification All in One Exam) by Michael Meyers (Author)

The A+ certification All in One guide is the number book for A+ certification and technical. Michael Meyer's massive bestseller is one the most popular books on certification. He has updated this monster book for all four exams approved by CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) sponsors of  A+ and other vendor neutral certifications.

Product Details

Hardcover: 1171 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 6 edition (December 21, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0072263113
ISBN-13: 978-0072263114
Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 7.6 x 2.4 inches

Michael Meyers is the leading authority on A+ certification - his major contribution that led to this recognition has been this comprehensive masterpiece. The A+ all One guide covers everything you need for effective A+ exam preparation and success - the four exams - the CompTIA A+ Essentials exam and CompTIA A+ Exams 220-602, 220-603, and 220-604.

What makes it such an excellent A+ resource? As an exam prep book its strength comes from its detailed information on A+ certification,  helpful exam tips, practice questions, and many  photographs and illustrations. It is such a great resource is that it not only covers the exam comprehensively but also serves as a reference tool and a work resource. It's not just about passing the exams.

Topics include:

  • Work with CPUs, RAM, and motherboards
  • Install, partition, and format hard drives
  • Work with portable PCs, PDAs, and wireless technologies
  • Install, upgrade, and troubleshoot Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP
  • Install sound and video cards
  • Manage printers and connect to networks
  • Implement security measures
  • Understand safety and environmental issues
  • Establish good communication skills and adhere to privacy policies

T he companion CD-ROM is a perfect add-on, as it contains useful content such as:

  • Eight full practice exams covering CompTIA A+ Essentials and Exams 220-602, 220-603, & 220-604
  • One hour of LearnKey video training featuring Mike Meyers teaching key A+ topics
  • Electronic copy of the book
  • Complete exam objective map for all four exams
  • List of official CompTIA A+ acronyms
  • Useful tools and utilities for PC technicians

The all in one guide is helpful for studying anywhere, any time, and approaching the exam with confidence. It is well written, easy to read, exam preparation material, that contains entertaining stuff at the same time. A+ Certification all in one guide, the market leader for A+ and CompTIA books, covers more than just the exam in a comprehensive manner including key concepts, the "WHY" and the history of PC technology and technical support to aid your understanding. As expected from Michael Meyers the book is very informative with info on the latest technologies you will meet in the real world.

An excellent exam prep book  is one that you can use not only to pass the exam but also to make a difference practically on the field. It goes beyond the exam! No wonder the All in One Guide is the Number-One CompTIA A+ Exam Guide. Know the value of A+ - What is A+ certification?  Read the guide from cover to cover, understand the concepts and details, practice and you will excel.

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January 27, 2009


Olaniyi John of Lagos, Nigeria says:



I say grateful thanks  to Michael Meyers. I have the A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, fifth Edition, by Michael Meyers and I'll like to get the Sixth Edition, if available how much will it cost also.

I will like to ask if I can write my A+ core hardware and operating system exam here in Lagos and how much will it cost. 



August 2, 2008


Adeoye Festus Idowu of Ibadan, Nigeria says:



Thanks for the eye opener to this book. Pls do you have the text book and how much is it?  



May 24, 2008


Omoarukhe Stephen from Lagos, Nigeria says:



Thanks for the info, but you didn't state the price of the book. I'm interested in getting it.  



May 5, 2008


Temitope James from Ado Ekiti says:



Thank you. But how does this compare with the other A+ books?  


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