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Author: Various
No. Of Chapters: 24 Chapters
Paperback cover- 877 pages, Second Edition.
Publisher: Sybex, ISBN 0-7821-2914-5

Here is one of the best Networking text you will ever come across. It is particularly attractive because of its mastery of the Networking content and its low price. As more and more businesses and home users turn to networks to share information, computer resources, send messages and use the Internet, this book is essential for you if you need to know the ins and outs of Networking.Networking Complete is comprehensive in its treatment of Network designing, installing, maintaining and administering using a variety of operating systems such as Windows 2000, Mac OS, Netware 5.1, Linux, and Unix.


Networking Complete also covers developing intranet and extranet systems. An
extensive section is further devoted to Network security and how to ensure the reliability and security of your home or business network. There is a reference section that contains a comprehensive Networking glossary, which you will find to be an invaluable networking tool. You can also learn about how Networking certifications can help you and how to go about getting them.


A closer look at this text will reveal that it is divided into 5 parts and 24 chapters, with each part containing some of the chapters.
Part 1: Explains Networking Fundamentals and consists of chapters 1- 5.
An Introduction to Networks, Networks in the workplace, Network topologies and types, The Open Systems Interconnectivity (OSI) model, Major protocol suites, Information exchange, IEEE standards, Hardware-Software interface,Netware, Internet, AppleTalk and Miscellaneous Protocols and standards.

Part II: Covers Network hardware and software, spanning chapters 6-11.
Installing cards and cables, Repeaters, Hubs, Routers and Bridges, Network
Operating Systems, Configuring Network hardware, Network application, Thin
client Networking, VLAN Technology, Protocol Access conventions, Comparing
popular Network systems, Troubleshooting Ethernet, Cable problems and Cable-testing tools, Electronic messaging.

Part III: Has to do with Network design, Maintenance and troubleshooting. It contains chapters 12-16.
The principles of Network design, Home networking technologies, Network troubleshooting, Diagnosing real-world problems, Disaster recovery, Fault
tolerance and redundancy, Understanding phone line, power line, wireless and
hybrid networks, Virus detection, Connectivity problems, Excessive network
collision, Understanding back-up types, Creating a disaster recovery plan.

Part IV: Gives us a clear understanding of Intranets, Extranets and
Interconnecting networks. It contains chapters 17-19.
Building an intranet infrastructure, Intranet, Extranet and internet
services, Website content and design, elements of a TCP/IP network, FTP
Servers, Text Mark up languages, Application and Scripting languages.

Part V: Deals extensively with Network security and covers chapters
Security with certificates, Security concepts and terminology, Securing
your Netware 5 network, Unix security, Remote connectivity, Security
problems and their consequences, Operating systems and security, Understanding UID and GID, IP service administration, Remote access network technologies,
Integrated services digital network (ISDN), VPN technologies.

So there you have it. So what makes it tick? What makes it a bestseller is in its simple and clear language. The authors have no time for long-winded explanations that add no value. For me, the icing on the cake are the way it makes very good use of examples to pass information to the reader.

"If you need a smooth and comprehensive understanding of networking, get this book!"
Jide Awe, Publisher, Jidaw.com

While there are other books that equally treat this interesting topic of Networking, no other book get favourable mention and feedback like Networking Complete. If you want to have a solid background in Networking, then you have no choice, you MUST get this book.

This review was done by Usi Ihongbe, Customer Service and Business Development Professional

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