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Author: Paul Whitehead

No. Of Chapters: 9 Chapters

Paperbackcover- 225pages, Second Edition.

Publisher: Hungry minds Inc. ISBN 0-7645-3560-9

This visual and highly graphic manual/textbook is one of the “Read Less and Learn More” series from MaranGraphic. The publishers of the book intend it to be extremely simple and easy to read. The aim of the simplified series of books is to take seemingly complex Information Technology areas and topics and provide knowledge and information about these topics in an easy to grasp manner.


Therefore, are you new to Computers? Does new technology make you nervous? Do you need a straightforward understanding of PC assembly, maintenance and repairs? Then you need to relax as soon as you get this book because this is the easiest guide ever to PC upgrade and Repair. It is a book that skips the long-winded explanations and shows you how things work.

All you have to do is to open the book, follow the step-by-step illustrations and discover just how simple it is to repair and or upgrade your computer.

Important Features in this book include:

* Full colour photos and illustrations that walk you through step by step.
* Self contained, 2-page lessons, that makes learning easy
* Helping tips and explanations gets up to speed.
* Great volume of illustrations and graphics
* Manufacturer’s contact information.


PC upgrade and repair simplified is divided into 9 chapters. Included in each chapter are easy to follow step-by-step procedures.

Chapter 1: Introduces the beginner to Computer tools, cables connectors, reference materials, how to clean a computer, preparing to upgrade a computer, virus protection and detection and back up information.

Chapter 2: Introduces us to essentials like casing, system board, power supply, CPU, Memory and expansion cards.

Chapter 3: Deals with Input and Output Devices (I/O Devices). Such devices include pointing device, keyboard, printers, video cards, monitors, TV tuner card, sound cards, speakers, microphone, Joystick, scanners, digital camera, USB hub, Fire wire devices and UPS.

Chapter 4: Talks about communication devices such as Network Interface cards, modem, cable modem, other types of speed connections like wireless cables.

Chapter 5: This has to do with storage devices like hardware drives, floppy drives, removable storage devices and tape drives including CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive.

Chapter 6: Teaches on how to upgrade a computer, Resource setting, computer settings, upgrading the BIOS, upgrading, the operating system and how to upgrade software.

Chapter 7: is dedicated to repairing a computer. Topics like hardware failure,

Troubleshooting a hardware problem, troubleshooting a software problem, Diagnostic programmes, error codes, repair services and warranty services are thoroughly covered.

Chapter 8: Talks about how top purchase a new computer so that you don’t get swindled! The difference between Brand-name and clone computers, where to buy a computer, minimum recommended computer specifications, personal computer standards, portable computers and how to build a computer are elucidated.

Chapter 9: Deals with the creation of a home Network. There is the introduction, NIC card, Ethernet hub, Network protocols, connecting to the Internet, setting up a home network.

So how does the book measure up? To many who have read it, it is a must-have for beginners to computers and computer technology. The goal here isn't so much to turn you into a crack PC Hardware guru overnight (although the book has enough to guide you in that direction if you’re interested) as it is to have a clear understanding of how PC Hardware works and how to make it work for you.

The book completely demystifies Computer Hardware and PC technology and is not only useful for the computer novice, but also for those need a career head-start in the Computer Hardware field.

Now, let’s look at what users and Instructors are saying about this book all over the Globe:

“I just want to tell you how much I, a true beginner, really appreciate and enjoy your books and now understand a lot more about my computer

-William K. Rodgers (Spencer, NC)

“I write to extend my thanks and appreciation for your books. They are clear, easy to follow and straight to the point. Keep up the good work! I bought several of your books and they are just right! No regrets! I will always buy your books because they are the best.” -Seward Kollie (Dakar, Senegal)

“ PC upgrade and Repair Simplified is a straightforward, easy to use and explanatory text, pointing out the nitty-gritty details of general PC assembling and configuration. Good even for dummies!”

-Jide Winjobi - Instructor/Engineer, Jidaw Systems Ltd.(Lagos, Nigeria)

What more can I say? At Jidaw, we have looked at every other bestseller for an effective intro into PC repairs and maintenance, and there are some others worth looking at... but this is the one you MUST have.

For more information on IT Training books visit: http://www.jidaw.com/books.html

This review was done by Usi Ihongbe, Customer Service and Business Development Professional

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