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We wrote these articles for people who want to keep on learning and growing in the IT profession. To be get real benefit from IT you need lifelong learning. You can't afford to become a dinosaur! Learning is forever!

Use these tips and strategies to you more effective and create opportunities for yourself.




Don't become a Dinosaur (1)

It is often said that knowledge and experience come first in the IT industry. So what is the IT professional's attitude towards learning? Why is learning so critical for the IT team? How does your knowledge relate to value? Why must you keep your skills ahead of the pack? How will new technologies impact your career, your business, and your clients? Get your answers here:

Career Planning: It's all about Attitude!

Career planning is the first step for success with your career.
Unfortunately, many professionals are not in control of their careers as they simply watch their careers unfold, not knowing how they will attain their career
goals or what they want to achieve.

IT Career and Certification

The buzz in the IT industry is usually about hot certifications and hot jobs. Where does an IT Career come in?

Certified But Jobless

An IT professional will be taking his Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) exams soon. But he is jobless; will Is his be CCNP enough?

Learning Starts with Attitude

With regard to learning as a career tool, attitude is what makes the difference. The difference between underachievement and accomplishment is attitude.
Here then are suggestions on the right mindset for effective learning.


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions on IT Certification

What is IT Certification? How do I become certified? What resources are available to assist me in getting certified? And much more.

Preparing for Certification

Effective preparation of certification ensures you have the required skills and knowledge in the specific field. Anything else is gambling.

What is A+ Certification?

A+ certification is a vendor neutral certification that certifies the competency of service professionals in the computer industry. Who is A+ for? Find about more about the audience and expectations of A+


CCNA: Is it for you?

Quite a few prospective IT certification candidates have an interest in Cisco's foundation program. This is no surprise as Cisco is a popular certification sponsor. No wonder there is quite a bit of attention paid to Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). But is CCNA for you?


Red Card for Paper CCNAs

Cisco Systems replaced 640-507 with 640-607 as the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam on March 12 2002. 607 features hands-on simulation questions.

5 Top Certification Mistakes To Avoid

Many who go through the certification process get their fingers burnt. Take a look at the 5 top certification mistakes and how candidates can avoid them.

Bridging the Digital Divide with IT Training & Certification

We live in the age of E. E-business, E-commerce, E-banking, E-this, E-that. But the digital divide exists as a lot people can still not benefit from the use of IT.

Realistic Expectations of IT Certification

Will Certification take you to Career heaven? Or is it the route to Career hell? You need to go into certification with your eyes open. Unrealistic expectations always lead to frustration and dissatisfaction.


Certified without Experience

I am a CCNA with just a few modules to being an MCSE, but the job situation in the IT market demands some good working experience, which I may not have without employment. I am almost regretting the huge resources: time, money and faith put into the exercise. What do I do?"


5 Most Frequently Asked Questions on IT Certification

As a popular and powerful career tool, IT certification attracts a lot of interest. Answers to the 5 most frequently asked questions on IT Certification should give a better understanding of what certification can and cannot do.



Who is the true IT Professional?

Who is the IT professional? Is it simply a matter of skills, experience and knowledge?

To DBA or not to DBA?

Who is a DBA? Many people who are interested in IT careers often talk about becoming a DBA. But while the interest in DBAs is quite high many who want to become DBAs don't have a clue about a DBA does. Let's take a look at what a DBA does.

Building a Career in Networking (1)

Of the entire IT career fields currently available, few can offer the diversity that computer networking provides. With networking comes the demand for skilled individuals that can work on the various aspects of networking. What do you need to know to build a career in computer networking?


What is your reason for choosing a career in IT? Not all reasons people give for wanting to go into IT are reasonable. You should make your career choice for the right reasons. Here are 10 tips you should consider in making a career choice in IT.


The IT industry offers a wide range of positions that vary in their
requirements and expectations. To start an IT career, you should have a
reasonable idea of the requirements of the area you're interested in.


New networking technologies like wireless LANs are reshaping and revolutionizing businesses. You must keep pace with the latest knowledge and skills to increase your value. Fail to do so and you fall behind.
Take advantage of the growing need for IT pros that are properly trained to deploy, manage and troubleshoot Wireless LANs. Here is relevant and useful information on Wireless Networking and the IT Professional.


The Cabling Connection

Take a glimpse into the world of cabling. While wireless is the trend of the future, network cables and cabling will still be around for sometime to come.


FREE Report: Intro to Wireless Networking

Since the announcement of our pioneering effort with wireless networking training and certification, a number of issues have cropped up as to what wireless networking is all about.
Here is a brief introduction based on 4 frequently asked questions, arranged in Question and Answer format.

Choosing an Internet Service Provider

How do you fully benefit from the Internet? The quality of your Internet experience is determined by your choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP).

VSAT Site Survey

The VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is a telecommunication system based on wireless satellite network. Although it is easily implemented due to the wireless nature of connectivity, a critical issue that cannot be ignored during a VSAT installation is the site survey. So what should look out for to make a site survey effective?

Guidelines for a Corporate Policy on Internet/Intranet/Extranet

What is acceptable email and Internet use? What should an Internet policy include? Let us look at some tips and guidelines of an Internet policy should look like.


The Essence of Information System Security and Audit

The main objective is to ensure that the organization's information technology and business systems are adequately controlled, monitored and assessed.


Stop that Intrusion, before it stops You!

Intrusions are a key issue in managing IT security. So what are intrusions? And what should we do to ensure our computing is safe from intrusions?


As big as Sobig?

August, 2003 is without doubt the month of the worm. And the came the biggest of all. After the rude shocks of Blaster and Welchia, Sobig.F marked the third major attack for Windows users in the month of August, 2003. What is bigger than Sobig?


IT and Youth Empowerment in Nigeria

THE acronym ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is fast becoming a popular one in Nigeria. But are the youth in Nigeria empowered to take advantage of IT? What needs to be done in terms of meaningful ICT growth in Nigeria with regard to youth emnpowerment?


5 Red Flags to watch out for in IT Management

IT managers need to watch out for warning signals in managing the huge resources and investment entrusted into their hands. Here are 5 red flags IT managers need to watch out for to ensure IT investment is secure and productive.

Threats to IT

Once IT security is compromised, the benefits of IT pale into insignificance and IT becomes a curse rather than a blessing.

Don't open an account, if it isn't an e-bank

Banking has come a long way from the time of ledger cards and other manual filing systems. What is E-banking all about? Who is an E-bank?

Excuse Me is This The Right Software?

Computer software consists of sets of instructions written in computer language to address particular tasks. You should choose the right software for your needs.

DON'T TAKE A Training class Until You Read This:

Ten Things you should know about IT Training

In the bid to acquire skills and knowledge in today's information age, many are turning to IT Training. Let us look at ten things you must know about IT Training.


Internet Heaven or Hell: Showing at a Cybercafe near you!

For some the cybercafe, is Internet Hell! For others it is Internet Heaven! What should we reasonably expect from a cybercafe when we go to browse the web or download mail?


Book Reviews

Book Review Of Micheal Meyers' A+ All-In-One Exam Guide

Why is this book described as the best test-prep book on the market


Innovation is integral to Sustainability

IT Innovation for sustainable development

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime: Important Features and Sincere Impressions

It's amazing how appearances can be deceptive! Imagine a device with a good design, a decent screen

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Girls in ICT Day Events and Activities

Events and activities you can participate in or organize for a memorable Girls in ICT day. The theme

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Self Worth, New Year

Central to thinking is self worth. How do you value yourself? Interested in staying ahead of the IT

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Girls in ICT Day Events and Activities

Events and activities you can participate in or organize for a memorable Girls in ICT day. The theme

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Level of OSS deployment and usage in Nigeria

Where is Open Source Software (OSS) in Nigeria? What is the state of OSS in Nigeria?

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Self Worth, New Year

Central to thinking is self worth. How do you value yourself? Interested in staying ahead of the IT

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Students face the Reality

Truly there is potential in the youth. We at Jidaw do not just see but we are amazed by the potentia

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