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(One of the best test-prep books on the market for any exam)

Hardcover: 1176 pages 4th edition (March 15, 2002)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing; ISBN: 0072222743

Mike Meyer's A+ All-in-one guide was the best selling book for the old A+ exams, and now he's doing it again with the fourth edition of the book. The book has been completely revised and updated for the new 2001 exams. This book is currently the #1, best-selling study guide for CompTIA's A+ Certification exams.

We therefore just had to review the book for the benefit of Jidaw.com's friends and members, as well as for the numerous people out there who have an interest in certification exams. What makes this book tick? Why is it so hot and in demand? Let's find out.
The first thing that will strike you while going through the book's contents and comments is that this comprehensive guide is meant not only to help you pass the A+ certification exams, but it also teaches you on how to be an expert hardware professional.


One look at the "big book" titled All-in-one A+ Certification Exam Guide might leave you with the impression that the book is rather on the voluminous side. But for those who are interested in being IT professionals, especially in hardware, can really appreciate the reason for its size.
Some may complain that it goes a bit too deeply on some issues. But that is Mike Meyer's style. He always wants to use his wealth of information and knowledge of computers to make you understand the underlying issues driving PC support. However, you don't have to worry as he makes sure he also focuses on critically-tested subjects.

Let's look at specifics.
The book contains almost every detail of PC hardware and the operating systems technologies. The 4th edition (latest) of the all-in-one covers everything you need to know to pass the 2 exams for the A+ certification. The book has 20 chapters.
Chapters 1-5 covers visible PC microprocessors, RAM, Motherboards & BIOS and Expansion Bus.
Chapters 6-10 covers Power Supplies, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, Disk Operating Systems (DOS) and windows 9x.
Chapters 11-15 explains the Windows 2000 concepts and management, DOS memory in a windows world, Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI), CD media and Sounds of all types.
Chapters 16-20 provides full details on how to install configure and upgrade microcomputer modules and peripherals diagnose and troubleshoot common module problems and system malfunctions. It equally demonstrates how to implement safety and preventive maintenance, manage printers, configure networks and run programs.

Inside the book, you will also find official exam objectives at the beginning of each chapter, helpful exam tips, end of chapter practice questions and hundreds of photographs and illustrations.
The CD-ROM features includes:
* Hundreds of original questions in an adaptive test engine.
* Six practice tests
* Learn key video clips featuring Michael Meyers himself teaching A+ key topics
* Useful tools and utilities for PC technicians.

So what do users and experts have to say about this book? It is continually described as the best book for preparing for the CompTIA A+ exams. Some have even gone as far as saying that if you can truly comprehend up to 60 percent of the book, your pass in flying colours is guaranteed. Such is the confidence people have in it.

Here are some specific comments from those who have used the book worldwide:

"This comprehensive guide not only helps you to excel at the certification exams, but also teaches you how to be an expert hardware support engineer because it goes through the subject point by point with superior documentation."
Rick Sylstra, Snr. Advanced A+ instructor at Computer Education Institutes (CEI)

"The all-in-one A+ certification exam guide is a perfect book for PC technicians and hardware support professionals. The language and style is simple with detailed graphic illustrations, even a novice could use this book!"
Femi Adefeso, A+ Instructor at Jidaw Systems Ltd. (MASTERCOMPUTERS)

"This book is the pinnacle of the A+ preparation."
Brent Marchbanks, Corporate Director at Computer Education Institutes (CEI).

In conclusion, we can advise A+ candidates that they can prepare to pass the 2001 release of CompTIA's A+ certification exams, with what we have no hesitation in describing as one of the best test-prep books on the market for any exam.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Meyers is the industry's leading authority on A+ certification. He is the president and founder of Total Seminars LLC, a major provider of PC and network repair seminars for thousands of organizations throughout the world. He is a member of CompTIA.

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