(The Best CCNA Book/CD Package in the Market!)

Author: Todd Lammle
No. Of Chapters: 10 Chapters
Hardcover- 816 pages, Fourth Edition.
Publisher: Sybex, ISBN: 0782141676

With this CCNA Study Guide, Todd Lammle welcomes you into the exciting world of Cisco Certification. But his aim is to improve your understanding of internetworking not just Cisco products. You will develop a complete understanding of Networking and how different topologies work together to form a network. This is beneficial to every networking job and is the reason Cisco certification is in such high demand.

One of the first thing that strikes you while going through the book is that after the introduction, instead of entering straight to Chapter one, Lammle tries to bamboozle you with an assessment test! Why the test, especially if you are new to Cisco? Well, that Todd Lammle’s style of letting you know what CCNA is all about.

Let’s look at the specifics:
The book contains very useful information on the steps you need to take to achieve the different levels of Cisco Certifications. It also tells you why you should become a CCNA, the skills you need to become a CCNA and how to become a CCNA. It equally gives you the tips and tricks of the CCNA exam, tells you how to use the book and even how to contact the author.
The Study Guide covers all you need to know in order to become CCNA certified and provides a solid foundation for higher-level Cisco preparation effort.


Chapter 1: Introduces you to internetworking. You will learn the OSI model the way Cisco wants you to learn it. Also, the Cisco 3- layer hierarchical model, Ethernet networking and standards are discussed in detail.
Chapter 2: Gives you the background necessary for success on the exam as well as in the real world by discussing the TCP/IP. It goes all the way to IP addressing and subnetting. If you read this chapter carefully, you will be able to subnet a network in your head!
Chapter 3: Gives you the background necessary for success on the exam as well as in the real world by discussing the TCP/IP. It goes all the way to IP addressing and subnetting. If you read this chapter carefully, you will be able to subnet a network in your head!
Chapter 4: Introduces you to the Cisco IOS. In this chapter, you will learn how to turn on a router and configure the basics of the IOS, including setting passwords banners and more.
Chapter 5: Teaches you about IP Routing. You will learn about static default and dynamic routing in this chapter. Written and hands-on labs will help you understand IP routing to its fullest.
Chapter 6: Covers virtual LANs and how you can use them in your internetwork. It covers the nitty-gritty of VLANs and the different concepts and protocols used with VLANs.
Chapter 7: Provides you with the management skills needed to run a Cisco ISO network. Backing up and restoring the IOS as well as router configuration, is covered, as are troubleshooting tools necessary to keep a network up and running.
Chapter 8: Introduces you to the world of Novell IPX. Since IPX is still around, Cisco thinks it is important to understand IPX routing. Actually, after IP routing, IPX routing is a breeze. Both written and hands-on labs along with review questions will give you the understanding of IPX you need to pass the CCNA exam.
Chapter 9: Covers access lists, which are created on routers to filter the network. Both IP and IPX access list are covered in details.
Chapter 10: Concentrates on Cisco Wide Area Network (WAN) protocols. This chapter covers HDLC, PPP, Frame Relay and ISDN in depth. You must be proficient in all these protocols to be successful on the CCNA exam.

Appendix A: Introduction to the Cisco IOS: Hands-on Labs.
Appendix B: discusses configuring a catalyst 1900 switch.
Appendix C: lists all the Cisco IOS commands used in this book. It is a great reference if you need to look up what a certain command does and is used for.

The CD-ROM features include:
* Test Engine for the CCNA exam 2.0
*More than 400 sample questions
* Electronic flashcards for your PC and Palmtops
* The CD also includes 2 complete electronic books: the CCNA book itself and the Dictionary of Networking, as well as utilities from Boson software and a demo of the CCNA virtual Lab e-trainer.

Now, what do users and experts have to say about this book worldwide:
“This is the best piece of work I have ever seen in a networking book! This book is overloaded with sample exam questions, flash cards, written exams review questions, command line interface question and hands-on labs. It is a complete training package in itself. With the Sybex CCNA virtual Lab and this book, you have more than you need for the exam. I passed the exam first time, thanks to this book.”
Amazon.com Reader Review.

“The worth of this book cannot be overemphasized! It gives you not only what is needed to pass the exam, but also the required knowledge and tips to practice in the real world.”
Tony Egunjimi- Network/CCNA instructor at Jidaw Systems (MASTERCOMPUTERS)
“Todd Lammle’s CCNA Study Guide is an invaluable Cisco training kit. Ever since I have been training CCNA, I have never come across such a masterpiece from Todd. He has unravelled the mystery of Networking even to the lay man.”
Tosin Aina- CCNA instructor at Jidaw Systems (MASTERCOMPUTERS)

Todd Lammle is a CCNP, MCT, MCSE, CNI and MCNE. He is the president of Global Net Training Solutions, Inc. (www.lammle.com) and chief scientist of Router Sim LLC (www.routersim.com). He is the author of several Cisco and Microsoft study guides from Sybex. Todd has more than 18years experience in designing, installing and troubleshooting LANs and WANs.
In our opinion, the goal of this guide isn't so much to beat the testmakers (although the book has plenty to say about test-taking strategy) as it is to master the finer points of CCNA that you'll need to understand to succeed on the exam.

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